Protest Yes – But don’t take it out on the Arsenal Players

Booing off Bellerin, who came to clap the fans was wrong. by Konstantin Mitov

I’d like to talk a little bit about the fans behaviour after the Palace game. There was a little throw-in scene where Bellerin wasn’t given the ball by our own fans and the chant was “you’re not fit to wear the shirt”. After the game Bellerin came to clap over and he was booed.

This is terrible. This is unacceptable from the fans. To boo off one of the few players who actually have the courage to come over and say “I’m sorry” and clap us for the support is not cool. He’s been in terrible form, but it’s been the whole team. And if he’s playing bad, it’s the managers job, to get him fired up or replace him – and Wenger can’t motivate anybody anymore.

The players are just as disappointed. You could see it on their faces. They don’t want to play for the manager and abusing them would only turn things worse in an already terrible season. If Wenger and the players came out to apologise after the game and sat by our fans to greet us, I’d somehow take some pride in defeat.

They way they hurry to the tunnel and hide is embarrassing. Dortmund always greets their fans. Good or bad, I remember Hummels (back when he was captain there) going to the fans after a defeat to say sorry. And the whole team and the manager always cheers the fans after the game at Dortmund. This is the kind of commitment I want to see. This builds a connection between the players and the fans.

We’re disjointed. The fans, the players and the board are like three different layers, completely disconnected between themselves! Bellerin said after one of our many bad results he is hurt by seeing fans leaving early. He said he cares and he clearly is affected. Now I do believe he wasn’t targeted, but he was just the nearest player there, but the fans need to look at themselves on this one big time.

If Wenger goes and a new manager comes in, these players will look different, I am certain of that, or at least I’m willing to risk it, because with Arsene, look at what it’s like? If we want change, the protests and the banners do a good job. They are just not big enough to feel accountable. If out of 60 thousand people at the emirates, 5 put a Wenger out banner, this isn’t a reason for concern.

If 20 thousand do it, it kinda proves a point. But lastly, I’ll finish with the fans, because we’re a part of the problem. Think for yourself what is important for you. The past, the present or the future. Think if you want to support one man or a football club. Think of the next 10 years and what you want to see, the same thing you’ve seen 10 years or something new?

Pick an opinion and stick with it. Don’t hide like Arsene and most of the players. Don’t run into the tunnel when we lose and hit yourself in the chest when we beat West Ham. Be a man and act like one. Put reasonable arguments as to why you want Arsene in or out.

Don’t abuse the players. This is weak and makes them care as little as possible. I applaud the Ox and Bellerin for coming out to greet us. I encourage the rest of the flops to do it too. Show us some respect and we’ll really appreciate it. I don’t want it from Arsene. He spat in our faces enough times. Some of these players have the quality to be future Arsenal stars under a decent manager.

Abuse is weak. This means you feel powerless to do anything other than curse. This will never get us back to winning ways. In no way does that mean I think we should shut up! We should protest and keep asking for Wenger to be sacked. Not with abuse though. Especially to the few who showed at least a little care for the fans.

The board and Arsene don’t care for us, have a go at them, not the players who come to applaud us after the game!



  1. khangunners says:

    Well said bro. I felt really hurt about all that . it has made me think alot about arsenal. We cant blame the fans can we? I dont know but i think all blame shifts to the board members and wenger. When fans are ignored frustration boils and this is as a result of there voice not bieng heard so the loss there reasoning . its sad times but i think this is the time where an announcement from wenger and club will save us till end of season

    1. Luke bratzi says:

      The trouble is the fans go every week spend good money that also causes rows at home. They support for years where as players come and go and they are the ones who get good money and should give there all. And if they don’t then they are not fit to where the shirt. CB

  2. Muff diver. Aka when I dine it's bedtime says:

    I’m not mad about yesterday. I’m good. All good

    This tranquillizer my mate dave gave me sure is relaxing
    Wish that dragon in my fridge would stop sneezing tho

  3. mvulane says:

    Now the players are to blame, they are totally disinterested. Is it Wenger who says they must not fight for the Arsenal shirt ‘a big No’.

  4. Terry Murphy says:

    Your joking are you dont blame the fans. Are u having a laugh these bottleless w…..s get paid huge money and pretend they care. Wst a joke. Wenger has to go but deciding im not putting in an effort is insulting to fans who travel and spend money to see this crap. They all should be ashamed.

  5. Chokulate says:

    If you find booing the players a bad thing, then you’re just as wenger. Call a spade , a spade not anything else. just look at Alexis for the last couple of games, he’s just trying to dribble everyone including the grass ( sick ).
    It’s a hard time to be a gunner, we have a deluded coach and clueless players. Look at Ramsey, le coq, xhaka, monreal, ozil, Theo, OG12, omg……pure waste. Alexis sometimes act as if he’s the world best player, he draws an abysmal pic on the pitch as if he scores and the ref disallows it. He’s not committed to the team, let him leave. Even Henry left. You can’t feel so big by yourself. Can’t wait for the season to officially end. Sad!

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I say Boo the lot of them, especially after last nights performance.
    Maybe this will be the much needed kick up the ass that the players have been begging for?
    Look, until last night, all the abuse was only directed at Wenger and if the players really gave a fork about their manager they would have shown it on the pitch,instead of just hiding behind their words, of backing him.
    The majority of the the Arsenal players aren’t fit to wipe my ass, let alone wear the shirt. ?? So Boo and Boooooo the lazy good for nothing forkers again and again, until they truly understand the heartache and embarrassment that the fans are going through and maybe only then we will see some positive reactions from the players.

  7. sanmi.marvellous says:

    I have a cushion effects or shock absorber for our dismal performances and shocking results. I have distanced myself from watching our games. the last game I watched LIVE was 5-1 (1st Leg) loss in Munich. From there, I knew our season has ended. I started preparing for pre-season games in which, coincidentally, Bayern Munich is one of the opponents again.

    Although, I read pieces of articles and dots about us, I watch our games after each loss to see what went wrong only. Hitherto, each loss bring about depression to me. Before, it took me days to recover from each loss. I discovered that I spent more than 50% of days of week in sadness. To avoid sudden death, I devised that measure of avoiding our live matches till things improve or Thy Kingdom Come.

    Our team is highly overrated. I watched Napoli sensibly edged out Lazio out in a pulsating Serie A game the other night. I asked myself, can we stand in the way of the Napoli team? Napoli may not win Serie A this season but they are a joy to watch. We over-bloat out self estimation.

    Divulge ourselves of unnecessary hatred and rivalry, we would see that Spurs are far better than us this season. we over-bloat our self estimation.

    We can’t confidently beat Man U, City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Southampton, Swansea, which is 42 points home & away. How come do we shout referee most of the time ??

    The bitter truth is that we are overrated !!!!!!!!!

    1. ClassiqueGunner says:


  8. HA559 says:

    Hey Walcott said post match he could see from kick off that Palace wanted it more. So Palace wanted it more, so you just give in and let them have it? That’s a disgrace. Especially more so when pre match Wenger spoke so highly of him in press conference about how he shows his best in difficult moments.

    Yesterday was a sad day for Arsenal, Walcott was Captain followed by Ramsey on what merit? Simply because they’ve been here the longest. These guys know this is the highest level of a club they can ever go to and it’s so easy for them to stay here, they get offered the big wages with minimum to zero output, why would you leave?

    1. gmv8 says:

      This epitomises the whole problem with Arsenal – there is NO leadership, apart from Wenger, who doesn’t act like a leader on the touchline. A captaincy is there to say this guy is here to lead and organise the team, it is not meant as a badge of honour to say I’ve served the longest at Arsenal or I’ve scored the most goals etc. etc.

  9. Elliot says:

    Lol. There’s only a few of our players who actually show pride, the rest of then are your typical modern footballers who literally just don’t give a f. Which makes me question why we let Wilshire go. He may not be the best or the most reliable, but he is an arsenal man through and through. We DO have a team of “son in laws” as souness and Jamie put it. This can be changed, as it stems from the manager. That team yesterday was more than enough to be bear palace but they have totally given up and are now not playing for the manager or club.

    1. Elliot says:

      Apologies for the dodgy spelling ?

  10. Vlad says:

    “Abuse is weak. This means you feel powerless to do anything other than curse.” – yet you do it on the daily basis to Wenger, Konstantin. You are a hypocrite who’s blinded by hate. Yes, the manager is responsible, but in the end it’s the players who are on the pitch for 90 minutes. You’re saying Bellerin shouldn’t be booed? And I say he should be b!t(h slapped for performances like that. What happened to him? Is it the stupid haircut? Or perhaps the Barca link/talk that’s affecting him? Either way, instead of applauding and apologizing to the fans, he should take a good look at himself in the mirror because it’s him and the rest of the underachievers that are responsible for this mess. What’s going on with Sanchez? For half an hour yesterday I thought he wasn’t even on the pitch. Our so-called star has turned into the worst football player in recent weeks. Extremely poor performances, and even worse attitude. Absolutely disgusting. So once again, Konstantin, before you start spewing your hate around and make us all sick because you’re like a rabid dog, think for a second what’s really going on with the club. I spoke to a journalist a while back who told me that the hardest part of his job is to write about something without it been affected by emotions. Just a thought…

  11. tweety says:

    some players are over rated and not good enough to wear the arsenal shirt. they play because we have not good enough players to compete. we need a new manager with new ideas and new players, firstly a leader on and off the pitch. to all respect is walcott good enough to be named as captain. boo the manager and the board. mr stubborn should be ashamed of himself and not leave. gooner = forever

  12. Pablo Picaso says:

    “Fans don’t attach themselves to the players, it’s the club, the club is the most important thing. Marcel Desailly

  13. Mduh says:

    Here in South Africa the team that i support the fans did a pitch invasion they were chasing the players and the technical staff after a team play against scored 6th goal in the 80th min, fans were angry at the chairman who promised them the coach in January, the coach only came after the pitch invasion in middle of Feb, maybe Arsenal needs that to enforced the change.

    1. Lol desperate times desperate measures! Maybe that is what it will take to get Wenger fired.

  14. Janssen says:

    Funny thing is to me, Kroenke with his inaction has caused himself to lose at least 25% in enterprise value over the next years. CL money will be down, merchandise sales will come down, TV money will come down (fewer live games will be braodcast as Arsenal’s status sinks), all value drivers that will come down for years whether Wenger stays of goes.

    An owner with a football brain or love would have realized to bring an end to the Wenger era after one of the last FA cups and grabbed Klopp or Pep when he could. Now any new manager will take years to get us back to the top, if it that is even possible on our budget and without at least 1 world class player to build around.

    If and when Wenger leaves he will likely leave this club in a worse position than he found it which is a pitty for a guy who likes to pride himslef on all the change he brought.

  15. atid says:

    Some of the fans have been booed, so why not the players?

    Last night was a spineless, gutless atrocious performance by an over paid gaggle of prima donnas. Walcott came out and said all they could do was apologise, well I am sorry that isn’t all you can do. First of all you could take a leaf out of the Bristol City players book and offer, those supporters their money back or at the very least promise to pay for their next ones and their travel costs, with another promise that in that next away match they will roll their sleeves and put the effort in.

    Yes we can all blame wenger, but it’s not wenger that employs himself, it is not wenger who pays the transfer fees and salaries and it is not wenger who crosses the white line and plays like Sunday league player. Everyone has to take some responsibility. The supporters deserve better.

  16. The buck stops at WENGER period, finally his reign has come to an end, his approach of favoring some players and mistreating others (Lucas, Campbell) caught up with him, he lost the dressing room…..see Chelsea and Leicester, we are not worse than none of them, they sacked their Managers and see how they play now, LC 5 wins in a row and playing CL while we deal with this debacle Chelsea on the verge of winning the PL twice the last 3 years….this deluded man is in absolute denial he is bringing us down beyond repair…he should be sacked NOW end of the season is too late at this pace we will be fighting relegation next season.

  17. royalman says:

    I am now ashamed to talk among other footballer club fans, they boo me everyday, Nothing wrong booing the players n d manager d board dat r putting us into this messy situation. Most of our players r overrated , Benerin can’t play full season he needs helper, wenger is forcing most of dem to become star.

  18. Red Dawn says:

    Watching the game I don’t think there is anything that could make those players play worse than they did last night – they just cannot be bothered.
    Fans pay any awful lot of money and these “players” get paid an obscene amount of money for doing this.
    I say fair play to the fans.
    This Arsenal team is the worse I have seen in 30 years of watching Arsenal play – even the days of Ian Selley, John Jensen and Glenn Helder. At least those players tried their best..

  19. Gooner Craig says:

    LOL is this guy serious?! Bellerin hasn’t done anything all season other than get a stupid looking hair cut! He and the whole team have been playing like a bunch of mugs! Then they go off to their mansions, with their millions and models, while the fans, who live and die for the club get mugged off by our friends and the rest of the footballing world because the team can’t get themselves up for a game and have no fight in them because they’re a bunch of bottle jobs!

    Yeah I appreciate Hector coming over but he got what he deserved! If he played his heart out then the fans wouldn’t have booed him! This is Arsenal FC and they got spanked 3.0 by bloody Palace!! Who the F are Palace?!! It’s embarrassing and disheartening! We would all die out on the pitch for the cause! What has Bellerin been doing?? Other than waiting around for 2-3 more seasons before going back to Barcelona lol

    Plus, if Wenger has gone over clapping to the fans I bet any money a chair or 2 would’ve been thrown at him, even tho he’s been at the club longer than Bellerin has been alive but he still gets ripped apart by fans, protests and chants calling for him to leave!!! So drop the double standards!

    We all love Bellerin and want Wenger out but until someone other than Alexis, plays like they actually have the slightest bit of ambition to win (regardless of wether he has been playing well or not) then I’m all for booing the players, the manager, the board and anyone else that needs to be booed!! Because at the end of the day the BADGE is the only thing that matters!

    Maybe Bellerin will come out fighting for the cause in the next game. Then the fans will sing his name at the top of our lungs!

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