Prospective Bournemouth boss’s lifelong dream is to ‘manage Arsenal’

Thierry Henry is the odds-on favourite to be the next manager of Bournemouth City FC, but has previously admitted that his dream is to manage Arsenal.

The Former French striker remains as the Gunners top goalscorer of all-time, and will always be considered a legend in North London.

Even rival fans could admit to his greatness, but since moving into coaching he has had a tough time. He wasn’t given a fair chance in his first role, with Monaco controversially hiring Thierry to take over a heavily depleted squad due to injuries, before rehiring their former manager three months later, the same manager who Henry had been hired to replace. Something very fishy there if you ask me…

The 43 year-old has since taken over as manager of Montreal FC in the MLS, a job that couldn’t be considered easy by any means. His side finished near the bottom of the table before he joined, and the club had lost their best player in Ignacio Piatti.

Bournemouth may well be able to see the positives in the work that Thierry has done however, as talks appear to have gone well, and oddschecker claims he is as low as 1/6 to be their next manager.

With his potential return to England, it would be crazy not to think about the potential of a return to Arsenal at some point, and he has already admitted that it is his lifelong dream to take over as Arsenal boss one day.

Speaking to French outlet Canal Plus (via The Sun), he said: “I do dream of managing Arsenal but I also dream of running up the court and doing a slam dunk. It doesn’t mean it’ll happen.

“But yes, I’ll want to manage Arsenal until the day I die.”

Do we believe in Thierry to make a success of himself if hired by Bournemouth? Would a return to Arsenal risk his legacy with the club?


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  1. Bournemouth will be making a grave mistake if they hire henry as coach,they better stick with woodgate whom i believe can help them achieve promotion.henry is only ever good in finding faults in others as a pundit&nothing more

  2. Personally, I have never been one for clamouring for former great players to return as a manager one day. As a realist I understand very well that playing and managing are two completely different matters and different abilities.

    Only if a former great has proved himself as a top manager might I want him back. But in that hypothetical situation,he would almost certainly, as a top proven manager, not be prepared to work under the huge financial restrictions that Kroenke imposes.


    In any case, there is no vacancy and imo there will not be one for many years ahead.

  3. Patrick Vieira would be my choice for Arsenal,he has cut his teeth in the US and doing very well at his current club which by the way dont have the financial clout that other teams French league have.Im not saying he should come now but should certainly be considered if Arteta fails…just my opinion…

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