Proud Wenger has always done his best for Arsenal – Show respect!

When Arsene Wenger arrived at Highbury 21 years ago, the Gunners were a poor midtable team, but Le Prof took Arsenal straight into the Top Four, and they have never dropped out of it ever since, and despite some people thinking to the contrary, this season is still not over and we could make it 22 years in a row yet.

Wenger also gave us many many trophies, a couple of Doubles, and the amazing Invincibles season which will never be matched. But now we are going through a bad patch it seems that many fans don’t respect what Wenger has done for the club and want him ditched as soon as possible. How ungrateful can some people be!

With all these critics around, Wenger himself has spoken about how he feels about his achievements. “My job is to make 100 per cent of people happy,” he was quoted as saying. “If you look at where the club was when I arrived and where the club is today, I think I’m quite proud of what I did for the club.

“But, you know, today we live in a period where people are very demanding, and I can understand that.

“I’ve guided this club through very difficult periods where there have been very, very, very limited resources and I managed to always get the best out of the team and that’s what I will do as long as I’m at Arsenal football club.

“You can basically say that if you don’t win the championship then you can say it is not a successful season, and I can understand that.

“But you take clubs like Liverpool who have never won the Premier League, they are a big club.”

He is absolutely right. People are very demanding, and he also right about Liverpool, who hardly even make the Top Four nowadays, but Arsenal fans are probably the most demanding of the lot. But we also have to respect everything he has done for us and allow him the dignity of staying as the boss for as long as he likes, or until he just can’t stand any more of the vile abuse he gets from so-called Arsenal supporters!

Sam P


  1. ArseOverTit says:

    Mmmm no we don’t.

    He has been paid handsomely for his services and respected enough but it doesn’t mean he should be indefinitely until he decides when it’s time to leave.

    Yes, there is a great demand for success amongst the top clubs because the game at that level generates ludicrous amounts of money no small part of which comes from fans pockets. So we have a right to protest and pressurise a dormant board and owner only concerned with finance.

    You wanna get paid big bucks then you got to be able to deliver and he and his teams haven’t done so for a long time now.

  2. lucia says:

    THanks to everyone on their opinion..
    I have missed you guys and due to my degree exams I haven’t been on here in a while but I watch our games whenever I am free.
    Now to point out players who let arsenal down this season.
    1.Francis coquelin – the moment santi went out injured he stopped playing. He became complacent because no one was challenging his position..the hype of last season maybe entered his head.
    2.Peter cech- for some reason he turned crap overnight. From getting us 15 point to loosing us 20 point..if you watch our game he no longer organise or call players or even shout at them..these are what he was doing when he came..
    3.hector bellerin- someone said he is the best right back in the epl like seriously..the guy has been nothing but a liability this top it off the school boy error he did against Bournemouth. .lack of challenge and too much social media is beginning to take his focus away..he better watch it.
    4-koscielny-I have seen many a times we will be loosing he will just be waving his head and you can tell that his behaviour won’t motivate any player because when you look at your captain and his face looks dejected and defeated you hAve little or no motivation..
    5- ozil- why he turns up when he wants is beyond me. No fight or what so ever..lazy he wants the team to carry him and share his responsibility but he should be setting example for the younger players..
    6- iwobi. Whom I feel Wenger introduced him too soon..he should have been managed better.he got complacent and lost focus. No fight or whatsoever. A physique like is what players are looking yet people like cleverly can just bully him..
    7.-Sanchez because many a times this season he acted unprofessional.
    8.ramsey- never turned out well. A one season wonder player. I thought we let the wrong player go out on loan.either he doesn’t care or he just cares about his pay cheque .
    The resthe we didn’t expect wonders from players that we know that they are average.
    Players like elneny whom I thought is a good player is not been managed well by Wenger. .neither is he managing perez well either..the new comers let’s just say this is their first season.
    But the biggest culprit is Wenger and bold whom I don’t know his work actually because from the way the thing is our defence is letting us down..
    We all can argue about mertesacker for all his in capabilities but one thing he is a leader.just because he is not around most of the season look how softer we have become.
    Do I think Wenger should be sack? My answer is no.
    Do I think he should leave in the summer ? My answer is a big fat yes.
    Thank you all and have a great evening.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Glad to see someone is sharing his/ her thought of the players. I think:

      1. Francis Coquelin : Doesn’t perform because he is assigned as a box-to-box midfielder, whereas the defensive midfielder position, his previous position, is assigned to Xhaka. But I agree that he will perform better if he has a technically gifted playmaker like Cazorla.

      2. Petr Cech : No goalkeeper can perform well if his team’s defense and attack system is predictable. But I agree that his reflex is not as good as Neuer, even when Cech was in his prime in Chelsea.

      3. Hector Bellerin : Lacks of competition. We can hate Debuchy for his attitude, but he can become Bellerin’s competitor and force Bellerin to improve.

      4. Koscielny : Is not a consistent performer, not like what most people think. He has done a lot of mistakes, yet most people blamed Mertesacker for his mistakes. His defending style is aggressive, so I think he needs another calmer central defender with different defending style, as his partner. Mustafi is too similar to him. See Pique and Mascherano. Mascherano is Barcelona’s first attacker in the back and aggressively pressurizes the opponent’s attackers, while Pique stays behind him to capitalize from his pressures.

      5. Ozil : Is not suitable for a team that plays with slow tempo like Arsenal. He would perform well again in a team like Madrid, Bayern Muenchen or Leicester City. He’d better move to save his career.

      6. Iwobi : Besides Sanchez and Cazorla, I think he is the only player in Arsenal that is technically gifted, has exceptional ball control and passing ability. He can be a good playmaker in a better system.

      7. Sanchez : The praises have gotten into his head. He is a very talented player, I think only slightly below Messi’s level, but no player is bigger than his club. If he is truly a great player, he should be able to bring Arsenal to its glory, like what Maradona did for Napoli or what Sanchez did for Chile in Copa America. I hope he stays next season, so the attack can be built around him.

      8. Ramsey : He did great for Wales, so I think there must be something wrong with the instructions and guidance he has been receiving. He can be a good box-to-box midfielder or wing back in a better system.

      1. Ramterta says:

        are you sure coquelin is being played b2b?Just because he is becoming over ambitious doesnt mean he is playing there.He is just a headless chicken like many members of our team
        As for petr cech you claim that he plays badly because of the defense attack setup?
        If that is so then what would you say about de gea last season?Even hart at man city seems to have played better than how he is playing for arsenal.

        Hector bellerin lacks competition?
        Now how is that even a reason?
        do any of the chelsea back 4 have competition.Look at even bayern and barcelona we have more players than those teams but they are quality.It only depends on a player’s attitude
        Ozil not suited for a team with slow tempo?
        Then how come he plays welll for germany?Who prefer calmness style of play
        Alex iwobi is still a young player who given time can develop into a great player in
        midfield/foward positions

        You talk of sanchez being just below messi’s level?
        lol are you even serious?Sanchez only started playing this well when he joined us.
        I think his form is down more due to fatigue and being overworked.It takes so much from a player to play on the wings.

        Ramsey is just not serious

        1. gotanidea says:

          To each, his own.

          I wish Coquelin is assigned back into the defensive midfielder position and get a good partner, then we will see.

          De Gea didn’t play well last season because of Manchester United’s system, but he did what he could. Hart played well at Manchester City last season, because City played well, but finally City went down at the end because of the manager’s contract.

          Chelsea’s, Bayern’s and Barcelona’s fullbacks have high quality competitors. E.g. Jordi Alba has Lucas Digne, Aleix Vidal has Roberto, etc.

          I think Ozil will move next season. If he moves to Bayern or teams that play with faster tempo, let’s see how he performs.

          Pique is a calm central defender that is a good partner for Puyol, Umtiti and Mascherano.

          I agree that Alex Iwobi is a young player who can be a great player for Arsenal.

          Sanchez played well in Barcelona. He was the one who wanted to move because he knew he will only be Neymar’s backup. He brought Chile to beat Argentina in Copa America’s final game. That showed that he is a very talented player.

          Ramsey doesn’t look not serious, but let’s see what will happen if Arsenal changes the system.

  3. gotanidea says:

    You are right that we should respect Wenger. I became Arsenal fan because of him and his football strategy. I am thankful to him and still think him as a great person, but I also think he is not a hungry football manager anymore.

    We can also say:

    “When Claudio Ranieri arrived at King Power stadium two years ago, the Leicester City was a poor bottom-table Premiere League team, but the Tinkerman took Leicester City straight into the top position, brought them to win the Premiere League, and got sacked in the next season because the team went down to degradation area.”

    Compared to Wenger that has been keeping Arsenal in the top four position for 21 years, Ranieri gave Leicester City a Premiere League title in just two years, despite of the club’s little resources, yet still got fired after winning the major trophy in a very short time. It showed that the Leicester City executives have more balls and ambitions than the Arsenal executives. They knew it is impossible to replace most of their demotivated players, so they had to replace the manager instead.

    Thirteen years is a very long time for a fan like me to wait Arsenal gets its glory. I don’t need a major European title next season, but I want to see a beautiful and flowing football, not the predictable and stiff Arsenal we are having currently. I want to see a major change, no matter what the result would be, like what Manchester City is trying to do in these several seasons. After all, football is a game that should be entertaining to the fans.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Well said.

      We pay the most as fans for one of the worst products in the world!

      On what planet can this be ok!?

  4. Break-on-through says:

    Judging by what he came out with, I’d say the protests the banners and the airplane all failed. Sounds like he’s staying for sure, we all probably thought he might but I also felt there was a good chance of him calling it a day. I don’t blame him really because he does love the club and he does want to get the fans back on his side. The board, they have done a miserable job, not just in trying to get us back to winning ways but in everything, an owner called silent Stan like wtf, not just silent but also disconnected greedy absent and ambitionless.

  5. ArseOverTit says:

    City will beat us (they are the better team with better players (mostly) and have a better manager).

    Pressure will build, protests will continue.

    Wenger will make the right decision.

  6. Ks-Gunner says:

    You sir, are full of sh$#t.

    Wenger is a nobody without Arsenal. He needs the club more than we do need him.

    Our former players leaving the club was not a fluke. You guys are just dense and failed to see the signs.

  7. AndersS says:

    Nobody, not any manager nor any player, is bigger than the club!
    Wenger deserves respect for what he has done, but that doesn’t mean his interests should be put before the clubs interests. It is very difficult not to see, the best thing for the club would be if he steps down (or gets a position on the board or in the executive management). Unfortunately, he seems to be thinking more on his personal ambitions and his legacy than on what is best for the club.
    That does not deserve respect.

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    Shouldn’t respect go both ways? Wenger clearly doesn’t respect the fans, you only have to listen to his interviews if you’re in any doubt, so the fans shouldn’t have to respect him. If he stays, isn’t that the ultimate example of disrespect? He would have ignored the majority of the fans, and Arsenal’s best interests, just to satisfy his own ego.

    Of course I respect what he did in the past, but unlike a lot of people, I refuse to cherry pick. If you acknowledges the good times under, then you have to acknowledge the bad times as well. If Wenger were to leave this summer, he’ll have left the club in a worse state than what it was in on his arrival. He initially enhanced our reputation, but has sadly damaged so much over time, that we’re now a laughing stock!

    So when we talk of respect, and what Wenger has done at our club, you need to look at the whole picture, not just the good times.

    1. simonsays says:

      Really good post

  9. simonsays says:

    Ah the old Arsenal never won anything before Wenger arrived post, always my favourite. Yep that’s right when Wenger joined Arsenal hadn’t won the league six years before and a year before that one, Arsenal hadn’t won the league cup and fa cup three years before and Arsenal had definitely definitely not won a European trophy two years before, that’s right Sam and the other fantasists’ Arsenal were a mid table team since their creation. Honestly while I’m saddened to say le fraud will probably award himself another £9m+ contract the day he finally does leave is when maybe we can have our Arsenal back and you and the other Arsene fc supporters can leave us in peace, don’t worry we’ll just about live, will probably win the league, au revoir Arsene

  10. john0711 says:

    If i mess up at work tomorrow i will say to my boss, “ive done my best be greatful, and stop being so demanding the business down the road earned less last year”
    lets see how that goes hey !!

  11. ger burke says:

    as soon as le-profit respects , us, the fans, then i will respect him . until then though, i look upon him as a washed up old fool incapable of taking arsenal any further .in fact all he is doing is bringing us down further and further.

  12. frank says:

    Every Arsenal fan appreciates what he did at the club from when he arrived to his peak with the Invincibles but since then he has been mediocre at best. I will list a few of his failings, failings that he is too arrogant and stubborn to realise which is why he will never win another trophy other than the FA cup.

    1. His squad, no leaders.
    2. His tactics, outdated.
    3. His formation, predictable.
    4. Playing players out of position.
    5. Transfer market.
    6. Blaming referees for his mistakes.
    7. Unwillingness to change.

    He has to go. He isn’t going to take the club any further and I think that it is extremely disrespectful to the club and fans if he stays on and collects his obscene wage for another 2 years.

    Any other world class club would have sacked him by now, I just don’t understand how he gets to dictate when he leaves. Arsenal is a joke.

  13. Nebsy says:

    Mate, Wenger single-handedly lost us the title last season.
    His bad decisions in squad selection, tactics, formation and substitution timing lost us somewhere around 15 points.
    Now, until you address that pure 100% fact, you shouldn’t attack the fans that have actually done their math. He’s been past his sell-by date seasons ago, but the last season is the main evidence of his managerial shortcomings.
    I’d think twice about calling out names like “so called fans”.

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