Report – PSG maintaining a close eye on Arsenal man

PSG is eyeing a raid on Arsenal for William Saliba as he continues to prove he is one of the top defenders around Europe now.

The Frenchman has been on Arsenal’s books since 2019, but he only started playing for them this term and has been in superb form.

He is now nearing the end of his contract and several clubs want to add him to their squad if he does not extend his deal with the Gunners.

One of them is PSG, and the French champions have the strongest interest in his signature and might act on it sooner than we think.

A report on Media Foot reveals they have maintained contact with his entourage as they bid to convince him about a return to his home country.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saliba has been one of our top players the season, and the club has shown that he is an important part of their project, which should be enough to want him to stay.

He is getting the playing time and the recognition he wants but PSG is a serious competitor and will do what they need to do to persuade Saliba to return home to France.

However, we must be fast in sealing a new deal for him because he needs to sign a new contract to avoid losing him anytime soon.

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  1. Who, like me, wants PSG, to s.d off and never have anything to do with us ever again!!?
    I intensely dislike- I won’t misuse the word “hate” for mere football matters – ALL clubs who are owned by those with more money than God and who are sports washing owned clubs. Notable others are Man City and Newcastle.
    Of course being human and therefore fallible, I retain an INTENSE dislike for Chelsea too, even though that scumbag previous owner has been banished in favour of another “mere” corporate shyster”.
    The truthful, though hypocrite in me, admits wer I NOT a Gooner, I would also intensely dislike OUR owner , just as I do those of MAN UTD, SPUDS, LIVERPOOL as well as other lower level teams owned by corporate multi billionaires.

    As regular readers on JA will know ,I have long loathed the way huge greedy money is ruining all that surrounds the actual games, which are of course as thrilling as ever , or even more so.

    Love the games, almost all of them ; I loathe almost everything else though , esp where huge finance is involved.
    That includes ALL PREM clubs players wages , agents, FIFA, UEFA and the useless refs and the refs association we have to suffer. And I HAVE NOT EVEN MENTIONED VAR!!.

    Seems ironic after that giant but very sincerely meant moan, to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.

    1. Well said on the richer than god owners 👏 ruined football and start with Abramovic in 2004.

      American owners are trash, just look at their rigged system over there for their sports leagues. All money orientated.

      Agents too are like vultures circling around clubs and get in the players head to make trouble and money.

      Now we have Newcastle owned by a bloody country, endless pit of money!

      We keep doing things by our own means, alot like Liverpool who I respect as a club and its fanbase. Stan will invest some money but the club generates or has generated enough for the spending that has occurred. Same again with giving youth a Chance, Liverpool and Arsenal are very similar apart form their fans didn’t let them move from Anfield, we got forced into the Emirates which again was the start if our downward spiral through Europe & England.

      For the 1st time in a long time Arsenal look really strong and togher on & off the pitch from the fans, to the managent and the young players who are excellent all on board & are also worth alot of money now due to Arsenals Value of using talent from within and promote… as the saying goes, we don’t buy Stars, we create them.

      1. Sean I think your post a worthy one . I actually find it difficult to TRULY dislike Liverpool, as like you, I see a noticeable similarity to AFC in how it is run.

        I also have great compassion for those bereaved families who lost innocent loved ones at Hillsborough and who were so malignly attacked and betrayed by The Sun toilet roll rag and the prevailing legal system which is so constantly cruel and heartless to so many innocent folk everywhere!

        It is hard to dislike innocent people who have done nothing wrong and a great many of their alive relatives are also Liverpool fans. It is in fact mere club rivalry at the heart of my expressed dislike for Liverpool.

        But all the other clubs I listed, Spuds apart( who are simply local rivals, even though I always passionately wish them to lose) are clubs whose owners and way of operating I truly loathe. Even going back to the 1960’s I always loathed Chelsea at least twice as much as I did Spuds. I still do, even though I dislike Spuds a great deal too.

    2. Aren’t you misusing the word love in the same way as you accuse others of misusing hate? Just curious how you see it.
      There is a Google definition that immediately comes up which includes the example “live of football”, but as we discussed before, hate includes the definition “intense dislike”.

      1. DAVI, Yes I probably am!

        But I trust and hope you see – as I do- that misusing “LOVE” is not harmful but misusing HATE is very harmful!

        If you need to ask why that is- I assume you will not need to- then this message would be wasted . I hope and believe it is not!
        On your young persons Google point, I SHOULD POINT OUT THAT I AM 71 and I learned to read, spell and use words accurately long before Google was ever thought about.

        I do not need a USA ,money as their God, corporate entity to teach me my own English language. Google uses USA speak and does not spell many ENGLISH words correctly

        However, I do accept that language moves on and that new definitions, as you outline have come to replace and add to older traditional meanings.
        I am not going to begin using words in the very modern sense to satisfy the needs of younger fans,often brought up to be unable to write or even spell properly at all without the aid of Google or other technology.
        Esp considering how Google – a wicked company IMO – attempts to control many of our human race. Hope that explains my position !

        1. Yes, absolutely. And I agree with your point on Google, but i think it would be the same for most “Internet dictionary” definition – as you’ve said before, not all are necessarily authoritative or correct, however i do concur with their definitions in this case.

  2. @Arsenal have won games because Saliba was in the defence, it would be very difficult to replace Saliba if @Arsenal sell him, they haven’t gotten a better defender since Tony Adams, Saliba is always covering for Gabriel Magalhaes, that’s why they should hurry up and conclude the signing of Evan Ndika as soon as possible, so that it will be very difficult for @Arsenal to concede a goal.
    They should also hasten Danilo and Felix signings in midfield and Attack respectively, to be sure of winning the Premiership this season and be a force to be afraid of

  3. Saliba has been looking at getting out for a long time, wether it is PSG Real or whoever, he is hot property. I got a lot of slaver from the odd person when i told the fact that Saliba was not happy with his very poor treatment last year. If his mind was going to be changed, then it would have to be this season. We will see if it has. From what i know, i think we have a job on, keeping him but lets hope we can because we will lose big style if we cant.

    1. Oh and by the way, Arsenal have been looking at players to replace Saliba for a few months because they are not sure about him staying.

    2. Reggie I see no possible way that you can know what you write for certain.
      It is merely your view and as such it is valid. I do not endorse it myself and believe he will stay with us for a long time ahead.

      1. Its not MY view and you have no idea at all and have no basis to know how or how not, i know something. I have no compulsion at all to worry about what you of all people think.

          1. @Reggie
            We are still waiting for that Gabriel to Juventus revelation you assured us of in the summer. How he was not happy at Arsenal under Arteta and that Juventus were confident of getting him for even far less than than £30 million.
            He signed a new contract this season, so he definitely wasn’t unhappy with Arteta’s rigid personality.

            Isn’t it?

            1. But Juve were after Gabriel Goonster, because he didn’t end up going doesn’t mean it wasn’t an option for him. Plus from what i understand, they may come back in the summer.

        1. And I note you do not tell us all HOW you can possibly know something!

          Provide evidence IF you have any, OR else don’t claim a mere opinion as true knowledge. I say you have NOT any certain knowledge and only have your view or opinion, just as I have mine that disagrees with yours.

          Lots of people on JA over the years have claimed certain knowledge about many things Arsenal wise. But very few, if any, ever provide EVIDENCE to prove their claims. You have not either!!

          1. Fox, i have no need or desire to tell YOU anything. I dont desire people to believe me either, its their choice.

            1. Fox, for a so called self appointed intelligent person, you are very small minded and ignorant of peoples opinions.

              1. I do know the difference betweenwhat is only someones opinion and something they wrongly claim to be fact. THAT is intelligence in action sonny!

                  1. Plus fox, as clever as YOU think YOU are, you haven’t a clue about me, my life and my circumstances and you SONNY never will. So dont be so ignorant as to try and say YOU do.

                    1. My, my, that deep seated resentment you hold is truly destroying your all important peace of mind. I advise to let it go!

          2. I believe there are a few Ed’s over at arsenalrumours(dot)co(dot)uk who every now and then have some info regarding transfer business. Ed002 there has claimed Saliba was unhappy and wanted out.

            My thinking is, the lad is supposedly a gooner, he already has a song, we cheer him on when he makes a mistake, he is top of the league, he is part of maybe THE most exciting young team in world football, if hes a gooner he is already living the dream… he wants to sacrifice that for… more money to… play in France(?) Sounds a bit silly, but worse things have probably happened.

  4. I said at the start of the season Arsenal needed him to sign a new contract, if not then they had to sell him for top money. The situation reminds me of Anelka. I’m afraid he will move on, probably PSG. It’s football. Arsenal need to get every penny they can for him and move on quickly

    1. Roachie, there are players and i am not saying Saliba and Tielemans are those (but something is going on) that because of third party agents who clubs pay, including Arsenal, who TAP UP players. Those players and agents know also how to play the system and they probably know before the club that they play for, where or who they will be possibly be playing for in the future. Im afraid it is win some lose some.

  5. Firstly, a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all those associated with JA.

    I hope this rumour is wrong. The only way we can keep him is to win a trophy. Saliba will then feel a sense of belonging as an essential cog in the wheel. I think the Europa League or the FA cup is the most practical. Would prefer the Europa League as we have never won it.

    I, like Jon Fox do not feel that we are going to win the league as a combination of injuries and suspensions on a tight squad is going to take its toll. I hope we finish 3rd or 2nd. Of course dream of finishing 1st as a fan.

  6. Here is when @Reggie is in his element.
    Telling us of who is not happy with Arteta and Arsenal. And what players are unhappy and deserve to be released from authoritarian dictator Arteta’s chains.

    1. No read my post on this article again, not once has it said that and not once have i said that. I have been told something in the past, that was good info, why because you dont want to accept it, should i bow to you or fox. I don’t desire you or whoever to believe it but maybe the fact it was info and not opinion, it would be useful in a debate to know. Show me a post where i have called Arteta any of the things you have accused me of before slandering someone. I have an opinion but i have never called anyone at Arsenal including Arteta dictatorial or any thin of the like. Dont lie like fox, its not nice.

      1. I do note as well that i originally posted about Saliba and his thought at the start of this year. I rewrote about it when it was being mooted in the summer, that Arsenal were trying to tie him down. You and others kept saying it was rubbish, well hey he still hasn’t signed. I am an have never said he wont sign but i have said there are differences that needed to be sorted between Saliba and Arteta. NOT my opinion, it was something i was told. How is that calling Arteta or whoever dictatorial? Dont lie for effect!!!!

        1. @Reggie
          How old are you?
          You continually saying “I was told…..” comes across as very naive.

          How can you use such an argument?

          I was also told that we want to sign Thiery Henry this January as a stop gap for Jesus being injured. It’s in Fact information and not an opinion.

          Isn’t it?

      2. Lol
        What FACT did you state back then that some of us are unwilling to accept?
        You wrote a whole article about how Gabriel, Saliba and other players were not happy at Arsenal under Arteta.

        You went as far as claiming that you was privy to some Factual information regarding Gabriel being somewhat desperate to leave Arsenal for Juventus. And that Juventus were very confident of signing him at even a lower price blah blah.

        You seems to just picked up a rumour / personal opinion (Gabriel to Juventus) to suit your narrative about players not being happy under Arteta. It was exposed as a joke in that article you wrote, nearly every single comment was on it was everyone making fun of you..

        Again, can you state this FACT you keep insinuating?

        I’ll wait.

        1. And i should answer you Goonster with a sensible reply? I will pass on that because for you to understand, it would require a modicum of intellect and like i told fox, please ignore my posts if you dont think they are of any relevance or as you are so sure, untrue. Or i am a liar, as you intelligently insinuate, not knowing the slightest thing about me. I dont ask you to read my posts, you do it of your own free will. Plus do you ever read some of the bile you actually write. And YOU think that is INPUT?

          1. @Reggie
            So it’s okay for someone to just make up stuff and label it good information and not opinion. But when challenged to back that stuff up they start crying foul and act like the biggest victims the world has ever seen.

            You wrote a full article bragging about how you had some Factual information regarding Gabriel, Saliba and other key players at Arsenal not being happy playing under Arteta. All I did and I am doing doing right now is asking you to provide this In The Know factual information about the whole situation, but because you now realise that you were just making up stuff/ or just picking and choosing what transfer gossip stories suited your Arteta Narrative and put them forward as some sort of serious non opinionated info etc. You are now acting like a little harmless kitten because you are being challenged for putting rumour / gossip info as some sort of In The Know serious info you are playing “stop beating up
            on me, for my narrative”.

            Again, I am still waiting for this serious Insider info you were and still brag about regarding the likes of Gabriel not being happy and looking for a way out? And how Juventus were confident of getting him for much much lower than his market value.

            I’ll wait.

    2. “ Here is when @Reggie is in his element.
      Telling us of who is not happy with Arteta and Arsenal. And what players are unhappy and deserve to be released from authoritarian dictator Arteta’s chains.

      Did you not get ridiculed enough yesterday for this similar daft unfunny post ?

      It wasn’t funny the first time buddy ,maybe let it go and come back with something a little more crowd pleasing.

      PS nothing Ozil or Wenger,cause you have done those to death as well .
      New material Jethro 🤌

      I’ll wait .

      1. @Dan Kit
        Duh!!! 😀
        You are backing up my whole reasoning for such comments. Lol
        The lack of self awareness in some of you is funny.
        I Posted such comments for that exact reason. I wanted to show how ridiculous it was when it was first concocted back then and how it still is ridiculous today. The reaction to it by many people proved that whole point. I was ridiculed for making such a statement. It has never been my view but I just wanted to highlight it so that I can show how ridiculous any normal person would react to it. It served its objective. Isn’t it?

        Who said I was trying to be funny? I don’t know about your sense of humour but if you take sarcasm as some sort of a comedy skit that is meant to make people laugh then “Wow”. I thought sarcasm was just a way to ironically highlight a person’s lack of self awareness in their statements. But it seems some of your sense of humour interprets that sarcasm is some sort of Stand Up Comedy routine. I can’t help you here danny boy? 😊I’ll leave it at that.

        And Dan Kit, danny boy, danny boy, please it’s Christmas day and you bring up the name Ozil in my presence? 🤭
        I really don’t want to ruin the day for you and your other Ozilites. It’s like I am kid at Christmas, wake up, go to the living room and you left “One of my favourite toys under the xmas tree”. Please don’t get me excited, don’t goad me into bashing on your cult hero once again. You know how sensitive, emotional and triggered it gets all of you guys. Please danny boy, don’t make me gloat one more time by bringing up your cult heroes name. Or do you want me to resurrect some of the simping / cringeworthy comments you lots constantly treated us to throughout those years regarding “The Shirt Selling Genius”?. Please don’t. Don’t get me all excited about such matters, it’s Christmas day. 😇

          1. @Dan kit
            Can we also reminisce about them cringeworthy / ridiculous, simping catchphrases that you lot consistently treated us to regarding “The Shirt Selling Genius”?

            I will highlight them on here once again and let’s see how people will react to them. Will they ridicule them or not? like they seem to have done with @Reggie classic “Players are not happy playing under Arteta. Juventus are confident of snapping up Gabriel for 1/3 of actual market price. How Gabriel was desperate to push move through. Lol
            We are still waiting for the Gabriel to Juvetus on the cheap deal to go through. It was meant to be finalised last summer but it seems they couldn’t find a pen. Reggie has yet to update us on that Factual rumour / gossip of his.. “I heard some gossip, that means it not an opinion but INFO.”

            1. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, it is CHRISTMAS!
              You know…. Peace and Goodwill to all men?

              Can we stop these childish bickerings before I have to start deleting….
              Merry Christmas!

  7. Saliba is proving that none of his previous performances were flukes. He starred for Saint Ettienne, the he starred for Nice, then he starred for Marseilles, and now he is keeping Ben White, who played well for Arsenal last season and this, at fullback; and Tomiyasu on the bench.

    It is no shock that other teams developed an early interest. Arsenal bungled the public conversation around the young French star early on and created an opening that should never have existed. It might be that the plan for Saliba was in place all along; only Arsenal’s management knows the truth, but the public conversations with quotes like ‘he has to earn his place’ and so on, while never giving him so much as a first-team minute, were not helpful and created an impression that Arsenal were less than committed to the young center back.

    Then came the season at Marseilles and the young French player of the year and inclusion in Didier Deschamps’ national side. Suddenly Saliba was a hot property with a contract running down and Arsenal were on the defensive. The public conversation changed. Arsenal were saying publically that he was an Arsenal player and the club had guided his development all along. Again, it may be true or it may be that the Gunners did not respect the player or realize their peril until Saliba mentioned he was open to staying at Marseilless and other teams started paying attention.

    14 games into the season he has been impressive. He has not been perfect; he has made mistakes, but on balance, he is already one of the top ten center backs in the league; showing the size, pace, strength, and brains needed to enjoy a long, distinguished top flight career.

    The question is, will that career be in red and white, PSG blue, or some other strip.

    1. @paul
      I understand where you are coming from but I do think that many of you over think and overly sensationalise situations time after time.
      Going back to when Arteta made the first of his many bold decisions that always made people very nervous, uncomfortable etc. I paraphrase “But but Arteta had to sweet talk all these players, we can’t lose this and that big name player. Arteta should give into this and that players shenanigans etc””

      I really just feel like people are too into emotions when it comes to players. “But Arsenal should have been more nice and sweet towards this and that player in order to convince him to stay. The club should have not said anything even slightly critical of such and such player because that might hurt that players fragile feelings and ego / or in the future they might use it as a reason to not renew their contract etc”.

      How are players meant to build individual character if all we consistently do is simp, kiss their rings, tell them how they are amazing, overly worship / praise them. We all have to walk on eggshells around such individual players, watch our language/ criticism towards them as in 3 years that mighy come back to haunt us. Basically we have to constantly tell these certain players what they want to hear and not what they have to hear. We can’t objectively dare criticise. Right?

      Arteta told Saliba to go out on loan and prove he is ready for prime Arsenal, Saliba did not like that, it’s understandable but that’s how life goes, we have all been told certain things that we don’t want to hear at work by our employers, that’s how the system works. Saliba was told to gain more experience and show that he had matured then will be integrated into the first team. He went to Marseille and did all that and guess what? Saliba himself said he needed that loan and it worked out for him. He came back, got put straight into the starting 11. The fanbase have shown him so much adoration and love, his name is the loudest sang name by the our fans at the Emirates and Away. Home and away. The club has made it clear that they want him to extend his contract with a significant wage increase. The UK media has been worshipping him all season. Opposition fans and players have been praising him all season.
      Now what more does he want? Does he want The kroenkes, Edu, Arteta and all of us Arsenal fans to individually come to his quarters, get on our knees and beg him to please find some mercy in his heart and stay at Arsenal. Because him staying will be him doing Arsenal a favour. Right?

      I trust Josh / Edu / Arteta to deal with certain situations / individuals that might cause unnecessary distraction to where the club is trying to head. We seem to be in such an amazing fantasy position in the league right now, let’s not let anything distract us. If any player does not want to be at Arsenal I hope the club deals with him ruthlessly like they have done since Arteta became manager. I have alway said, if Saliba is still into his feelings and emotions about the whole loan thing then the club should cut their loses as quickly as possible, sign a replacement and lets continue to concentrate on players and matters that are in our own interest.

      It will not be the end of the world if Saliba leaves. That’s life. It will not be the first time in our history.
      We can’t keep feeling sorry for ourselves, we have much more important and bigger things to do right now as a club. Lets not start this player vs arteta / club nonsense.
      Saka and Martinelli have also not signed yet, is it because they are also looking back and trying to find any critical statements that Arteta or the club made about them back then. That would make them come across as some thin skinned / narcissistic / egotistical individuals. Won’t it?
      Martinelli was treated somewhat similar going back from 2020, people kept saying how the way Arteta treated him was going to come back to haunt us.

      Guys, get out of this mentality. Demand and objectively criticise any individual player or manager if warranted. We are not here to pamper these players anymore. You feel like you are too big a player / personality for Arsenal they please ask for a move away. I got tired of bum-licking narcissistic players. If a player feels like Arsenal FC does not deserve them then what can we do? Can’t force them to love our club, can we?

      For such type of player i will keep saying “Get rid and let’s continue moving forward as a club”.

      Don’t buy into this Doom and Gloom mentality.

      1. Pure joy to read Goonster! How I adore truth which cuts through untrue rumours. Even those rumours mispresented by certain Gooners as being “fact”.

        What you are highlighting, which is so much my personal life long philosophy as a Gooner, is how so many younger fans “worship” the individual at the expense of supporting the team and the club.

        I never make a lot of positive comments about our players and certainly do not “worship” them, UNTIL they have earned their corn in our shirt over a decent length period of years.

        That rules out, for me, such as Ozil, Auba and that silly child Guendouzi. Club first, individuals second , WHOEVER THEY BE .

        Even such such as HENRY, ADAMS, BERGKAMP, VIEIRA AND SUCH WORLD CLASS ILK had to earn their corn over an extended period before I lauded them as great. And even such personal heroes as David Dein and Wenger, in his first decade and a bit.


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