PSG reported to be interested in top Arsenal performer

Arsenal risks losing William Saliba as they struggle to get him on a new contract.

The defender has been on their books since 2019, but he is just beginning to play for them.

He spent the last few seasons out on loan to further his development.

At Olympique Marseille last season, he reached a new high with his performance on the pitch.

He returned to Arsenal this term, and he has been immense for Mikel Arteta’s side.

The club is now looking to tie him down to a new long-term contract, just like Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli.

However, a report in The Sun reveals he might be the hardest to achieve because he has top clubs chasing him.

The report says PSG needs new defenders, and they consider him one player who can make their team stronger.

Just Arsenal Opinion

PSG’s interest puts Saliba in a powerful position to negotiate his next contract.

The defender has proven that he deserves a new deal and we must be prepared to do our very best to give him an offer he will sign.

He is enjoying life in London, which might not be the case at PSG, so this might make him stay at Arsenal.

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  1. Well, if we lose him we have to find a new player. I doubt we are going to lose him, if we do it will be a good piece of business.

      1. Are we losing him? Do I believe we are losing him, not at all.

        No player is bigger than the club, if a player don’t want to sign a new contracts we should be ruthless and sell them!

        1. @Didrik that time has come and gone. Once a player has less that 2 years on their contract you can no long play hardball!

          We were not proactive, the past transfer window was the time to either sign or be sold. Now what we’ll get for him is dropping daily because he can chose to just run down his contract.

      2. You must understand, no matter how huge contract offered & terms by Arsenal to William, PSG might offer much better which within Arsenal controls. And it’s up to William to make a decision. So, if William accepted PSG offers, it can be consider a good business. Arsenal got no choice.

      3. We could ask for over £100m for him and PSG would most likely pay it too! I think that would be good business. If they expect him to go for anything less, I would definitely not let him go because he is already that good and still improving!!

  2. For years Arsenal have struggled to find a world top class defender… If we lose him, it could be big lost and to find replacement better than WS could take another years…

    1. Don’t believe in all the nonsense you are reading. We have young quality players and they will always be interesting to other clubs. At the moment I don’t see any reason for our key players to move on, they want to be crucial parts of our journey.

  3. He ain’t going nowhere this season, and if someone wants come sniffing, bidding starts at £100 million, thank you very much.

  4. 100 million response along with others.

    However – he can get a very good contract at Arsenal and be set for life and be involved in a proper team and intense football – not sure why you would go to PSG with little team spirit, bland games and as for the Champions League – we all know PSG go out when the pressure is on.

  5. It seems the Agents of Saliba, Martinelli and Saka are doing their jobs whispering to the press about other top clubs chasing their players.

    I said before that a week;y salary of $250,000 per month each should be sufficient to tie all three to new 4 or 5 year contracts.

    I was soundly reviled by many people on this rag.

    I would say that in 2 or 3 years that salary amount will be quite usual in the EPL.

    So, let’s see how persuasive Edu and Arteta can be, against the sweet siren songs from Chelsea, PSG and possibly Man City.

    Please remember everybody “Its all about the Money Stupid”

  6. Saliba would do well to note that much money alone does not gurrantee that he will succeed in the club. He could earn much and become a BIG FLOP and look a fool!

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