Pundit aims a dig at Arsenal with “second biggest club in London” claim

Gabby Agbonlahor appears to aim a dig at Arsenal by claiming West Ham is the second biggest club in London after Chelsea.

The Hammers are doing great under David Moyes and they finished above Tottenham and Arsenal last season.

They have continued making progress in this campaign while the other big London clubs, apart from Chelsea struggle.

The former Aston Villa man told TalkSport: “They’ve got a great squad of players, great manager at the moment.

“You’re looking at a team who’s going to keep getting into European places.

“And apart from Chelsea, for me, they’re the biggest club in London.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

A popular saying goes “form is temporary, but class is permanent” and it gives a good explanation of the current situation.

Arsenal has suffered from poor form in recent seasons and that has made them a target of pundits like Agbonlahor.

However, even Chelsea is not as big as the Gunners in London in terms of class, history, fanbase etc. They are just enjoying better form which is because they have an owner willing to spend money on players.

Mikel Arteta is rebuilding the Arsenal team and everyone can see that he knows what he is doing.

Within the next few seasons, we will be back inside the top four and perhaps even start challenging for the Premier League title again.

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  1. When you mentioned class, history etc. Class is never permanent, it changes according to status. A club that has never won champions league can’t claim any class above those that have done so. Class is attached to success not even history. Repeating narratives that you are rich before doesn’t make you rich you must work hard to be rich again. Chelsea is above Arsenal for now. Arsenal is no longer big team please.

  2. Whats wrong with what he said ? Plus, west ham will soon get a 67k stadium that will probably create better atmosphere. They are in a very good place. Of course they dont have our history but they are getting there in terms of attractiveness.

  3. Arsenal, while not as good a team as Chelsea, remain better known and have a bigger fan base. West Ham are a regional, not global team, as are Spurs. When it comes to which team is ‘bigger’ in London, Arsenal despite their recent struggles, still reign supreme.

  4. We are not the second biggest club in London, we were top but we are not at that level now. Agbonlahor is a pratt and what he says has no bearing but the truth is our crown has slipped.

  5. I don’t care anymore who the biggest is🤷 All I am concerned about is seeing my darling Arsenal succeed and the haters can keep running their mouth like faucet. No matter how far Arsenal has fallen we still remain a big threat to rivals in the premier league because if we aren’t they won’t always talk about us. Despite our win yesterday one of those pundits still said we couldn’t defend well, imagine such utterance! Can a reasonable/sensible utter such? It is only a mad fellow that will utter that nonsense. Their hate toward Arsenal is just unbearable, I most admit and they merry in seeing Arsenal fail completely which will never happen. Imagine a sound person saying westham is bigger than Arsenal?! Are u well? But who profit in such debate, it is just a waste of time and energy.

  6. So a none too bright pundit says something “silly”, probably to get his name known out there as a pundit, and then so many testosterone heavy male GOONERS jump on his deliberately intended controversial views, thus giving him exactly what he craves; PUBLICITY.
    Perhaps he is far from being the not the only one who is none too bright!

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