PSG becomes interested in yet another Arsenal player

While PSG is said to be monitoring the contract situation of William Saliba at Arsenal, there are also reports suggesting that the French club is interested in a move for Gabriel Magalhaes.

Gabriel’s performances have earned him recognition as one of the top defenders in the league, making him an attractive prospect for top clubs in Europe.

According to, PSG is targeting Gabriel as they seek to strengthen their defensive options in Paris.

PSG certainly possesses the financial resources to attract high-profile players, which could be a cause for concern for Arsenal.

However, the report suggests that Gabriel himself has no interest in leaving Arsenal. He is settled at the club and does not currently see himself departing from Mikel Arteta’s team.

Ultimately, the player’s desires and Arsenal’s stance on any potential transfer will play a significant role in determining whether PSG’s reported interest in Gabriel translates into concrete negotiations.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Gabriel is one of the most important players at the Emirates and we simply cannot lose him now, so the club must work to ensure PSG does not have their way.

We probably should offer him a new deal and secure his long-term future against any club that will want to steal him from us.

As long as he says he is happy in London, we probably do not have any reason to fear.

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  1. He already signed a new contract earlier this season, got married in London yesterday. He isn’t going anywhere

    1. Can’t make such definitive statements on Gabriel. Until (@Reggie) the “In The Know” guy on this matter has comfirmed otherwise.
      I have more trust in him on the Saliba and Gabriel matters.
      Lets wait and see.

  2. 2023/2024 season will be an interesting season for arsenal if arsenal don’t win any cup or don’t qualify for champions League then i think we will lose a lot of players.Arsenal will be a hunting ground for top teams and that will be a big blow with the kind of progress arsenal have made.

  3. Sell Salina to PSG for £80 million, then buy KIM Min-iae from Napoli, who is a world class defender. We can get him cheaper in a swap deal involving Balogun.

  4. What does comrade @Reggie have to say about this?

    He is the go to guy for any inside info regarding our CB’s and all the other players that are not happy working under authoritarian Arteta. Gabriel was nailed on to end up at Juventus last summer. Don’t know what is taking that deal so long to go through. Now PSG has joined, adding another twist to the whole saga.

        1. No sense of humour DK?
          I have cordial posts with Reggie- unlike with you – and it was only a bit of fun so you should really have let Reggie respond if he’s interested

          1. My response wasn’t to you it was for goonster .
            And that was not humorous whatsoever ,just a dig on something Reggie said last season ,which for some weird reason goonster keeps bringing up .

            1. No DK. Its called keyboard warriorr. And worse still that is more worrying, STALKING. The guy has a real personality problem. People like him spoil a good site. SHAME!!!!!!
              The scary thing is i am on his mind do much. I will be frightened to go for a walk.

            2. I thought Goonster was being humorous rather than anything else. It beats pouncing on something that you have perceived to be anti Reggie on my part- because I’m not. I don’t always agree with him but we both know that

              1. And Sue, what is anti Reggie. This is an opinion and banter site, not as some do a character assassination site. Especially when those people do not know you. I dont know you or anyone else personally on this site, so wh would i go at you personally. I like your and ant other normal persons opinion and banter. And do you know what, i dont care if i dont agree. I respect peopke opinion and input, if they have snippets of info. I like the interaction, nit the sniping.

  5. PSG! 😐 surely they can afford to hire lots of scouts. Who can be planted all over the world and bring new quality players into their ranks? Without poaching.

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