PSG plan MASSIVE offer to stop Cech to Arsenal transfer

After many Arsenal transfer rumours linking the Gunners with the Chelsea and Czech Republic keeper Petr Cech, Arsenal fans are hoping that we get some good news on the move this week, after Sky Sports reported that the 33-year old held the eagerly awaited meeting with officials from his current club yesterday.

And the news looks good for Arsenal fans, as Cech´s coach at Chelsea, Christophe Lollichon, claimed that Arsenal is the club that the keeper wants to join, due to our London location as well as our ambition and ability to achieve top honours, as reported by The Mirror.

However, the same report does also contain a reason for Arsenal fans to worry about the transfer, as the paper reveals that the French champions PSG are still hoping to beat us to the signature of the quality stopper. They apparently know of Cech´s preference but are set to test his resolve to stay in the Premier League with a wallet busting contract offer of around £150,000 a week for a full five year deal.

We do not know what sort of offer that Arsene Wenger has got for the Chelsea star but I doubt that it comes close to what PSG are prepared to pay. How do you see this one going Gooners?

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  1. PSG seem desperate if they’re throwing cash like that his way, but he’s been at Chelsea for a decade I really don’t see him making a judgement based on salary. It’s clear, he wants to disrupt his family life as little as possible and make the trip across town to an equally ambitious team.

    PSG? No not concerned with them, biggest hurdle is getting the OK from Maureen – that happens and we’ll sign Cech. 90% certain a deal will be achieved.

    1. If I were a betting man I would put 50 quids on the fact that Arsenal is going to sign Forster and that all this Cech saga is smoke screen. And it even makes sense: Forster is British, the most clean sheets last season, younger than Cech and since he just comes out of the injury his price should be way less than before.

      1. We want cech not froster, I must admit if PSG are to offer him a five year deal worth 150k a week he would be tempted to join them, its a 50/50 situation for us. Hope we can get him on board it would be the first massive step towards success. Damn PSG always lurking around, fkin hate them.

        1. I’ve got nothing to back this up – but PC just gives me the impression that ALL he wants is to play every week and stay in London for the best team that will have him.

      2. Is Forster better than Ospina? Don’t think so, Szcz won the golden glove season before last so that clean sheet number isn’t doing it for me. Forster would be a lateral transfer, whereas Cech is clearly a massive upgrade.

        If Arsenal don’t get Cech I’d put a grand on us not signing a GK. The only reason we’re dipping into the market for a GK is because a genuinely world class one wants to come here, lives in London and is Prem proven. There’s no smoke screen going on here, it’s been known for a while that he wants to stay in London and join us which is why Chelsea have made noises all along about ‘respecting the players wishes’ to deflect any flak for letting him go across the city, putting the spotlight on Cech saying it’s all his decision.

        1. Well,since none of us know exactly what Cech is thinking we’ll resort to speculations only. Two seasons ago this move could have happened very easy if Cech wanted to leave (or being taken out from the sticks by a younger, better keeper).
          Maureen is no fool. He knows that the fight at the top got ten times harder and anything he can do to hinder the main opponents then he will do just that.
          I am personally in favor of younger players to be honest. This does not means disrespect for Cech, is just the fact that he barely played last season so we judge here only from past seasons perspective. Is he still motivated after winning a truck load of silverware? Forster being British he will keep the quota to low levels and he is hungry for a trophy is going to really challenge that GK position. And the price as well. For me this deal does not look impossible. Cech on the other hand belongs to a club with which we are in direct competition at the top and maybe even UCL. If you were Maureen, would you sell Cech or try to convince him to stick around for another season?

          1. I rather have froster if were not going to sign anyone else, have to be honest but ospina is just not a top keeper, he’s alright and should be our number two. He has let in number of soft goals recently. The most recent the goal he conceded against Venezuela. If we can get Cech I say we go for him, he has the ambition to win more trophies and is a well proven keeper in bpl. Forster is young and still needs more years to be a top keeper.

            1. We need to make 3 signings and we cant risk if we want to win the league all 3 must be proven players and not young and promising talent. We need to challenge right now and not a year later that’s why we need a gk like cech not froster.

              1. @seancali
                If it comes down to us getting Forster, then so be it. He was part of one of the best defenses in the EPL last season(Soton) And like I stated before, is a big and commanding stopper, something Ospina is not…

          2. I think at this point it’s pretty obvious Cech wants to stay in London, he’s said he wants to stay in the Prem and not uproot his family.

            The homegrown quota doesn’t affect us we are the best of the top clubs in england at nurturing young talent so Forster would need to be a significant upgrade to warrant a move. As I stated he’s no better than Ospina so it’s a lateral transfer – the age thing too is off considering a GK is the 1 position you want experience.

            There’s absolutely no debate if it’s a choice of Cech or A another. Cech would be the dream GK transfer this summer.

      3. The same Forster who is out until January/February? I know Wenger bought Kallstrom but buying a player who’s out over half the season, well that’s just unheard of!

      4. I think the whole Cech thing is about more than just his goalkeeping prowess. He brings stature, reputation, winner’s mentality, statement of intent and leadership as well as an almost perfect GK mentor for whichever 2 of our 3 young goalkeepers remain. FF is a decent shout but brings none of the above.

    2. Just heard from bein sports news that we are on the verge of snapping cech with PSG expected to come up with an offer too. God plz bring cech to us, I don’t remember us having a solid keeper since Jens Lehman

  2. GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!
    We don’t want a has been 3rd class gk
    Get one of these
    1. Lloris
    2. Neuer
    3. De Gea
    4. Courtois
    5. Navas
    If we can’t get a top keeper than one of these second rate keepers will have to do
    1. Bravo
    2. Akinfeev
    3. Valdes
    4. Lopez
    5. Enema

    I’d rather have Hope Solo as our GK then Cech

        1. @Robertthegooner
          I’m heterosexual. So it was totally in character and true to form…

  3. I think the cech deal is all but sealed now, as for which one goes out looks likely to be chezzer on loan.Just hearing that podolski is on his way to turkey for 1.5mil would of thought we would at least get closer to 6mil for him any I wish him good luck

    1. Yes good news. Next sale Campbell and release Flamini, Sanogo and Arteta and fund moves for new quality DM and ST. Also heard Sunderland have agreed to sign Jenkinson on loan.

  4. Surprised jenkinson is going sunderland would of been better staying at west ham or even southampton to replace clynn as it looks like he might be off too liverfool

    1. Its still good. I thought we r gonna sell him. He played well at west ham. He has better pace than chambers. In the furure , bellerin n jenko will be fighting for the place.

      1. @rpk Wenger likes jenkinson hence the loan not a straight sale maybe he is thinking he has a ready made replacement for debuchy in a year or two

  5. Where is Leo with his transfer news round up’s.

    He usually shines during the transfer period and does a lot of reading from “reliable” and unreliable sources on our behalf. Serves us a whole lot of time searching for gossip.

    I’m just saying!!!

  6. looks like poldi should be on is way out to turkey very very surprised we only are getting £1.5 million that seems way short of what we should get for him.
    (at least £4-5 million in my book he can still score goals at a high level i think) but maybe we just need to get his wages of the books so someone else can come in instead. glad to see jenko has secure himself a hopefully starting place on loan next season, hopefully he will play a stormer next season and be ready to fight big bell for r/b season after.
    good to see we are trying to get the outgoings sorted ready to welcome the new arrivals hopefully we can get the cech deal over the line, before the weekends up.
    and have read that corzola have said he wants a striker in at arsenal next season hope your wish is wengers command. and we get a top striker maybe wenger can change martinez’s mind and bag him. not to sure who wenger will get for midfield, he might not get a proper d/m per say maybe lars bender could be on the cards the is a little rumor picking up about him atm. he would be a tidy bit of business for less than £20million.
    i am quietly excited to myself about getting reus because there are no links with him at all and we all know that’s the way wenger likes his business on the lowdown. i dont expect anybody else to agree with me, but he is my little guilty secret outside bet to come to us.

    1. Don’t forget also the salary : 5 mil/year off our check books. I think we should let him go, must say that I am a bit sad it didn’t worked as expected.

    2. Podolski is at least worth 5 mil, I think the dude still has lots to offer. Hope he joins Everton cuz I actually enjoy watching him play.

      1. He does not have anything else to offer. If we were honest we would realize that Berti Vogts was right when he warned us that Podolski is over hyped and lazzy. I guess we learned the hard way by paying 30 millions on his wage all these years. Let him go, even on a free. That will release 5 millions automatically from the wage budget.

        1. Drove me crazy when fans were blaming Wenger for benching him. We are going in a different and better direction now and players like Podolski serves us no purpose anymore. The sooner people realize this the sooner they can let it go. All I kept hearing was his left foot is lethal, he’s a nice guy, Prince Poldi this Prince Poldi that. Man the guy was a complete ghost on the field, always handicapped us and it was like player with 10 (better off just getting a red card and go sit back down) yet the attention was always on Players like Ozil, Wilshere and so on. The guy is garbage and so many managers whom he’s played under couldn’t be benching him for no reason. He can take his social media infatuation somewhere else because it does absolutely nothing for ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB… Sorry I know that’s a bit harsh but the truth will set you free.

        2. Lukas was just never given the chance under Wenger, he scored many goals in the little time he got to play. Im just saying he has more to offer in another team like everton .Turkish league is not that bad but I hope he stays in England. He still has the best left leg in the world.


  8. PSG are not the threat here.
    The main threat is Maureen. I’m sure he knows that allowing Cech to Arsenal is going to be a great addition to Arsenal. I see Maureen putting up stumbling blocks. I hope the deal happens though, and with conditions we can meet.

    1. Main threat is Wenger, we know he loves Schezza and would look like a fool if Ospina left.

  9. Feel bad for Poldi, for 1.5mil he could’ve scored several goals. Oh well, it is what it is.

    1. @rpk no need for bartra as he is not an upgrade on what we have already, if wenger does get a cb its more likely to be rugani from juventus.Also as reported on sky that a epl club has put in a bid for tevez and its not chelsea as they just got falcao I think it might be us

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