PSG star snubs Arsenal as striker hunt continues

Gunners shunned by Cavani!

A few days ago it was reported that Arsenal were in the hunt for PSG frontman Edison Cavani, with the Uruguayan supposedly unhappy with his role at PSG.

Arsenal have been on the lookout for a new striker so far this summer, but have yet to yield in any results. A transfer of Jamie Vardy was on the cards, and could potentially still be pulled off. However with it all gone quiet on the Leicester striker, Our club seemingly could’ve turned their attention elsewhere. 

Cavani, who like Vardy is 29 years old, has generated mixed reviews. With this in mind, many people therefore won’t be too disappointed to understand that apparently Cavani would reject interest from the Gunners, as the Uruguayan is set to sign a new contract with the current French Ligue 1 champions.

The rumoured contract comes as a bit of a surprise considering Cavani was supposedly unhappy always being second fiddle to Ibrahimovic up front, but now with the Swede out of the Parc de Princes, perhaps Cavani has decided to stay with PSG after all.

Cavani’s rumoured deal is £6.25 Million per annum plus £1.25 Million in bonuses, according to Sky Italia. With his main wage working out at £120,000 per week, it is nothing above and beyond for Arsenal’s current wage structure, but I just don’t think Wenger would invest that kind of money into a player who spends a lot of the time injured, is approaching 30 years old and has played in a domestically weak league for a number of years now.

Cavani has the touch of Falcao in him, meaning that although he was fantastic a few years back, injures and age has seen his career downgrade a level and although the striker would offer Arsenal something different, it’s just not the deal Arsenal want to make.


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  1. Cavani needs to play in the centre. With Ibra leaving, he will finally get this chance. So I don’t think he would want to move else where, unless if PSG tries to sign Lewadownski.

  2. Not a chance he’s leaving PSG now with Ibra gone… and frankly, I’m not too disappointed about it. The guy has been a shadow of himself ever since leaving Napoli. I’m not a big fan of Vardy, but I’d actually take him over Cavani any day of the week.

  3. I personally doubt that we could get a more established player than Cavani in this market. I wouldn’t liken him to a Falcao. Falcao suffered one of those horrible injuries and went to utd at the wrong time. Look at D Maria, Schneiderlin, utd seemed to lay waste to many top players, RVP too. Cavanis numbers came down because he got played out of position. Anyone who doubts that he wouldn’t have gotten better numbers playing through the middle is lying to themselves.

    As long as the guy who does come in can guarantee 20 plus league goals well then I don’t care who he is or how well established he is.

    Looks like Mkhit to utd is trying to get forced through. The agent again saying he has his heart set on utd and Dortmund have been told he does not want to stick around for another season. Usually this would be an open and shut case. On one hand I totally respect Dortmund for it (their stance), but on the other they are a little bit infuriating, imagine every club behaved this way. I hope they make him stay now that mour is back to his old tricks of getting in a top player but just as importantly stopping Arsenal from getting one at the same time. Napoli remind me a little of Dortmund, very difficult club to deal with, even when a player asks to leave. Pity, Higuain would have been our man, I think it’s a good shout that he would surely have been the answer to our prayers, but if instead he had chosen utd, it’s likely they would have laid waste to yet another star player.

    1. Mikhtaryan might not realize that Utd won’t play CL next year. Or he just wanted to get the hell out of Dortmund a.s.a.p. I would like to see him at Arsenal, but with TW14 still in the dug out, it’ll be unlikely.
      Cavani was brilliant back at Napoli, before PSG turning him into Ibra’s servant. Still seeking for his scoring boots. Still have the class within, but at 29 I don’t think there’s many left from him.
      Higuain has a different story. Spending two fading years with Napoli but totally reborn last season. He’s somehow found out new motivation under manager Saari. Another great addition that I wanted to see at Arsenal. Unfortunately I can’t see he’ll leave Napoli at his best year.
      Arsene must dig deep this summer to find that new main striker, nonetheless.

  4. Now we are in for Sturridge , £28.5 million offered. ?
    Not only is he extra injury prone, But that stupid dance he does, is more irritating than the Ox’s effort! ?
    Please God…. Noooooooo!!

    Did anyone see that Ibrahimovic’s open – goal miss, from no yards out? ? it was harder to put the ball over the bar, from there.

    1. But if Giroud missed like that the whole world would be slating him and calling him the worst striker in the tournament. #Hypocrisy

      1. Thumbs up for a comment supporting giroud, what is happening here.
        1. Is it a realisation that he is not as bad as we think?
        2. Is it because he is relatively injury free.
        3. Is it a realisation that there are very few available players which are an upgrade and do not have other problems like injury prone. Inconsistent, play in easier league etc.
        4. Or is it simply a case of us fans can critcise an arsenal player as much as we want, but will not accept criticism from elsewhere.

    2. The blooper made by intentional fatty. The situation was too easy for Ibra class. It’ll be bad for his image to score from that range (LOL!)

  5. Ppl need sm1 to blame and giroud is the person
    Last season i would say ramsey was the worst comparatively

  6. Cavani has not snubbet arsenal, that would require an offer from arsenal being turned down by Cavani, like sanchez turned down liverpool.

    All cavani has reportedly said is that the player who was an obstacle to him has left so he wants to stay put. No snub there

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