Proof Valencia are ready to accept Arsenal bid for Mustafi?

While most Arsenal fans think that Arsene Wenger should be a bit more carefree with the club´s money in the transfer market, especially when the need is as great as it is for us at the moment and the end of the window is getting worryingly close.

The Frenchman does not seem willing to do business the same way as most of our Premier League rivals, though, so we are left hoping that his way of doing things turns out to be successful. At the minute the prime target is surely an experienced centre back to cope with the long term absences through injury of Per Mertesacker and Gabriel and the Arsenal transfer rumours this week have been telling us that the deal for top target Shkodran Mustafi has been held up by our refusal to meet the price of his Spanish club Valencia.

Wenger may be on the verge of winning this battle, according to an Evening Standard report, as the German defender is training alone and that suggests that Valencia are keeping him on ice to make sure nothing scuppers the sale.

They do need the money, apparently, which may be why Wenger is sticking to his guns and refusing to be bullied into paying over the odds. If the deal does go through in the next week or two, will the Arsenal boss have been right in his approach or should he just have paid what Valencia wanted in the first place?


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  1. Wenger will have to spend more than he wants to at this late stage in the transfer window
    Wenger had the whole summer to get good deals but now clubs know that he is desperate and the clubs are not desperate to sell

    Wenger will just need to cough up the money or have another disappointing season

  2. i asked valencia fan i know from bar i go to about him, he said as kos is a dominant defender, he will compliment that very well . it was same when it was mustafi and otamendi,
    but hes not a ramos type , hes not fast an aggressive, his positional sense s great, intelligent interceptions.says anything 25 an under is fair , above your paying too much

    lets get it done !

    1. If Wenger likes he should sign Mustafi or refuse to sign any defender,that his problem….

      Since that Liverpool game, I haven’t even come close to anything football, this is infact,my first day back on here again.. As I was so saddened by yet another opening day loss at our own ground….

      We are a joke and Wenger,the board and some fans are not even ashamed…smh……

  3. Hold on hold on hold on! I might have read about 1000s of posts in the past week wherein people are crying out for the club to make some signings. I fail to understand why?!

    Don’t you know who is overlooking the team? Even if Wenger signs the best players in the world he still can’t do anything as he is deluded and outdated beyond repair.

    Have we already forgotten the Leicester story? It doesn’t need a tremendous amount of splurging in order to win this damn league. We need the team to be psychologically and physically drilled throughout the season, which Wenger has failed to do for umpteen seasons.

    Didn’t RVP score 30 goals for us in a season? What happened to us then? Didn’t Mertesacker and Koscielny keep the cleanest defense for us in a season? What happened then? Didn’t Ozil create the maximum chances and get 19 assists in a season? What happened then?

    You’re right! We’ve had the players who have managed to outperform in the league but it is the entire team effort which always falls short. And you would think Wenger would’ve known it all in the 20 years of EPL experience.

    We need this man to leave the club! I for one am not holding my breath for any more signings. ENOUGH!

    1. Yep, We need a new chef,
      This one’s forgotten how to boil an egg,
      Let alone know what to do with quality ingredients! ?

    2. Well when we had a striker capable of scoring 30 Premier League goals, we had utterly s*ite defense. The likes of Djorou and Squillaci were still on the starting line up, yes?

      Alex Song, our “CDM”, was our most prominent attacking midfielder. Tells you everything about our midfield back then.

      When Mertesacker and Koscielny kept the cleanest defense in the League, we had Olivier Giroud as our main striker. The same striker who has once in his careed scored more than 20 goals in all comps. And he turns 30!

      Can’t remember the last time I looked at the Arsenal squad and thought to miself: “Damn, we have solid defense, balanced midfield and lethal forwards.”

      1. Well … You have obviously forgotten about the invincibles era! ? ? The team couldn’t have been that bad, back then.

    3. Yeah! No one likes to hear bitter truth. Might as well take a warm blanket and sleep it all off.

    4. That’s why I’ve been a Wenger Out for like the past 4 seasons. Wenger has lost whatever managerial touch he used to have 12 years ago

  4. We have lost already 3 points. To deadline day, we can lose 3-6 more points. It is worth the extra few million pounds? No, it’s absolutely not worth it. And thats I always say here.

    EVERY F……..ING YEAR, we do this. We lose 3-6 points, while we play without a real CB, or a real striker. Then, we buy on deadline day (if we’re lucky), and the new players need to be integrated in the team, (that is why pre-season friendlies are existing, just to mention) so in the process we lose another 3-8 points.


    If you ask Chelsea, City, or any other top club with real motivation, they would actually pay the extra few million pounds, that we do not. So in the end of the season they are becoming champions, and get these few millions back, or more.

    Man Utd knew Pogba isnt worth that kind of money, but they risked, because they want to win.

    We are not a top club anymore… not with Wenger

    Fed up Gunner

    1. @ red 14…

      You are not the only one fed up cos I am too…
      When I saw our Liverpool line-up with Ramsey I just couldn’t cry….

      Ramsey haven’t played 45mins in pre-season…how is he supposed to start ahead of Cazorla especially in the hole??

      If you are starting Ramsey, what happened to Kos then???
      Ramsey,Sagna De bryne all played at the Euros and have started playing already….

      Why did he bench Xhaka only to bring him on when the pressure was on us and morale was down,because he is new?? Is Holding not new with us???

      You see, apart from transfer stupidity and indecisiveness, Wenger is tactically outdated and lacks sound motivational and toughness, whether you believe it or not…even if he wins the league he has to go!

      1. yes mate, all of them are legit questions

        I’m afraid that even Wenger could not answer them 😀 Seems like he totally lost the plot..

  5. Wenger states “When you look at the intensity, the amount of player that have brought since the opening of the transfer window, it’s not so many because all the big clubs want only top, top level players and there are none available”.

    he really really doesn’t help himself, surely someone should be saying shut up, stop talking
    im not taking the mickey i really fear for his mental state

    so he complains UTD,CITY. are spending big and then theres no quality to buy. I’m sure when zlatan bags one past czech he may wake up

  6. @ Darwin,
    Thanks for that observation…

    Wenger and the board said we can compete with most clubs and that we can sign most players bar Messi and Ronaldo..

    In pre-season after we beat Man city, Wenger said we are physically ready..
    Now fast forward to post liverpool game Wenger said we are physically not ready…

    The thing is Wenger has to go, we have missed out on too many top managers already
    And I don’t even wanna hear any more sh*#t about what he has done for the club…

    He is just a joke!

  7. watching the Liverpool goals over on over again i think that the youngster were not at fault for all of the goals. i think our most experience player monreal let them down. if you notice all the goals were created on is side of the field

    1. you have a point but look where iwobi was , he should be helping monreal as he ended up with 3 men

      1. The Lallana goal should have
        been prevented as he was at
        a narrow angle and the ball
        eluded 3 defenders and the keeper.
        But the other three were unstoppable.
        They were also freakish almost flukes.

  8. The way I see it is both sides believe they have the other in a corner. They know we need a CB so are holding out. At the same time we know they are in trouble financially, so we are holding firm. It’s a Mexican stand off, but with two.

    They should realise that Mustafi is not the only option. And we need to realise that they can always make money another way. Which just further threatens the whole deal. Someone needs grab a hold of the situation and get it done, I think it should be us, they are in trouble financially whereas we are not.

  9. Please don’t buy any more
    deadwood Arsene.
    Chambers 16 mill Gabriel 16 mill
    +12 mill Debuchi were all poor buys.
    And 16 mill Wellbeck.
    2mill Holding is probably Arsene’s best purchase in years.
    Kos is back now and Bielik is alright.
    So best to just forget transfers and use who we have.
    The biggest issue as I see it now is our injuries.
    Already we have Mertz Jenkinson and Wellbeck are out for months.
    Iwobi Gabriel Ramsey out for 1-2 months. 6 injured players already
    Wilshere Cazorla and Sanogo are a game by game proposition
    while Debuchy has had a wretched run of injuries.
    Walcott Chamberlain and Gibbs also get injured every season.

  10. we the arsenal fan make the same mistake like Wenger assessing players performance based on preseason the euro. Ramsey performance what did he do that a lot of other players did not do in the euro so all thoes players could player for arsenal. now Wolcott Chamberlain one good play them alot of mistake.fallow by bad decisions not consistent you con’t really on them for a whole season.they cont see the easy pass that other quality player see on easily made .

  11. Considering we lost Mert a month ago, a deal should have been made in plenty of time for the opener, lets face it we should have brought in a CB even before Mart was injured. Instead we have now made the worst possible start and that all important confidence is gone. To make matters worse the atmosphere in the stadium has gone straight back to how it was last season. With some new signings, even if we had the same result, I think the fans would have still been supportive. To me the cost of Wengers lack of deals is not so much in terms of money, it’s far more damaging psychologically to the current squad, some of which have openly voiced their concerns. Players have a relatively short career compared to Arsene and I think he forgets that, they are not all going to hang around in the hope his big plan finally comes together. Like all players, they want trophies. If we do not bring in a CB now I really don’t see us getting in the top 4 this time, it’s no longer a given.

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