Pundit baffled that Arsenal is even entertaining offers for Smith Rowe

Aston Villa has continued pushing to sign Emile Smith Rowe this summer despite getting repeatedly turned down by Arsenal.

The youngster is seen as a huge part of the Gunners’ future and they are keen to keep hold of him for the coming season.

Villa is insistent on signing him and after having two bids for his signature rejected by the Gunners, they are preparing to make another offer.

Alex McLeish understands that Arsenal will not sell because they want to build their future around the Londoner.

However, he is baffled that the Gunners have continued to entertain offers from their Premier League rivals.

He insists that they have to come out and make it clear that he won’t be sold for any price.

However, if they keep the door open for Jack Grealish’s club to keep bidding it might be that he truly has a price.

McLeish told Football Insider: “It’s amazing. There’s obviously something in the water.

“I would have thought that, with the impact he made at Arsenal last year, Arteta would just say it’s not going to happen.

“But it seems the fact that Villa have raised the bar again in terms of price, something still is in the offing.

“I still don’t know why Arsenal haven’t said: ‘He’s not for sale, go away. He’s part of our future and we’re going forward.’

“I really can’t understand that.”

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  1. Perhaps Edu and Arteta could clear things up for everyone.

    IF he is part of the plans, then announce it.

    Didn’t Arteta do exactly that with AMN and the £25 million bid from Wolves?

    Easy Peasy clear, direct, and ended questions then and there.

    Longer it drags on the more deserving Edu and Arteta are of the slings and arrows.

    Baffling how they have allowed this to fester.

    Perhaps if anyone articulated “the process” or explained “the project” fan’s concerns would be resolved.

    1. Maybe stop reading every headline you come across on the internet and writing thing based on nothing but made up rubbish? why is it up to them to come out and answer every time somebody makes something up? get real.

      How many players are we linked to buying and selling now? Gonna end up with a 67 man squad at this rate when they’re all true along with Draxler et el.

      1. Because of accountability, that’s why. They were eager to announce “the process” which has morphed into “the project.”

        Yet explained nothing and so far given precious little besides a list of transfers they’ve had in their pocket.

        Fair play to them, can’t call project a failure if only they know what it is.

        Merely continue to move the goalposts and claim “progress”

        Is top 6 even a goal for next year or else? Even ownership remains quiet so as to avoid unnecessary accountability.

        By the way regarding player’s “value” based on outside interest; does it apply to managers too, or do we absolve Arteta of that also.

        Bayern Munich paid a handsome sum for young Nagelsmann as an example.

        He got stuck with other managers players at former clubs, yet was lucky I guess to be so successful.

    2. When the player has just 2 years left in his current contract with no guarantee over an extension, the club can’t do anything about his situation. The club have already tabled an offer and awaiting the player’s signature. The ball is in the player’s court.

      If the club comes out and say that the player is not for sale, they are putting themselves under the thumb of the player and his agent.

      With ESR reluctance in signing an extension, selling him while the value is still high is the only option for the club. Else, the same pundits will be roasting Arsenal for selling a huge talent for peanuts (the next season) or for free (the season after that).

      1. Perhaps ESR is waiting for Arteta to ensure he’s in the future plans. Maybe he’s hesitant because he was bumped to the wing for a loan player with no future at Arsenal.

        Merely say ESR has the chance to win a starting spot based on his work ethic and performances.

        Again he did that with AMN; didn’t hurt player or leave club at the mercy of his agent.

        Horrendous man management at the club; I blame Edu for this more than Arteta. Players in then out, then loaned, frozen out, ripping up contracts, just poorly handled by upper management.

        1. It’s amateur hour at the Emirates, as per usual, so I never expect a commonsensical response to any situation…likewise the glaring lack of clarity/transparency has become so commonplace that it either suggests an unhealthy level of administrative arrogance or a clear indicator that there’s no definitive plan in the works, and likely never has been…I’m not exactly sure what possibility worries me more, probably the latter, but both are troubling

        2. I feel sorry for you, Durand.

          You’re soon gonna be roasted for bringing in the names of the current manager and the technical director.

          You’re supposed to blame Wenger and Emery for the way AMN situation developed.

          1. VasC
            It’s okay I can handle criticism and even insults; I’m not insecure or even care what other’s think of me.

            I’m merely being consistent and holding managers to a standard.

            Arteta took the job knowing the dire straights the club is in; eagerly in fact.

            I’m sure Arteta will get blamed for YEARS after he’s gone as well.

            People love to give examples of trash Arteta was left with, but never mention the gold he inheirited.

            Golden boot winner (almost his 2nd season as well) in Auba, Tierney at LB, Saka, Laca has been fairly decent, Leno is a good keeper (especially before injury, and 2nd best player that year behind golden boot Auba).

            Luiz was our best CB, not to mention promising youngsters ESR and Martinelli.

            But hey, let’s focus on the trash rather than the good ones that make up half a starting 11.

  2. If Arsenal sell Smith Rowe it will only proof again that they are after money. When Arsenal owners tells the fans they want Arsenal to be a self sustaining club what they actually want to say is we not spending our money on your club

  3. Villa fan in peace… I think the whole thing is a contract negotiation tool. E. S-R makes Arsenal think he might leave unless they give what he wants, & Arsenal making E.S-R think they could sell him if his demands are too high… I like the fact that we are looking at purchases of the calibre of E.S-R, but do not expect him to be at Villa Park next. On a side note, I hope you get your ownership issues sorted. We have had our issues with bad owners over the years & you have my sympathy. Good luck.

    1. Andy_Pablo
      Welcome sir and I for one appreciate your very honest, sensible, and polite comment on the forum.

      Much truth to what you say.

      Unfortunately, if you aren’t here to bash Arteta and his man management, or kiss his almighty backside, there is no place for you here.

      I’m being sarcastic, except for my comments regarding your honesty and politeness.

      I wish you and your club all the best, except the matches against us.

      Exciting times for Villa; and well played to your club for being opportunistic.

  4. does anybody on here know if ESR wishes to leave the arsenal ?.if he does wish to leave then there is nothing that anybody can do about it. he is entitled to further his career, remember villa are on the way up , the opposite to us , presently.so, if he wants to go then let him go, no point in having an unhappy player, another one !.

    1. Just like any other professional, ESR simply wishes to succeed in his trade. As a footballer, success means playing regularly at the top level, possibly winning trophies regularly and obviously, taking home a nice pay cheque his talents deserve. He’ll pick the club that has the best probability to succeed.

      Let’s examine his current situation with us.

      1. Regular play time – No. He started to get game time under forced circumstances, in the midst of an injury crisis. Plus, he was played in an unnatural wide attacking role to accommodate a loan signing in his preferred position. Firsthand knowledge on the the progress made by other academy graduates like AMN, Willock and Nketiah after getting promoted into the senior set-up will play a huge part in his decision to further his stay at Arsenal.

      2. Winning trophies – The high probability of accumulating FA Cups at Arsenal will definitely be a tempting one.

      3. Nice pay cheque – A very good probability after his fine display last season.

      Verdict – The idea of watching an academy product to succeed in our senior set-up is appealing, ESR moving somewhere else to fulfill his ambitions sounds reasonable to me.

  5. Why is everyone so negative, the club gave ESR an extension offer before his holiday and he has said that Arsenal is his club. Villa and the media are just being chances. As for Villa on the up and we arent then the only reason for that comment is that they have avoided relegationlast season and were a bit better this one. Our record in the second half of the season was pretty good with room for improvement but good nonetheless. This is teh same as all the crao written about Martinez who although a good keeper didnt want to be second choice and Leno is better. Martinez conceded more goals that Leno last season

  6. Villa on the up????
    Where did they finished last season and what have they won in the last decade???
    I haven’t read ANYWHERE that ESR is contemplating leaving the club… the opposite in fact.

    Why would we sell him anyway?
    I’m with Durand 100% and if we actually KNEW what the “project” was, we would understand.
    AND OF COURSE MA will be blamed years after he has left the club for any/all the ills that arise after his departure…. that’s what a section of our fan base always do.

    1. Villa finished 11th last season and 17th the year before. We were in the league below the year before that. Notice an upward trend there Ken? In stark comparison to your slow decline over the past 5 years. Back to back 8th place finishes and you still think your Champs League!
      This whole rumour smells like agent bull to drive up wages but I wouldn’t blame ESR for jumping from a sinking ship. You couldn’t even put a goal past Villa last season, let alone nick a point. Embarrassing!

      1. Wow!!!! So you measure your “upward trend” against The Arsenal…. praise indeed.

        While we finished 8th, it was still higher than you have ever managed in the PL…. have you actually ever won it by the way?

        Back to ESR and the thought that you might sign him – we have the same chance of signing Grealish…so let’s get real here shall we?

        1. Just comparing our upward trend to your downward one so I wouldn’t take that as a compliment!

          We’ve finished second in the Prem before and won a European title which is more than can be said for your tinpot club.

          ESR moving to Villa is very unlikely while Grealish moving to Arsenal is laughable. Shows how far you’ve fallen from grace over the last decade. Good luck next season Ken…you’ll need it with terrible owners and a clueless manager

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