Proof that Wenger really is BLIND to Arsenal’s problems?

Okay so things should get very interesting at the Emirates Stadium tomorrow, where Arsenal play host to a Norwich City side fighting for their Premier League survival. There was already going to be protests from the Arsenal fans about how the club and the groundhog day of a season and the need for either Arsene Wenger to change his ways or be replaced.

At the pre-match press conference reported by The Mirror today the manager tried to rally the troops by calling for the Arsenal fans to get behind the team at this crucial point of the season. He also pointed out some positives for the Arsenal fans to focus on but I think his words, instead of putting out the fire of our frustration will act more like fuel.

Not only did Wenger suggest that the negative attitude of the home crowd was a factor in the failure of yet another title challenge, his view of how the team has performed this season is at odds with the general consensus and actually at odds with the facts.

The Frenchman claimed that our away form would have won us the league but the numbers show that our 30 points is behind the 37 of Leicester and the 33 of Tottenham and both have played one game fewer. In fact our away form could still be overtaken by Man City and Liverpool as well.

Wenger also claimed that our recent form has improved after an earlier dip and in the last month and a half the Gunners have been good. However, a quick look back at the last six weeks shows Arsenal winning just three of our eight games, against a West Brom side already on the beach, an out of form Everton and an awful Watford.

We also got knocked out of the FA cup by the Hornets at home, were put out of the Champions League by Barcelona and were held to draws in the league by Sunderland, Crystal Palace and West Ham. Wenger also suggested that the team’s attitude has been spot on throughout the whole season and if that is how he really sees things, is this final proof that the boss is blind to the failings of his own team and the individual players in it?

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  1. Not sure if Wenger understands feelings if the fans and his words instead of cooling the fire it fuels.Hope he honours his contract and leave the club at the end if the nezt season.ENOUGH is ENOUGH as I have got so many sticks for defending you Mr.Wenger.

  2. Wenger doesn’t care how fans feel so he doesn’t bother to find out
    That’s why he looks surprised when asked about it
    The climate at Emirates has been fine until a few weeks ago, so to blame the fans is incredibly foolish and inaccurate

  3. Wenger will say everything
    at Arsenal is fine until
    some one else becomes
    Manager then he will find
    lots wrong with the club.

  4. Wenger himself said that Kroenke doesn’t stop him from spending money. So, the failure of the team to not win the league this season is solely Wenger’s fault. His faith in average players like Theo and Giroud had cost us so many draws at home this season.

  5. Sometimes I think Wenger is forced to say the opposite we want to hear because his contract forces him not to put any negative attention on the board, and he wants to keep his job as long as possible because after he’s gone the board will make the club go down if they can’t find a manager who can work on a tight string budget for their greedy needs. This is really why I hope he’s making himself look ignorant, if that’s not the case then he might be seriously suffering from a mental illness due to old age and someone should get him checked. I’m not trying to insult him but this is what I think, no sane manager can expect to win the title with a squad that has failed to do so repeatedly, no sane manager can keep relying on players that show no consistency after 3 years, no sane manager can assume relying on a limited squad is ok when the team has one of the worst injury records in the last 5 seasons, and finally no sane manager can be deluded enough to make a promise, fail to meet expectations then be surprised when the fans are angry after being told to remain patient for an entire decade. Either the manager is taking the blame for the board’s incompetence and greed, or the manager has become to egotistic and stubborn due to some form of mental disorder.

  6. judging from AW’s talks at news conference, I believe he is leaving
    he was not as political as he used to be blaming the home fans and saying that he stayed because banks demanded him to stay.
    Now that the bank loan is paid, he can say now i am free to go
    i think anything below 3rd in the league and he will definitely go
    Things may get better or worse under the new manager as i dont think the owners and board will spend on a manager like Simeoni
    although many of us are not happy with Wenger, all complains should be directed to 3 parties i.e. AW, Gazidis and Kroenke alll of them not just AW

  7. So Arsene you turned down countless offers from other clubs to please the bank and stayed loyal so that we could have a new stadium…admirable!….and all for a measly eight million a year.
    Who the hell do you think you`re kidding? Get out and take the board with you. Kroenke you`d better find a buyer before you have bad stocks on your hands.

  8. so basically it’s our fault as fans we haven’t won the league this year! Our home form has cost us the league? Who knows, if you actually went out and bought a world class striker to score us GOALS. We could’ve achieved it. You claim Kroenke is willing to let you spend whatever money you want. But you chose not to (we have enough squad depth) what a load of rubbish. Last week was the first time this season all squad members trained together…. That’s beyond belief. Leicester had a 20+ goal scorer in Vardy and so did Spuds with Kane also Aguero with city. As per usual all your eggs went into one basket with Giroud. Who hasn’t scored in 14 odd league games…. I rest my case.

  9. Just sick about all the fake fan, I support wenger 100% you should watch twice what are you wishing for. Lots of club would like to be in our position and if you are not happy at Arsenal just go to support tottens&%$%!!!

    1. THEN you are the fake fan….when did you start to follow us? after wenger? since leicester are now champs, why dont you leave and follow them we dont need people like you as Arsenal fans. In case you didnt realise Arsenal is spelt ARSENAL not arsene

      1. I can’t believe you all split on the manager who won the most trophy with the club, and respect it’s something don’t mean much to you. I’m an Arsenal fan long enough Thank you.

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