Prospects of Shkodran Mustafi leaving Arsenal this summer looking bleak

Shkodran Mustafi is not the most popular Arsenal player, he is being booed by the fans, the club have made their intentions about selling him rather clear and you even have his teammate Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, liking an Instagram post about rumours of him leaving.

With all that you would expect the German to be eager to jump ship and seek pastures new but nope, not Mustafi, he wants to remain at the Emirates and prove himself.

His agent and father have made it clear that the German world cup winner does not want to leave and when you consider all that is lined up against the 27-year-old and he stills wants to stay then the prospects of him departing this summer are indeed bleak.

This is an issue for the club, they cannot force him out against his will and the options left open to them, banishing him to the youth teams as an example, are fraught with risk.

Unless there is a significant change in circumstances, be that a club Mustafi wants to join or a massive financial incentive then I cannot see him going anywhere this summer.

As things stand right now you cannot blame Mustafi for thinking he may get a chance to prove himself, the defence in the centre is hardly rock solid and with Arsenal involved in four competitions next season then he has to be thinking he will get more than enough opportunities to prove his worth.

I will not be holding my breath that Mustafi will be sold anytime soon.


  1. Thats the problem, move on here has severally abuse the club for not shiping out these underperformers, but what can the club do if the players are not willing to move. Lets forget about new cb, i doubt any1 of our cb are interested in a move except boss.
    Even Elneny and Jenko, you wonders why this guys are not planning on finding another club, despite knowing chances of game time are slimly low

  2. Mustafi will leave arsenal, and even kos latest by next week. and arsenal will sign two new defenders, Tierney and a CB

    1. Fingers crossed, think if we get another CB then he will know his time is up and do one. Problem is there arnt any CBs out there that are guaranteed to be better than him. On paper, looks a decent player and might shine elsewhere. Had his chance at the Emirates though. Buy Papa Abou Cisse!!! If given a chance to adapt by the crowd would end up bossing it.

  3. Worst £35 million we ever spent
    Worse than Xhaka
    Even Ozil had at least one excellent season with us (19 assists)

    I hope Mustafi goes but unlikely

      1. I hope you are right about Mezut Ozil. He appears to be free of the injuries which plagued him last season and performed better so far in preseason games.

  4. smart forget about making in line up sheet rot him in u23 bench, this dude is up to continue earning easy money in ”prove himself” bulshit… He had enough time and chances to prove already and wasted them, I really can’t stand this jerk anymore

  5. Let him play cup games and not make the bench the other games. If Emery doesn’t have Mustafi in his plans then send him down to U-23 if he refuses to leave.

    As a player he isn’t up to scratch, had numerous opportunities, and doesn’t learn from his mistakes.

    We want new regime to be ruthless, then do so with Kos and Mustafi. Tell them Mavro, Medley, and Chambers will be given chances rather than them.

  6. Just do not play Mustafi. Make it clear to him he will not play. He must play in U23s. Then it’s up to him. If he refuses then he breaks his contract. He is not good enough and Emery can’t play him because he feels sorry for him. With a bit of good Karma we will sell him before the end of the window.

  7. I think it was disrespectful of Auba to like an article linking Mustafi with an exit, considering he recently just got booed by fans. He might not be performing to the level that is expected of him, but he is a human being with feelings. The last thing he would need right now is feeling that his fellow players don’t need him too.

    1. We are human being too with feelings, his feelings has to tell him the truth that he is not needed anymore

    2. I think the said Article had a picture of him (Auba and Mustafi) on it. Maybe Auba hit the like button without reading through. Can’t really say.

    3. I think Auba hardly read the post. I’m guessing he only just saw their pictures and liked it.

    4. Auba liked the post because Mustafi was saying he wants to stay and prove himself. The press are trying to get us to turn on our players. They love this sh#t! Don’t play their game, you are scoring an own goal with the 12th man when you boo your own players while they are playing for you.

  8. when you have players who are intent to suck the life out of the club by refusing to leave when it is clear they are not wanted then fans cannot be faulted for forcing them out dirty. couple of boots to the ass of the like of leechers like ozil and mustafi would be appreciated.

  9. Apparently for the big wages that Mustafi is currently earning at Arsenal, which he may not get at any other top club side should he transfer there this summer has led him to dig his heal in at the club refusing to leave on transfer this summer saying, he doesn’t want to leave Arsenal and he will prove himself to the club during this summer campaign and to us Gooners his critics that he is still a top quality centreback who still has what it takes to defend immaculately for Arsenal this summer. But why is it that a player can force his transfer away from Arsenal, but Arsenal can’t force a Gunner to leave the club on transfer? Something seems to be a miss in the contract deals that Arsenal give to new player on signing him.

    1. Other clubs have the same issue; standard conditions of contract are controlled by contract law provisions, case law etc.

  10. Re Mustafi.

    Look, the guy needs to go ASAP.

    The fact that he is refusing to leave says it all.

    He is simply not good enough for a club that wants to get back into the Champions League, and possibly challenge for the Premier League in 2 or 3 years time.

    He is error prone, he ball watches too much and he has an annoying knack of playing people on side too often!

    The booing is not nice, but at the same time understandable.

    Its not easy street for players like him anymore. Wenger has gone now, so no time for slacking and clowning around.

    He must leave!

  11. Not right to get it on any player and the ones we bring on board as Mustafi, Elneny to help, doing the best and giving it all as Xhaka. You see them work, get mad, yellow carded,because they come to a club to get to a higher level as EPL is already of a big jump to come in and blow up as top player. Im not so excited about pepe at all. EPL will be another level and he must watch is dancing tricks in Uk or he will be 8njured all year….

  12. That said he has had his chance here and not impressed because of his lapses in concentration and sometimes I think he tries too hard to prove himself rather than doing his part for the team. He needs a new start and we need a new centre back! But when he is in our defence booing during the game will only make things worse. Crowd needs to know that their support is worth points!!!

  13. We are after another Left Back in Tierney, but how about Mustafi ?………….left back in the dressing room………or anywhere else where he can be hiddden !

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