Forget the rumours: PSG expert doesn’t believe Saliba could be persuaded to join the French giants

William Saliba’s masterpiece on Friday, when France defeated Portugal in one of the Euro 2024 quarterfinals, has sparked widespread plaudits. Saliba has had an eye-opening performance in this summer’s European Championship. He transitioned from being a bench player for the French national team to becoming “undroppable.” He has shown the world why, not so long ago, he boldly declared himself to be among the top three defenders in the Premier League last season.

Given his outstanding performance last season in both the league and the Champions League, as well as his achievements with France this summer, he must have turned heads. Top European clubs must look at him and imagine this is a player we should sign; he would elevate our defence to new heights. As Real Madrid and PSG consider testing Arsenal’s determination to retain Saliba, journalist Robin Bairner, on PSG Talk, discussed the French defender’s future prospects.

Bairner contends that Saliba is a cog in Arteta’s project. Of the two teams he’s been closely associated with, he doesn’t see the Arsenal man joining PSG and believes Lenny Yoro will be the defender Real Madrid signs. According to the journalist, Saliba wants to stay at the Emirates, and Arsenal knows they need him as they compete for the Premier League title and, most likely, the Champions League.

“Saliba, from my understanding, is a player that Mikel Arteta sees as absolutely integral to the future of Arsenal,” said Bairner.

“He’s been linked with not just PSG but a couple of clubs. Real Madrid, I think, bizarrely were linked with him this morning, which doesn’t make sense given the [Leny] Yoro links. Yoro is a much more logical signing for Real Madrid and one that you would imagine they will make, given that he seems to have a strong preference to go there, but I can’t see Saliba going to Real Madrid or PSG this summer

“I can imagine as a player that both clubs would absolutely love to have, but Arsenal in the position that they’re in, surely don’t want to get rid of him. Saliba’s probably not particularly keen on leaving Arsenal at the moment because it’s a very exciting project, a very strong project and they really look like they’re going to be making a good push towards the Premier League title again next season.”

The 22-year-old is currently flying high. In North London, he has developed and risen to the top of Arsenal with patience and a strong love for the club. In the years to come, I hope the club repays him with many trophies.

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