PSG set do Arsenal HUGE favour with Rabiot loan deal?

This really would be a huge boost for Arsenal and our Premier League title hopes, and it would lift a massive weight off the shoulders of Arsene Wenger as the Frenchman ponders a way for the Gunners to cope without our brilliant defensive midfielder Francis Coquelin.

The 24-year old Gunners is not due back for about three months and so many people expected Wenger to have no choice but to use the January transfer window to sign a replacement for Coquelin. But Arsenal fans are all too aware that the prof does not always do what people think he should, especially when it comes to spending money on transfers and even more especially half way through a season.

But surely the ideal solution of having a quality player available on loan was never going to happen was it? Amazingly enough, it just might as The Mirror is reporting that the PSG and France international Adrien Rabiot, who has been strongly linked with a move to Arsenal in the past, has actually asked his club for a loan move in January to get more playing time. Even better is that he fully expects the French champions to agree.

Rabiot said, “I’ve asked the president for a loan move in January if my time on the field is insufficient. It’s something that he can’t refuse me – I know he likes me very much.

“When you train all week, you want to be on the field. Sometimes it’s not possible and it’s frustrating.

“Paris is my city. It’s great to play here. If I could impose myself here, it would be brilliant. I would be ready to play my whole career at PSG if I was a starter. I would see things differently, that’s for sure.”

The Arsenal boss must be pinching himself and I bet he has already been on the phone to PSG. They have a wealth of options in central midfield but they also see Rabiot as a star of the future and want tom keep him happy. He wants to play, we need a player, PSG keep him sweet and see him gain valuable experience.

How much more perfect could this Arsenal transfer rumour be?

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  1. sonix says:

    hmm…sweet talk..but guess what?…Arsene will not bring in players in the media market…he rather prefers surprises…#karlstrom

    1. muffdiver says:

      its kallstrom not karlstrom

      how DARE YOU diss the ‘kim’bo slice of loan deals.
      kim ‘the banana skin’ kallstrom

  2. Jim A says:

    Only make a loan move with the option to have that player stay with Arsenal if the player proves himself and WE decide if he can benefit our club.

  3. arsenalkid1970 says:

    Why get a player on loan? Not good enough for psg but for us yes? Just go and spend some money man other clubs do. Tel the yank to take a certain man on the board?

  4. Skandalouz says:

    Rabiot did very well for PSG against Real Madrid. Looks like an incredibly raw player I don’t know if he will do much for us.

  5. Zulu-boy-SA says:

    But can he do it on a cold night at Stoke?

  6. muffdiver says:

    isco would make sense as santi’s heir.
    but the again..

    who wouldnt want isco lol

    i expect nothing from this transfer window besides an actual window for arsenal fans to look through in the mornings wondering why we never really go for it. always the brides maids

  7. Arsenal Fan says:

    Arsenal Win this weekends challenges put forward to Top teams.

    Most could be forgiven for thinking the stats and goals meant Arsenal were back to their flowing selfs but in truth, it was a tuff test against a good Sunderland team under Big Sam. We did well to see Ramsay Ox and Walcott on the pitch again. It is not just their freshness but there quality we lacked. One bigger plus is that Ramsay in the middle with his engine and class could off the much missed need having cazrola and Flamini together.

    Man City lost, and lost with major players still out. For all their wealth and purchases like Sterling and De Bruyne, it is Auego and Kompany they will always miss the most until the others settle.

    Utd, I don’t know what to say other than its mad how they are up their yet are struggling to score. No quality natural winger is their problem.

    Liverpool proved they are up and down still, yet their new man Klopp could be what threatens Spurs (let’s see how they perform with that pressure).

    Chelsea, I have run out of things to say so I will move on…

    And so to injuries. We focus on Arsenal and rightly so as we support them, but accessing generally the league, it’s not just the ‘mistakes’ we made with signings/no signings as City and Utd struggle to deal with their injuries too. With the top 6 only having Leicester not in Europe could be why they can avoid injuries and put in a run.

    That leads me to This week comings round of Champions League games, my feelings will be mixed. I never want Arsenal to loss, but might be what they need. I would rather they go through and get knocked out. If their is to be an extra game in Europe, I rather it be Champions Legaue than Europa Cup!!

  8. baraka says:

    Wenger should have gone for Arda Turan loan move at the start of the season. Barca won’t need him till January. He would have brought some stew on that midfield and enough cover. But that’s just a wish.

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