Proven PL manager rejecting offers in hope of Arsenal job?

Roberto Mancini is claimed to have turned down a number of job offers, in hope of landing the Arsenal manager’s job in the near future.

The Italian recently parted ways with Inter Milan, who have moved to bring in Ronald De Boer in his place, and is being touted for jobs in various countries.

Mancini was in line for a switch to China, with a monster salary no doubt on offer from Super League side Hubei China Fortune, but he is claimed to have turned the move down.

The coach will now take a break from football, with the intention of returning to manage in England in the future, having enjoyed a spell with Manchester City previously.

Arsenal is believed to be in his forethought for a possible move back to the Premier League, and with Arsene Wenger in his final year of his contract, that job may well come available in the near future.

A section of the club’s fans have moved to turn on the Frenchman in recent seasons, with a protest having been attempted to be had during a home match toward the back end of last term, which was somewhat countered by cheers, and chants of ‘there’s only one Arsene Wenger’.

Fans are clearly divided on how the club should progress and move forward, but what is clear for the moment is that there will be a huge uproar from the Gunners faithful should the club fail to bring in a new striker in the current window.

Would you like to see Mancini take over from Wenger in the near future? Do you think the board would see him as a viable option considering their stance on spending?


  1. The title of this article is nonsense. “Mancini is waiting Arsenal’s manager job on purpose”. That’s not logic. He refused jobs offer because he didn’t feel proper about it, as simple as that.
    However, if AW resign this season (only heaven knows), Mancini is one of great options.

    1. Okay Uzi, let’s say he takes your advice.
      So who will run the club for the rest of the season?
      Has ANYONE ever resigned after the first game of the season because they lost one game with half their players missing?
      Grow Up.

  2. G-rude, he shouldn’t resign now as he has started the season. He should resign after the season. The board should go with him.. I m tired of the same scenario every year..

    1. Okay well he won’t have to resign his contract will end. So can we stop calling for him to resign after every game? He will DEFINITELY be here until the season ends.
      Deal with it

  3. Resign, sacked or retire it doesn’t matter, what does matter is that the right man comes in afterwards to keep the players we have onside to help put / keep the club in contention for the CL place and the PL. I do not see Mancini being that man with the players we already have at the club and i do not see the club affording Mancini the millions upon millions of currency needed to purchase the players he would want to bring in.
    I personally think the club will opt for somebody with a lot of experience who has managed high profile players with little or no trouble. I believe that man to be Carlo Anceolotti who i think would be a better option than Mancini in the short term, say 3-4 years maybe a couple more if he does well.
    In the long term there are some very good managers who have already made a name for themselves but are currently out of reach, i would go for Diego Simeone as someone who can build a new team / squad of players on a fairly low budget that would not be beyond Arsenal to afford and have players that will fight for their manager.

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