PSG star already decided on January transfer to Arsenal?

Arsenal fans may finally get to see the Germany international star Julian Draxler playing for the Gunners, after being the subject of more Arsenal transfer rumours over the last few years than just about any other player, and it could happen before the end of the current season.

That may depend on whether the reports suggesting that the big spending French club are really intending to make a transfer swoop for our Chile international striker Alexis Sanchez when the January transfer window opens. If they do and Arsene Wenger decides to get sme money for the striker and keep him away from our Premier League rivals Man City, the chances are that Draxler will leave.

The German is already struggling for regular game time under Unai Emery, with just four starts from a possible 14 for PSG so far this season. There will be other clubs looking to sign the talented young attacker, but the fact that he recently posted a picture of his good friend Sead Kolasinac’s Arsenal shirt on social media certainly makes you think.

Draxler has also spoken about his wish to play club football with Mesut Ozil as well as internationals, so if the stories of Ozil being ready to sign a new deal and stay in north Lomndon are correct, there is a great chance of us being the next destination for Draxler.



  1. Remember Resource? says:

    No player in their right mind will join arsenal. There i absolutely no point. Structurally the club has issues. The manager is useless, chamberlain is young and left citing that he wanted to progress as a player. That says a lot. Wenger has lost the plot a long time ago. He struggles to find bargains in the market, while everyone else does. Spurs sign a number of players inspite of funding a stadium move. We passed on higuain for 31m because we offered 27. We didn’t lacazette because we didn’t match lyons 27m valuation a couple of seasons ago (or last season) and we end up paying 50m for him now. Where was wenger when rodgers signed coutinho for 8m? where was wenger when tottenham signed eriksen for 11m. Where was wenger when liverpool signed mane? During all these times we go and sign welbeck, elneny etc: Tactically its very easy to outdo wenger. Its been proven time and again by smart managers.Watford did so easily. So theres no point. It is better to just accept the fact that arsenal are entering a liverpool phase of 3 years ago, the dalglish and past era. We will be stuck there for years together. Everton have money and ambition they will overtake arsenal in a few years time. Spurs are on track to become serious competitors in europe. In all honesty where everton are today is where arsenal will be in the near future.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Higuain is a big flop at Juventus now…

      We do not know if the board is releasing the funds….

      Technically do not do the final negotiations, paper work and the financing and budgeting
      its the club’s banker and lawyer does the payment and negotiating….

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    Ozil must go!!

    Ozil is playing as if we are owing him a couple of millions

    sulking and refuse to move an inch unless we pay up….

    a statue that doesnt move

    1. arie82 says:

      Then tell wenger to use ozil in the right way
      No 10 playmaker behind stiker, not winger
      Ozil is lazy as ass since play in germany, madrid and national team, everybody in the world already know that. and no one complaint!
      But in here, arsenal suddenly critism ozil for that, specialy for his defending.
      A season before we have ozil as assist king, but dont have clinical striker, now we have laca, but ozil rule is change from assist king to defender winger

  3. Dave says:

    Who cares if he signs, (which he won’t want to)
    We’re sh*t…. just don’t give a toss anymore!!

  4. arsenal4life says:

    Draxler another local young academy
    product Arsenal is nurturing.
    “We don’t buy superstars we make them”

  5. Sue says:

    Don’t bother mate, stay where you are

  6. Gelz says:

    Just because he posts picture of an Arsenal shirt doesn’t mean he wants to sign for us, I put that rumour down as being pulled straight out of a garbage bin and just another piece of trash talk

  7. Imran says:

    Guys, please stop talking against our own team which we love very much. I think it would be better if we still stay together. Our team is very good but again its the same thing haunting us that is ‘INJURIES”. Always INJURIES has cost us. I think its very difficult to explain what was wrong in Watford. I think we seriously require Santi type player or Santi itself. We dont have proper Midfielder who can dictate the game. I dont expect Lacazette to score in each game but still other players who plays as wingers must take responsibility. Iwobi, Welback, Ozil and walcott. All these players must score. How on this earth Man City is playing like us and scoring tremendous goals. They have completely changed under Pep. I think once wenger goes I wish we can get a strict and disciplined manager who can change mentality of the players.

    I wish to see Jardim or Ancelotti replacing our fine old man… Wishing him good luck this season seriously. Expecting he will move this season itself if we lose away games to smaller teams.

    1. bran99 says:

      Injuries hasn’t cost us, just the manager. Injuries happen every season and it’s always almost same players, but our “fine old man” keeps the same crop of players and buys average more to help the dead ones, what do you think will happen there? Instead of buying strong and talented ones to take over from the everage ones, it’s like we going backwards every single season.

      You expect him to leave at the end of the season? You think the word renewal has been evicted from the dictionary? As long as there is salary at Arsenal, Wenger will keep renewing contracts until his health can’t support him no more

  8. arsenal4life says:

    Draxler has been coming
    to Arsenal since 2013 🙂
    More likely Draxler will
    go to Bayern Munchen
    as they have many old players
    like Robin, Ribery + Meuller to replace.

  9. Chagas Fernandes says:

    Arsenal players must be sent to a psychiatrist to infuse winning mentality in them. Except for the last twenty minutes of the first half, we were awful in attack and defence. Take Bellerin – did he make even one run on the wing? The answer is “no”. Whenever, he got the ball, he cut in and was tackled by the Watford midfielders. Why does he wait to tackle an opposing player inside the penalty area instead of tackling the player outside the penalty area. And Ozil, oh my god, he could not score when only the goalkeeper to beat! And, he wants 380,000 pounds per week when he is worth only 380 pounds.
    And lastly, the Manager – Arsene Wenger? why should he blame the Referee for the penalty? He should blame himself for not buying players and strengthening the defence?

  10. wilshegz says:

    this is what Wenger should do….
    continue benching Ozil till he starts fighting for the team n willing to support defensively when needed…
    get Alexis back into d starting XI.
    sign Draxler n van Dijk in January….. n a RWB

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