Prospective new owner teams up with Arsenal legends to oust Kroenke

Daniel Ek has boosted his bid to end Stan Kroenke’s ownership of Arsenal by enlisting the support of three of the club’s legends.

The Spotify founder and CEO revealed on Twitter last week that he was a boyhood Arsenal fan and would like to buy the club from Kroenke.

The American has been unpopular with the supporters for a long time now, but his decision to join the suspended European Super League seems to be the final straw for most of them.

They have been protesting that he sells and leaves the club and they are insisting that happens.

Ek is hoping to take advantage of the fans’ fury to succeed in his takeover bid and has enlisted the support of Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira, according to ITV.

One thing Arsenal fans have been looking for is to be represented at the boardroom level and Ek seems to understand that and wants the ex-Arsenal players to be a part of the setup when he buys the club.

The report says he is preparing an official bid which could be made in the next few days and it is set to be in the region of £1.8bn.

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  1. Hoping fans could get a chance to participate in the club. Would love to own a little piece of Arsenal!

  2. Soon Arsenal will be turned into a group of musicians. In fact i cant wait for a Lil Saka and Young Smith-Rowe collaboration.😂😂😂

  3. I think this guy is serious about buying Arsenal because they’ve just put up the Spotify subscriptions by £1, but the question is will Stan sell.

  4. Dream team…. but I don’t think Kroenke will sell, unless it’s a stupid amount like 3 billion, which is all (!) Ek has got.

  5. If we the fans stop viewing Arsenal matches, raise placards on every thing attributed to Arsenal, I think Stan would have a rethink,

    With our poor run, Arsenal still stands as a club to emulate, imagine what we’ll become with the right owner and management.

  6. For Stan to sell, our WHOLE fan base world wide will have to stop buying merchandise, buying tickets to games and season tickets, stop subscribing to to arsenal tv, the full works.

    Stop going to games, obviously once that resumes.

    We really have to do something on a global scale to get that twat out of our club.

    Will it happen?? highly doubtful!

    1. I’m a guy who don’t like deceiving myself.

      Have went through alot because of Arsenal and now I have develop a thick skin because of Arsenal.
      So watching Arsenal is now part of my life.
      So I don’t see myself joining the majority to stop subscribing and watching Arsenal.
      Joining them to protest, then YES.
      But not stopping to buy merchandise and watching them.

      Maybe stop buying and watching if ESL wins but thank God, it doesn’t.

      1. All KSE are interested in is money, as long as people are lining his pockets, he wont sell.

        Like i said, it wont happen and we are stuck with this A hole

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