Pulis admits problems stopping Evans signing for Arsenal

With Arsene Wenger stating that he is working hard to find the right players for Arsenal to sign before the end of the current transfer window, there has been and will continue to be a lot of speculation over which players Arsenal will get and which positions will be strengthened.

Most Arsenal fans are hoping for a quality centre forward and I still think the boss will get one but the most urgent need is clearly for a central defender to help us cope with the long injury absences of Gabriel and Per Mertesacker.

Who this defender will be is anyone’s guess but from the comments of the West Brom manager Tony Pulis I get the impression that the Northern Ireland international Jonny Evans is one of the players Wenger is thinking about. The Baggies boss did suggest that no official move has been made yet but just by talking about Evans and Arsenal he seems to be telling us that there have been enquiries.

And in a Daily Mail report Pulis admits that he would struggle to stop the Gunners from getting the former Manchester United star to come to north London if Wenger was to try.

The Welshman said, “You don’t want to lose your best players, but in football sometimes that happens. If it does happen, you need to make sure you know where your replacements are.

“If Arsenal come in for Jonny, if we do any business we’ll do it between the clubs. I wouldn’t talk here about doing a deal with Arsenal or anybody else.”

I am not convinced that Evans is the answer, but he does have bags of Premier League as well as Champions League experience from his time at Old Trafford and the transfer fee would not be in the ridiculous realms we are hearing about the likes of Mustafi and Gimenez, so do you think Wenger will make his transfer interest more concrete?


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  1. I’ve given up on the transfer window, Bob please stop writing this garbage Evans is a very very average player at best. Can’t see Barca, real after him ?
    I’m so excited about this years PL, it’s a shame wenger chooses to be left behind
    We should have know this would happen when wenger helped choose Gazadis how can anyone choose the person who is supposed to task them

  2. Average player, cover at best. So we have Gabriel, Per, Chambers and Holding who are all at best cover for a first team player. Where the hell is the first team player????????

  3. Evans?! JOEY EVANS?!! …I already give up to this season. Why we leave Highbury to challenge top top teams, but we only after the EVANS?!???

  4. No more rejects please, haven’t we learnt from the Welbeck disaster! Who’s next, Phil Jones! He’s bang average, home grown, and injury prone. The perfect attributes that Wenger looks for in a player in these days.

    1. An English international forward for sixteen million in today’s money, I’ve seen much worse business done than that. Liv’s Benteke Carrol and Balotelli come to mind, that’s just one club, and allot of money. Welbecks goal against utd on the way to adding more silverware, at least he done that, and he added a little power to a side that needed more of it. Not saying he’s close to being brilliant, but as dead horses go, he’s nowhere near the worst.

  5. Seriously … That would be it for me … But with the idiot cheapskates complete inability to build a top team for the modern era u never know … He has bought worse … Rapidly becoming the laughing stock of the EPl .. Charge fans highest prices herd them in to a souleless stadium give em a geriatric figurehead to babble on about the glory days sign occasional top player to keep them happy … wenger is the Caligula of football management … He needs to go ASAP

    1. Well to think he’s once got Santos, Sanogo, Kallstrom or Chamakh, it’s very possible.
      It’s Arsene’s last season anyways, let’s hope somebody decent replaces him (Koeman i’d love)

  6. Bob, please; we are Arenal, we should be looking for TOP class, not a mid-table player who is injury prone and to make things worse he’s an ex manure reject!

  7. so, reports are Sanchez wants out now, Juve set to make offer, things are not good behind the scenes, these players want to win and these fools do nothing to address the holes

    1. Sorry but I am old school….if Alexi wants out then leave mate! No one is bigger than the club and I would rather we have players there that want to play for Arsenal and are 100 commited .

      That counts for any of our current crop of players.

  8. u guys keep saying its Arsene’s last season, he might be offered a new 3 year contract and I see le deluded one staying past this season, I hopefully pray he doesnt

  9. Wenger is now praising Mahrez with full admiration lol
    I wonder if that has anything to do with the player saving wenger face and money by renewing his contract at Leicester?

  10. How low can you get, why buy a player who has played 9 years for Manchester United who over almost his entire career sees both Mr Wenger as a Manager and Arsenal football club a long term rival and enemy to his formar club.

    Mr Wenger did that with Welbeck a player in my opinion who clearly is not good enough and was never worth buying. There is a sincere and refined sensibility issue with British and Irish players which never goes away when top club is involve. Transfers of that type can anger lots of Arsenal long term fans.

    Chambers and Holding is good enough.

  11. That red headed ex liv player from espn reckons this is exactly the type of defender we need. He says he’s brave and sort of old school. I’m not sure if I agree, but I find it interesting because of the way he usually speaks about our defenders, he rips us apart with his judgement. But I’m thinking that if we signed him, then his mates on espn will be ripping him apart and reminding him of his words, and we would see exactly why he isn’t a manager. We may never know though. I’m hearing that we have a medical scheduled for Mustafi on Monday.

    1. I heard the rumour about medical scheduled for mustafi on monday as well. Problem is that it was for monday just gone.

  12. Why are Arsenal fans bothering themselves? Arsenal will not sign any Johnny Evans from WBA because he’s not Arsenal quality. I think a deal by Arsenal for a new CHB in this current window will only happened between Shkodran Mustafi or Jose Gimenez who has clicked all the Boss’ 4 boxes. But the £56m release clause said to be placed on Gimenez’s head by his parent club Ateletico de Madrid, is the stumbling block that’s making Arsenal to baulked away from submitting a bid for the 21 year old Uruguayan international cenre-back.

    But whoever is the best in terms of quality between Mustafi and Gimenez should be the one the Boss should try to sign for Arsenal by every available means at his disposal. And I believe the signing of any of the duo by Arsenal this summer will not hinder the rapid development of Holding at CB for Arsenal but should improves it.

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