Proof that Arsenal have Bayern Munich rattled?

You would think that winning every game of the season before finally losing to Arsenal in that Champions League game a couple of weeks ago would mean that our victory at the Emirates would be like water off a duck’s back to the German champions Bayern Munich.

Add to that the fact that they enjoyed over 73 percent of possession against the Gunners away from home and then bounced back by winning their two games following that defeat and it looks as though the Arsenal defeat was just a blip. There are signs, however, that Arsenal have them rattled.

For one thing, their manager Pep Guardiola showed that he is already thinking and worrying about the Champions League clash at the Allianz arena this week by resting the key players Thomas Muller, Thiago Alcantara and David Alaba at the weekend. He brought them on in the second half but it was not enough to get Bayern all three points.

So they have had another setback and I reckon that some doubts have entered the Bayern dressing room. When I read the chest thumping words of their Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal, reported by the Daily Mail today, I instantly thought it sounded like someone trying to convince themselves rather than someone who was full of confidence.

The Bayern midfielder said, “We’ll show Arsenal the real Bayern on Wednesday.

“Our confidence is high. This time we’ll take our chances and take the three points.”

Well we will see about that on Wednesday won’t we? I am not saying that Bayern will not get their revenge because they are possibly the best team around at the minute and we did have to work very hard to beat them at home, but to suggest that it was not the real Bayern that Arsenal beat is a little bit disrespectful and I think what it really shows is that he have got them rattled. Do you agree Gooners?

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  1. Well they can say whatever they want but am not gon start wondering bout what they’re saying. Lets all talk on the pitch…But nooooo way Arsenal is scared of the german bullies

    1. I agree with you. They are just making noise. Arsenal shd b patient in taking our chances which I know for sure we’ll create. COYG

  2. Of course they are rattled ?
    They have always been wary of Arsenal!

    We have gone from invincibles to unpredictables!
    Even Wenger doesn’t know what to expect next!
    Long may the winning run continue!
    COYG’s ⚽????

    1. Only you dont know what to expect… There was a time about 2 years ago where you were a bit funny, but now you are just talking rubbish

      1. Thanks man!… Maybe it’s down to old age?
        Or maybe I evolved to next level …
        So it’s normally that you won’t understand my humour ?
        As long as you can make yourself laugh,
        You won’t have to rely on other muppet’s talking about custard cream cup cakes! ?

  3. I have never seen a patient Arsenal team as the current one. They kno they’ll create chances n score goals. I remember in the beginning of the season where we were not scoring, Wenger said he’s nt troubled cuz he knew they will score n win games. Watch out Bayern! Arsenal is comn.

  4. arsenal will win Bayern munich…….

    Campbell will progress further than Ox…

    I still like ox though

    BPL champions 2015/2016 – Arsenal
    Top assists – Ozil
    Top scorer – Alexis…


  5. The real Bayern nope ! Sorry the real Bayern would have Kroos in mid and Ribery,Robben in wings. The average Arsenal squad faced injuries while contending a resurgent Bayern after losing to Chelsea but still lost 2-0. Bayern make it a sausage chessey smelling environment along with beer. Arsenal is a test for them, the magazine bild will rate the Germans along with the Arsenal team to predict the future performance. I honestly believe that any danger may come from Lahm or Muller cause Robben’s arrival means he can play with lewandowski at top. Thank god that Arsenal don’t have arteta or any other fringe midfielder to nullify the Bayern squad.

    1. Robben is a very dirty player, especially against us!
      No doubt he will be up to his usual tricks!

  6. Bayern are real D**ks. They think that being Bayern alone makes them think that they are the best. Even last week when they tied with Frankfurt, they moaned and moaned about tactics, and even compared anti football to us.

    Guardiola is a fraud and plays anti football himself. Yes. Tiki taki bs is anti football to me. Scoring a goal and then playing hundret passes amongst the keeper and defender is time wasting to me. When others play smart and dont fall for it, they call it anti football and cowardice.

    Guardiolas mighty Barcelona ( tiki taki ) bs was beaten from a strong Bayern side at that time who played a game of football which we are today playing. Wenger is stubborn old fart at times, but he is way better then Guardiola.

  7. I hate watching Ramsey on the wings, knowing that we have decent wingers like Campbel. Fast, tricky, hard working, and he knows how to hit the ball. I think that after Sanchez he is the most talented shooter in the team. Dont be surprised if he scores this week against Neuer.

    1. loooool after sanchez obviously giroud is the most talented shooter, for now if you compare shooting giroud tops campbell, i know many hate giroud here but lets be real giroud is a very good striker and maybe campbell could be a better shooter one day, but there is absolutely no base to assume now that campbell is a more talented shooter than giroud, he isnt as bad a shooter as you guys make him out to be,
      but yeah one day when campbell tops the shooting prowess and it could very well happen, i will be very happy for him and for the team, campbell is a good player

  8. i ll say bring it on! rubben,lewandoski,muller vidal…simz like they have 4goten d bellerin,monreal,bossielny,mert effect.nt to mention cazorla,le coq,ozil sanchez its cechmate all d way..coyg

  9. Haven stopped Bayern Munich winning run at the Emirates Stadium 2 weeks ago at the 3rd time of asking, Arsenal MUST extend their unbeaten run to 3 games at the Allianz Arena by beating the Bayern Munich by 3 goals to nil. This is a mini World Cup game to watch between 2 opposing Gladiators and Kaiser Franz Bekenbeure will be in attendance along with Bayern Munich partisan crowd to see who will carry the day. Arsenal will unfailingly carry the day irrespective of whatever Bayern Munich played on the field of play. The Gunners MUST contained, endured, persevered and resist all the fiery darts Arjen Iron Robben, Thomas Muller, Robert Lewandoswki and Manuel Neuer threw at them as the former 3 in-curred into the 18 yard box of the Gunners to test Petr Cech’s resolves to stop their shots and headers. The Gunners MUST constitute themselves into a defensive unit to help one another out to curtail any excesses from any Bayern Munich assulter on the field of play. The Gunners MUST play their own game patiently and resist any intimidation by any Munich player to be carded or give away a penalty by the diving Iron Robben. Any loss of momentary concentrations or switching off even for a second MUST be eschewed by all Gunners for 90” + of the game. The Gunners MUST take their rare opportunities in this game and burying their chances to the impossible angles of Neuer’s goal. And they SHOULD lower their shootings and headings in front of the goal for their efforts to hit the tagert. The Boss and the Gunners MUST UNDO BAYERN MUNICH’S GAME IN THEIR GAME AND TAKE THE VICTORY. That’s the Key to unlock and infest with Trojans, Pep Guardiola’s Game App Data Running Plan of: ATTACK ARSENAL RELENTLESSLY TO SCORE GOALS. Therefore, every Gunners MUST become a defender to defend their goalmouth resolutely and look for any openings in the Bayern Munich’s lines to counter them and be precise with their shootings and headings to score when the chances presented themselves to them to score. In this game, the Gunners MUST be as dare devil and as deadly as the Lioness pursuing her prey and devoured it.

  10. If we go to Germany and beat them at their home turf with our looooooooooooong injury list lol then i’ll tell you what… Arsenal will not only win the league but possibly the champions league… by Feb 2016 most of our players should be returning to feed this machine, rested and hungry for success.

    This is why i say, Wednesday’s game is the MOST important game of the season and wenger knows this. Even a draw could see us through in the group and the rest will be history.

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