PSG return with improved offer – Why Arsenal MUST accept Alexis bid

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger claimed that Alexis Sanchez was staying for the upcoming season, but Paris Saint-Germain are currently trying to agree a fee for his signature.

The French giants made an embarrassing £35 Million offer last week, which was laughed at, but are getting closer to his probable asking price with their latest bid of £44 Million.

These amounts have to be taken seriously, especially when considering the likelihood that he could leave for nothing in 12 months time, and that money could be spent on further improvements to the squad.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Wenger had ruled out the potential sale/exit of one of his key players, shortly before they left the club however, and we know how he likes to play the game when it comes to his transfer business.

Thierry Henry and Samir Nasri were both stated to be staying with the club, before being sold in that same window, and it makes sense for us to backtrack and allow the Chilean to move on now.

As much as every Arsenal fan out there must be happy with the idea of keeping Alexis for one more season, we have to look at the bigger picture, and the reality is in 12 months, not only can he leave on a free transfer, but he could join a Premier League rival like Manchester City, Man United or Chelsea.

Paris offer is not only a chance for us to retrieve money for a contract rebel who looks destined to leave the club within 12 months, but would also allow us to send him abroad, where he could only come back to haunt us in the Champions League.

Do we really want to force him to stay one more season, and then have every club in Europe battle it out to sign him? Would we kick ourselves if he joined one of the Manchester clubs in 12 months time?

Pat J


  1. John says:

    I will not sell him …….unless we find a capable replacement………very difficult to find his intangibles in his replacement……….keeping him makes business sense………he will be cheaper playing at the same wage………and that also allows time to search for a replacement……..Arsenal made him a bigger star…….and we deserve to let him stay to complete the job…… the league title this season…….

    1. funkyrith says:

      Lucas Moura+30-35m would do the trick! Matuidi is not world class anymore, and age past his best days, a quality replacement and funds for spending on a Santi replacement

    2. ZA_Gunner says:

      Don’t get ahead of yourself in saying we are going to win the league least of all challenging it at this stage judging from our poor transfer activity. Even if Sanchez stays there’s no guarantee we will win the Premier League!

      1. CTZ says:

        Why did Pep sell sanchez to arsenal, that is what the media should be asking Pep and ask Sanchez how he felt when he was sold because he could not hold a place consistently.

        Now at arsenal your name is on the teamsheet first and you are hailed why leave for money which he now wants a pay cut something is not right.

        Sell him to PSG/Juventus/Galatasaray can he say he wont leave he doesnt want arsenal he is our asset and we sell.

  2. Sign someone Orsin Venker says:

    In exchange for matuidi and Lucas moura it feels like an excellent deal, we get a world class cm and very good left winger and also see Sanchez Not join direct rivals

    1. Vijay says:

      an excellent deal would be including draxler as a part of the deal, not matuidi or moura.

      1. funkyrith says:

        Next you will ask for Cavani! This is not Fifa Fantasy, Lucas is interested to move, not Draxler

        1. Vijay says:

          we are looking at a potential sanchez replacement, the closest thing to sanchez would be draxler, moura goes missing in a lot of games.

  3. gmv8 says:

    Skill is more valuable than money in the present footballing world. Once teams have the skill, they don’t let it go. 44m is laughable.

    1. funkyrith says:

      Dont let it go now and it WILL go next year, Lucas Moura is really good in a cash+player deal

  4. PATRICK says:

    Please we are tried of reading and hearing about Sanchez stories. Please kindly allow him to go if we cant afford him.ARSENAL is bigger than one SANCHEZ SHAAAA.

  5. muff d... says:

    moura plus cash id have all day
    test the waters with draxler

  6. kev says:

    OT: Arsenal have finally made a breakthrough with negotiations for Lemar.Monaco initially quoted a fee of £80 to ward off potential suitors.However,they’ve finally given in and are willing to sell him for £45 though some sources are reporting that it will be closer to £55.If he signs he’ll earn £90,000 a week.

    1. Coldzero says:

      Then we should bite their hands off! Alexi is going – let him go and try and get Matudi the other way, get Lemar and possibly Mahrez and we are set.

      1. kev says:

        Exactly my point.Why do you want the player to come and haunt us in the future?Selling him abroad is the best deal and we even have the chance to include any of Lucas/Matuidi in the deal who are both world class.I’d rather have Matuidi though.Lucas’ finishing is poor though he can destroy players very well.Trust me if we don’t win the EPL this season we’ll look stupid for allowing him to go for free.

        1. Ian wrights bruva says:

          Sell him abroad and don’t try and keep a player that does not want to be at the club and will to a epl rival at the earliest opportunity.

          The club some say on his movement currently, move him on over seas.

    2. Joey Mack says:

      Hope this is true…

    3. Godswill says:

      Get him quick.
      Am more interested in who wants to play for us than who is not Arsenal by heart.
      Get Mahrez also and Ox can go.
      Ox has been part of our problem and he is claiming to be some player after a good show in a couple of game.
      He can turn out to be one Theo.

    4. neil says:

      Says who ? Until on BBC, Sky sports or better still we should not believe it

  7. fovana says:

    hhhhhhh psg are not serious …. we can accept a bid of 50m + rabbiot

  8. Pancal Mubal says:

    If arsenal agrees, will sanchez accept? not necessarily. If Sanchez refuses, it will be a hard blow to Arsenal that there is proof Sanchez wants to rival the club. Arsenal have been hit by Lucas, not to make Arsenal KO with Sanchez. 44m is also too cheap, the player exchange (mantuidi – moura) is also not a solution for Arsenal.

  9. Andrew Ken Reyes says:

    PSG wants him at all cost . Send Julien Draxla over and we will send them Sanchez . Exchange is no robery . Mr. Wenger loves Draxla and they want Sanchez .

    1. neil says:

      fair shout

  10. kev says:

    There’s basically no sense in allowing a player leave for free.The disgraceful thing is he’s our best player and you’re letting him go for free.PSG have also given us the chance to include Lucas Moura/Blaise Matuidi in the deal.Why not take Matuidi and run.Then go all out to find his replacement before the season starts.I just don’t see sense in keeping him.Common sense tells us that he should be sold.You’re not granted the title with or without him and just so you know,teams have won the EPL with wingers who are not better than Sanchez.Arsene should be smart before it’s too late.I said weeks ago that if he knows in his heart that he’s going to sell he had better do it quickly before teams start placing mammoth prices on their players as they’ll know that desperation of suitors grows towards the end of the window.

  11. Bigperf says:

    Lol rubbish, it’s not your money. Keeping Alexis is good business even if H leaves for free, arsenal don’t need the money and getting back to cl is more important than chump change

    1. kev says:

      Well it’s good business to you.If you think it’s rubbish selling your best player with a year on his contract abroad then it’s your opinion.If you also think we can’t get back to CL without Sanchez then it means you don’t know what you’re talking about.We might as well allow all top players to leave for free because we don’t need the money.

      1. Bigperf says:

        Don’t be daft now, we are talking about all our top here are we? Sanchez will be 29 going to 30 and alot can change in a year so I’m saying we have a better chance of competing for the league with Sanchez than trying to replace him. Let’s face there’s isn’t that many world class players out there that aren’t already at the biggest clubs

        1. Bigperf says:


    2. Jonm says:

      It may not be our money but we know that Arsenal is run as a business. If sanchez leaves for free at the end of next season that is (say) £50m less we will have to spend on players.

      The much quoted cash reserves of £200m is much misunderstood. Expenditure on wages etc is fairly constant throughout the year wheras a lot of income comes in blocks, like season ticket money and sponsorship. Much of the cash reserves are needed for expenditure like paying wages throuhout the year. I think the cash reseves are measured in May.

      It may not be our money but if we do not sell it will be one less top class arsenal player next season.

      1. Admin says:

        But just think how much we will save in wages by not giving Alexis a rise….

        1. Bigperf says:

          Mediocre mentality at best

    3. Mobella says:

      How do you contribute to arsenal fc in a season. Let us assume you contribute 1000 pound. It will take you 44 years to pay for Sanchez if will allow him to go for free next season when arsenal can sell him for 44m this year. Why do some fans think we can qualify for cl next season when we can’t get there with him this season after scoring 24 goals. I’m not saying we can because that is in future and I’m not Nostradamus i can’t see future. what i know is Alexis doesn’t want to be with arsenal and had employed every tactics last season to make sure of that.

      1. Jonm says:

        At £1000 pounds per year it will take you forty four thousand years (44 000) to pay for sanchez, not forty four years.

    4. Igho007 says:

      Wat makes u think we can’t d top 4 without as7.. Com on mate…. We make d top 4 without d likes of Viera Henri n van persie, as7 staying or leaving wld change that

  12. Joey Mack says:

    But does Sanchez even want to go to PSG?

    Don’t sell, but if Wenger decides to, he should consider swapping Alexis for Draxler plus cash, or take the money and get Marco Asensio or Lemar as fast as he can.

    1. lord wafflebury says:

      No he wants to go to citeh and pep….reported that wants 500k per week ffs just to frighten off psg in case wenger is bluffing…prepared to take a pay cut, presumably from what he is on at arsenal, so must be desperate to warm city bench lol.

      1. MxwellSmart86 says:

        Has anyone heard Alexis actually say “I want 300K, 400K or whatever”…For me it’s just another chaff deployed by the club…keep the real situation a mystery so Wenger can lure great players to our team. Once they sign for us he can say “I didnt want to sell, but the board handles business affairs and they decided to sell him”

        Playing mystery man also forces other clubs to look for alternatives, time only plays to Wengers advantage. My fear is that this may backfire, selling him to PSG would ensure us to keep him away from EPL and get fresh cash to fight for his replacement now that there’s still time.

  13. Raoh says:

    Would not sell either unless they go out there and get not 1 but at least 2 soon to be or already world class players to replace him.
    Of course selling him makes sense business wise but not on a competitive level. I mean me personnally one of the only I could be satisfied with would be Ousmane Dembelé but the reality is that it’ll take more than one player with outrageous talent. Issue: in today’s market the fee is outrageous as well.
    Also if Arsenal believe and if Sanchez behind close doors is giving any indication that if the club performs well:
    1) Proper addition this summer as well as substractions
    2) Contends for EPL and maybe win it, go all the way to Europa Final
    3) Winning major individual and team awards.
    4) De Facto gets back into UCL contention
    Anyway I am getting tired of speculation let’s hope that when all is said and done…and we start the season in 20 days or so we had a great transfer window full of good news

    1. Bigperf says:

      Someone with a brain ??

  14. carmelo pace says:

    can some one please tell me if the club belongs to mr.wenger? who the fuck he is to say that sanchez is going to stay put? its like your wife been two timing you ,and still you want her back,thats madness for me,he’s been saying that getting to the champiopns league next season already make up the stipulated 55 million that sanchez is worth,good reasoning,but are you that sure that with a player that his heart is not in it we are going to qualify? and what if we dont qualify its 55 million ( his transfer worth ) down the drain and he will go free and dictate his worth to his heart delight,come on mr wenger softon your approach and let him go for 60 million,my reasoning is better a bird in your hand than one in the skies ,if you know what i mean

  15. Viera Lyn says:

    I’m going to repeat what I said earlier…this team actively pursued a policy to undermine the relationship between the fans and the best player on this team…for all intent and purposes this is a traitorous act…so instead of spending money, which all pundits and fans agreed was necessary in order to compete at the highest levels, this club was wasting time and money trying to turn fans against Sanchez long before the end of the season(the real concerted effort started around the time that Wenger benched him for the start of the Liverpool game)…for a team that pertains to be different, like a FAMILY, and constantly questions the tactics of it’s opponents, to engage in such a treasonous act is deplorable

    the fact that Wenger plays a major role in this dog-and-pony show is grounds for termination…no one would blame the soulless Kroenke & Co. from engaging in such a devious plan but for Wenger to play a vital part in the deception is far more problematic…the fact is they lied to Sanchez, just as they have lied to us for many years, about their true intentions moving forward, and Wenger is just too fragile to have such a strong dissenting voice exist inside his locker room…the web of lies concocted by Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger has become so convoluted that it’s deeply impacted the way the team is managed, the transfer policy, or lack thereof, and the way players are treated, both past and present…trust me this isn’t a small club that can’t compete with the big boys, this is a club that uses that facade for their own devices…that old school perception died on the day they gave power to Kroenke and decided to tear down the Highbury…the charade will be over soon, let’s just hope that when it does new ownership will come in that truly respects the greatness of this club and it’s fans

    1. MxwellSmart86 says:

      Thank you so much for finally bringing up this overlooked aspect….who played mystery for months about his new contract?…It was Wenger…how could a player trust a manager that hides his intentions for so long.

      Wenger promised Alexis a competitive team when he signed and year after year the transfer window brought less than expected signing. Alexis got tired of all the lies from wenger and the board, the could have offered him anew deal two years ago, knowing how good he was, but they were cheap and said…he has a contract to honor.

      Isn’t it perfectly natural to want a wage raise if we think that we deserve more for our work, it’s what any of us would do on our everyday jobs….why demonize Alexis and his demands. He told the clubs months ago that he wanted a raise…the press only serves their own interest…and they keep giving him bad press on how Alexis spends romantic helicopter trips back in Chile…while the truth is that he flew to a part of the country where hundreds of families lost everything in the biggest forest fires in the last 50 years..

  16. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Selling abroad for a decent price is best option. I’d prefer at least £50 million

    However, we need to get a top player to replace him (better than Mahrez and Lemar) ie. Gotze, Draxler, Reus, Maoura, Shaarway, Mertens, di Maria

    Also, we should try to get a top psg player as part of the deal ie. Aurier, Draxler, Matuidi, Veratti, de Maria, Thiago, Maoura

    1. Skills1000 says:

      And there are top players we can get from PSG. Swap him for Veratti and Draxler.

  17. amb98 says:

    It seems like PSG want Sanchez and Neymar which would mean no place for Draxler. Maybe negotiate for £10m and Draxler for Sanchez or something along those lines. Then hopefully sign Lemar (seems like he may play CM)/Goretzka/Danilo Pereira and a centre back like Manolas/Tah.

  18. yahya says:

    they should include Lucas/Draxler in the deal!!!

  19. TH14atl says:

    Losing Sanchez is a big problem. But is it THE problem?

    I for one do not fee that we will win anything with a central midfield pairing of Xhaka and Ramsey. Not technical enough, not disciplined enough, not athletic enough, not consistent enough to achieve top 4 let alone a meaningful trophy. That must be addressed in this window or we will be left behind in a hurry.

    1. Adam Criniti says:

      Has Wenger ever benched Ramsey when healthy or even on terrible form?

      Arsenal would be vastly improved in the center of the pitch if Xhaka was paired with a Carvalho or Matic type DM, rather than the headless, offensive chicken that is the Welshman. Granit strength is facilitating offensive moves with probing balls upfield and behind the defense. Allowing him more freedom to concentrate on those strengths and deploying Carvalho or Matic to be the defensive anchor would imho transform the middle of the pitch from a current liability to a team strength. Removing Ramsey from the equation also provides the opportunity for Ozil, Sanchez and possibly Lemar to drop deeper to collect the ball and initiate offensive moves going forward.

      This isn’t a piss on AR reply, I just personally feel Arsenal is a better team going forward without #8 in the starting 11.

      1. TH14atl says:

        This leads me to believe that Arsene doesn’t know what’ position is best for Xhaka then. I say this because every time Xhaka and coquelin (a DM that excels when sitting deep and tackling and reading passing lanes) are paired together it seems like he asks coquelin to get further up the field than Xhaka. That to me is a problem. At this point I feel Arsene views Xhaka as a left footed arteta that he intends to play as a 6 – as he did arteta – and that got us nowhere.
        For me, Xhaka should be second-choice 6, Rambo should be off the team, and a cazorla replacement should a top priority.

  20. Mr pat says:

    Everybody is concentrating on attacking players, bear in mind the best teams allways have solid defence which to be honest we ain’t got if you are solid at the back you are less likely to loose games

  21. Arsenal_Girl says:

    If we lose Alexis, Lemar won’t be enough. We will need a like for like replacement in addition to Lemar

    I’m worried that if Alexis leaves, Wenger will just get Lemar and nobody else (maybe Mahrez). Lemar is an improvement to what we already have. Losing Alexis will put us back without a replacement

    Alexis is world class and very hard worker. It will be a huge loss without a proper replacement

  22. achaks19 says:

    We need a skillful and flexible midfielder with passing qualities like carzola… Playing mechanical players like Ramsey xhaka elnani and qokwalin will be a gamble.

  23. ade says:

    All of u who ask Wenger to sell Alexis will need to sign an undertaking, that you won’t blame Wenger for d action later. We really need him n other new signing to get back to UCL, if that’s d only what he ll achieve for us so be it.

  24. J GOON says:

    hope this is true, take the money and run. If we can wangle draxler then all the better.
    Sanchez is done at arsenal. People need to see that. It’s a shame but hes not bigger than the club.
    draxler / dembele would be a good place to start.

    need to clear out the following:
    theo – take whatever west ham are offering not good enough
    jack – as above to any club
    santi – mr injury, shame great player
    ox – not signing a new contract anytime soon, get some money back.
    ramsey – not good enough, wont get into any world class team.

    theres plenty more but if we took some of those out it would free up money to do things.
    Unfortunately cant see any of them going anytime soon as it would mean Wenger accepting his “project” has failed.

    why we ever got rid of gnabry i dont know, never got a decent spell of games and is now looking decent!

    our squad looks pitiful compared to our “rivals”. We wont be getting much closer than 4th if we are lucky.

  25. Jack reacher says:

    If this us all media why doesn’t Sanchez come out and say don’t believe wat u all read something is going on u no we won more than Man City last season plus was at emirates to watch da 2-2 draw we were all up in da air wenger out and fans fiteing and they still couldn’t beat us are Man City really bigger step than arsenal I’m not sure pep has bad season again he be sacked wat Sanchez do den get more dogs, if he wants out let em go and go get fries mertens

  26. Gooner100 says:

    If all the “I want to play in the champs league is true” and ‘I’ve made my decision’ crap which seems likely given the interviews for all to see, then I’d sell him. He’s not committed. He wants to play for guardiola so ship him off abroad somewhere. That’s 45m to spend elsewhere and quite frankly if we had Lemar and Mahrez with Lacazette down the middle we’d be far better off than we were last season. Much as I love Sanchez and recognise his immense contribution, he’s really pissed me off with his efforts to exit and I don’t see any way back, both in terms of how the players might feel and the bs about not extending his contract and letting it run down. I think he suckered Ozil into playing the same waiting game except Ozil now sees that Sanchez was seeking to get out, not negotiate a new deal, hence Ozil is now negotiating. Sanchez is simply his own man, wants it his way and is ultimately bothered about fa else.

    1. Grounhogday says:

      We’ve seen this before, once a player has had their head turned away from us. But we def don’t want to see him playing in the premiership in anyone else’s shirt. I originally felt we should demand £70m for him but now I’d be happy for him to go abroad for £2.50 just to stop Pep or Conte getting their own way

  27. Hass says:

    Sweet 44mil!!!! How much do I get??? Nothing???
    Hmmmm …. so all I get as a fan is to watch a weaker arsenal team while the owners get richer…. DEAL!!!

  28. Trent says:

    20million plus Verratti,i’d take that deal!

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