Proof that Arsenal do NOT want Martinez transfer?

To paraphrase a Johnny Cash song, Arsenal are NOT going to Jackson, and Jackson Martinez is not going to Arsenal, as the prolific Porto front man is apparently on the verge of agreeing a transfer to play for the Serie A club AC Milan.

I am not going to roll out words like snubbed though, because I firmly believe that if Arsene Wenger had wanted to sign this Colombian international this summer, he would be playing for the Gunners next season. The Frenchman has previously praised Jackson and claimed that the striker has the attributes to succeed in the cut throat world of the Premier League, but he has clearly decided not to take the risk himself.

The move to Milan seems certain after The Guardian reported the president of Porto confirming that his star player would be heading to the San Siro soon and even though he declared that it was the 28-year old’s decision, you have to think that Arsenal was not one of his choices.

Milan have apparently agreed to pay the release clause of around €35 million but we could easily have matched that and, to be fair, the once great Italian club is no longer a big hitter in Europe. Italian football in general has been struggling to keep up with England, Germany and Spain and with Milan not even making it into the Europa League for next season, they are hardly a dream destination.

I just hope that Wenger’s decision not to go for Jackson does not indicate a general idea that we do not need another centre forward, but rather that he has his eyes on a bigger prize. What do you guys think?

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  1. Its obvious that we didnt want him, or he didnt want to fight for places, he wouldnt just jump in first team, you have to earn it, only few players would enter first team without earning it, we are getting stronger and stronger, i doubt we will get CF this summer, but we could get some crazy RWF, Reus, Bale calibre !!!

    1. Yes. Wenger is in a long line of managers who didn’t fancy him. If he was half as good as the Premiera Liga figures indicate he would have had 12-15 top European clubs after him. Personally I would like to see AC Milan back on the big stage but not the obvious destination for a “30 goal striker sensation”.

      1. @jonestown

        I honestly think it was his age that was preventing him from being bought by other top clubs. He needed to prove himself at Porto and while he’s done that he is now turning 29 and it was probably to risky

  2. Martinez is destroying his career with moving to Milan, no champions league and playing in one of the worst leagues in the world. I think Wenger has his eyes on a bigger striker, or at least I hope he does. Even a 7 year old would know by now that we need a world class striker..Martinez is a player I like a lot, I’m sorry that he will be heading for Milan. He would have done great for us, too bad. Wenger as usual acting late in the market and losing our targets. Im tired of this rubbish transfer policy Wenger has. Why can’t we sign the players we need earlier??? Why????Wenger better have a top striker on his mind and he better act fast.

    1. Ac Milan is one of the richest in history clubs of the world. Italian football is not all that far competitively speaking from our own. If it wasnt for che mancs billions i think things would be very familiar within both leagues, one team dominating at times, and maybe even it would be them and not us who hold the four CL spots.

      Italian football is just more defensive minded, very tactical.

      1. If you were to rank all the leagues in the wold:
        1.Spain 2.England 3. Germany 4. France 5. Italy
        That’s what I’m trying to say, he could have easily played in Spain or England or maybe even Germany. Why Milan ? They are one the worst sides in Italy currently. Get what my point is?

          1. All of the so called world class players are playing in Spain, messi ronaldo neymar Suarez bale benzema isco iniesta Ramos modric koke greizman mandzukic ardan Valencia and sevilla have tons of great players too. You see now my friend,its the most exciting leauge in the world.I watch both EPL and Spanish laliga and laliga is exciting and full of quality players

            1. That’s not what people say all over the world they can’t get enough of the EPL and professionals all agree there is no other legue like EPL

        1. Never understand why this argument still rages. Strikes me people are not defining what “better” means. La Liga has the majority of the world’s greatest players and 2 out of the best 3 clubs sides in world football. The technical quality of the league is better. But the essence of sport is competition and watching aesthetically pleasing football will only take the casual observer so far. As Mourinho has said, having two teams in a league who regularly score 100-120 goals a season is not a great indicator of the quality of the opposition in the lower half of the table. If Real or Barca are not playing the TV audiences go off a cliff.

          As a business, brand and money-making enterprise the PL is light years ahead. The average global viewing figure for a PL match is more than the combined averages for a La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A match. We have 5 or 6 teams with big global appeal, some top players but more than anything, there is less predictability of results.

  3. We are being linked by unreliable sources to negredo and dzeko, I think any of the two would not be bad, dzeko suits our style of play and can challenge giroud, negredo I’m not sure but I like him, he’s a tuff striker and very clinical. But none of them are world class, someone like cavani would be perfect. Hope Wenger has him on his mind.

    1. Dzeko would be good. The bloggers are all about advertizing. Metro and Caught offside. The latter especially notorious for false news

    1. Giroud has had a good season for us, 20 goals is not a super record but its not bad at all. He is a great second choice striker to have alongside someone like cavani. Giroud is a good striker, don’t slate him for no reason. We need a world class striker but giroud will still play a big part in our success

      1. But Giroud is our first choice striker. That is a role beyond his abilities. I am slating him from watching him right now,he is as donkey as ever.

          1. I’ll admit to not being Giroud’s greatest admirer but I have to admit he is a good striker, But as you have seen starting him in all the games isn’t always a good move , for intelligent defences its quite easy to keep him isolated, he is not the most mobile striker on the planet and in those games it would be good to have a versatile, technical striker, one who could interchange with the wingers drop into midfield a Suarez type player.

            1. Agree with you on that, we need another striker who can offer a different dimension to our game

      2. Also dont be to obsessed with Cavani. Giroud is not the only player that flop badly for the international team last night, Cavani too in Copa America

      3. Giroud was injured for a time and I suspect would have finished above Sanchez had he played as many games

  4. Maybe we buy Reus and try Walcott or Sanchez as striker. Who knows? There really aren’t that many strikers out there who would walk into our first team without some competition.

    Cech seems like he is coming, which is great news, add Vidal and Reus to that and we dont need a new striker.

    One thing is for sure with City, Manu,Juve, Chelsea all out there looking for new striker options it wont be easy to get anyone of super high calibre without getting into a price war. Which is not something Wenger does.

    1. Exactly if a top top striker isn’t available we should go for a proven goal scoring winger instead and rotate welbz, giroud and theo in the striker department.

      1. We should tap up Harry k and get him to force a transfer by saying he has always been and will always be a Gooner and that he still has his Invincible celebration news clipping on bedroom wall, and on totteringham day he always goes round his house with his Freddy Ljungberg hair doo.

  5. reliable sources….Cech to complete move to arsenal next week(£11)…martinez agrees terms with Milan…
    arsenal to enquire the services of Edin Dzeko..(valued at £20m)
    My own view…Wenger’s big signing to be Vidal coz kodogbia is heading to Milan and M.Schneiderlin off to manutd

  6. I’m amazed we didn’t get Jackson… He would have fitted us.
    I really do hope we strengthen this season. If Henry said we can’t win the title with Giroud as no.1 striker, he knows what he’s talking about. Most of us see it also. I hope Mr. Wenger sees it.
    Anyway, I’m not the coach…Henry is not the coach. We’ll just wait and see.

  7. Are Milan that rich as to afford both martinez and geoffrey? I don’t think Kondogbia will move to be honest. We should be looking at that polish sevilla guy. He is very quick and strong, sevilla don’t seem to be against selling and his clause is relatively smaller than we would supposedly fork out for the schneiderlins and Kondogbias.

  8. Surprised we aren’t in for him to be fair but I can see why Wenger might want to leave him. Simply because of his age. He is a short term fix and probably isn’t different enough or enough of an upgrade to warrant £25M. As mentioned above, I’d rather pick up a quality winger and push Walcott up top. If we grabbed Cech, Kondogbia and Reus I think we would definitely be set to challenge on all fronts. A front three of Alexis, Walcott and Reus being fed by Cazorla and Ozil is mouth watering. They are all young as well.

    1. While I like the thought of Reus, I also think that the Ox is going to be the next to step up and be a regular. And looking forward to seeing Gnabry in the U21 EC. Reus, Ox and Gnabry all on the RW is some serious depth.

  9. What put Wenger off was the age. He will be 29 soon. But he is a top quality CF.

    I hope Wenger knows what he is doing. I don’t see the point in getting Manduzic, Morata, Dzeko. I think they are same quality ad Giroud.

    Maybe Wenger will use Giroud and Walcott as CFs and get a new winger or just use Welbeck and Oxlade with Alexis

    Cech would be a fantastic signing but only Cech would be a miserable summer as we need a top striker and top DM to compete with United, Chelsea and City.

    I know we have the whole summer but top quality is limited to a handful in each position and players are starting to disappear before the window opens ie. Dybala, Martinez, Khedira

    We are too slow

  10. I have been saying for months that Arsenal had no interest. If they wanted him they would have signed him last summer instead of Welbeck. Martinez is going to Milan because he’s not good enough for a top team.

  11. If arsenal want to win the title, we need WC striker… as simple as it is!!!!!!!!! no more third, second places…

  12. Wenger is a f***ing coward!
    He will not spend big on players that we currently need because he knows that the squad is currently good enough to finish in the top 4. He is just scared to actually spend and take risk and try to win the league, because if he spends and fails, every1 would blame him.
    He will come out barking at the end of the season and say “Other teams have spent millions but we still have been able to compete”

    1. If he fails to win the PL he will get slaughtered anyway so what is the big deal? Any explanation that no other top 5/6 club in ANY league appeared to be interested in JM? Is Wenger the only blind one?

  13. Enjoy the transfer widow Arsenal fans cause jackson is like RVP in 29 as a hungry beast for goals and league medal so Wenger wanted to go easy on his boy Olivier Giroud, may not wanna hurt his ego or feelings after Henry pricked him. Sad to see such a talent go wherein the price was affordable at 25 million euros, the other target “higuain” goes for 72.5 million euros which is like a sin for Wenger to spend that much!


    note(” When Coquelin gets injured don’t cry and piss all over your pants when arsenal face Bayern,Barca or Chelsea”)

  14. griezmann or reus , griezmann would be my choice £35m £40m should do and he scores plenty of goals and can play lw,rw,cf much better than lacazette and he’s only 24 53 app 25 goals in all comps this season

  15. I think Italian club football is on the rise as Juventus have made a big statement by reaching the final of the UCL. Now, can any Gonner mention any striker in the World that could guranteed Arsenal 30 goals per season? I think Vigaygunner has forseen what I have been thinking. Arsenal will likely adopt Walcott and Welbeck as strikers anlogside Giroud to rotate them in the center as 3 strikers in the summer. And I believe it will magnificenly work for us. The trio cloud jointly scored 60 goals for Arsenal in the coming season. Now tell me, which World class striker Arsenal will sign that will score 60 goals for us? Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar or Louis Suarez? Even if Arsenal happened to find one, would they be able to hold on to him as he could be tempted away from us with a higher wages? I think the Boss can get more goals from his trio which 1 striker cannot give him. And we should take note that goals will also come from Sanchez and other Gunners in sufficient numbers to get us the BPL title and other ones.

  16. bigger prize. Such as whom? I don’t think we need more than a couple of new guys Defender and GK

  17. players round the world see the Man U board as not having changed their attitude to spend big. All Gunners targets will end up at Man U or elsewhere

    Wenger is still seen as a hurdle to many player and their managers. They KNow the Man U situation post SAF is a hiccup only

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