Pulis frustrated as Arsenal’s Alexis should have been sent off?

West Brom boss Tony Pulis has ranted about refereeing decisions which he feels went against his side in yesterday’s 2-0 loss to Arsenal, claiming that Alexis Sanchez could have been sent off.

The Gunners came away with all three points, but the opposing manager feels his side were hard done by officials, while pointing the finger at Alexis for diving.

“The disappointing thing is Sanchez falls for the first free-kick, that’s cheating,” said Pulis.

“Jay is very honest and does not get rewarded. Everyone saw what happened. Sanchez actually dives for the first free-kick and he should be booked for diving.

“Then you see the tackle in the box. The referee had a great view. Everyone has seen it and can make their minds up.

“It’s not only a foul but the player can be sent off as well. It can be a penalty and playing against 10 men but let’s forget about the referee.”

Arsene Wenger had a more realistic approach to the penalty decision however, although he is known for his own biased rants about decision which he feels could have helped his side on occasion.

The Gunners boss said: “The referee left the advantage and they nearly scored from that.

“They hit the post. He could have given the penalty or not. He let the advantage.”

If course you wouldn’t here a complaint if they had managed to score from the advantage, but you have to think that given they hit the post, the decision was correct from the referee on that one, as for Alexis potentially being sent off I think that would have been harsh.

Should the referee have given the penalty? Was Alexis let off? Or should Pulis get a grip?

Pat J

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  1. Goonerboy says:

    Don’t worry Pulis, you will get your revenge at the Hawthorns…..next…!!!

  2. Goonerboy says:

    When a manager loses, he looks for every tiny decision that should have gone his way so I don’t blame Pulis…

    Honestly, lady luck was really on our side yesterday…and am not even talking about the penalty alone….Monreal’s clearance, Jay hitting the post and so on….

    I don’t care though, 3 priceless points in the bag….

    1. Otunba007 says:

      Yeah, sorry Pulis.. Sh** happens in life but we all have to get over it…. I know he felt out done but Alexis didn’t cheat and there was clearly a push on him but we can all agree that it was a soft free kick but that’s no cheating and yes the foul on Jay was a penalty but it’s debatable cause he stood up and was still able to shoot and the ref used his discretion there…

      To other points… I think Arsenal could have had more than a penalty as well cause Alexis shirt was pulled as well in the second half when a corner kick was taken and i don’t know how the lines man and the ref could have missed that as well and 2 of wesbrom players shouldn’t have ended the match as well… I don’t know how that kryowack guy finished the match with just a yellow card and there was another wesbrom midfielder(Can’t remember his name) that could have receives a second yellow as well from a tackle from behind on Alexis but i guess Pulis didn’t see all that as well….

      I am happy we got the 3 points which is all i care about, sometimes we have to win ugly, we shouldn’t have lost to stoke this season as well if not because of the match official decisions to cancel Casette’s goal we could have at least gotten a draw out of that game but guess what ? we have moved on from it and decision like this happen every week…. United ,City, Chelsea ,pool score offside goals and controversial decision are been given to them, but no pundit will talk about it but when it’s Arsenal they will be on our case for just the slightest decision that goes our way…



  3. Jeremy says:

    It’s an obvious shove on Sanchez. The arms were outstretched and far from the players’ body already.

    Don’t understand what his rant is all about? Ask Argentina Team in 1990 WC final. There are plenty of fouls given for such shoves.

    He claimed his team wasn’t given penalty for over a year. What business is it of Arsenal’s? Do we look like the referees to him?

  4. Pablo Picasso says:

    Yeah because West Brom plays such a clean game.

    Not that I am supporting dirty tricks but in competitive sports sh!t happens Pulis. Today its on you and next time it may happen to some other team.

    The part that made me laugh though was his team not getting penalties against Arsenal, as though its an entitlement. Lol

  5. Jeremy says:

    If Jay had scored from the advantage, would Pulis demand a penalty? There are always two sides to things.

  6. Declan says:

    If given then perhaps he would have been booked and I think the reference to being sent off may have something to do with the other booking he picked up for being petulant and so two bookings equal a red.

  7. tatgooner says:

    whether you choose to accept it or not the referee was biased towards us yesterday.
    West brom played like they are our closest rivals.
    a performance like that will make us receive a thumping against a better team and a different referee. I feel only Monreal
    and lacazette performed well yesterday while the rest were either average or mediocre

  8. Turbo says:

    Pulis is simply wrong on both counts and his whining should be rather embarrassing to WBA fans. I’ll freely admit when a mistake goes to our advantage but it just isn’t the case for this game. (1) The tackle on Rodriguez was a foul and could have been a penalty, but Rodriguez chose to play on with advantage and try to score. (2) The free kick on Alexis was obviously a foul, it’s quite clear from the replays. Arguing he should have been sent off is absurd, even if it were a dive (which it was not) that would only merit a yellow. The yellow he did get near halftime was for arguing a questionable call (the uncalled foul on Kolasinac) where his argument had merit. Since Pulis is in such a whiny mood, I’m surprised he didn’t get all bent about the penalty on Ramsey. But maybe even he realizes totally taking the player out of bonds from the side and behind when you are beaten is an obvious foul. “…but let’s forget about the referee.” Good advice Tony, but it seems that ship has already sailed.

  9. gmv8 says:

    The Pulis really let himself down yesterday. We had 2 penalty decisions and failures to enforce fouling go against us y’day as well. His side were simply not clinical enough when they had the chances – that’s what he should be looking at. If you are relying on the ref making the correct decisions, you are already labouring under an misapprehension.

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