Pundit blast Arteta over his touchline spat with FC Porto manager

Pundit and former PSG star Jérôme Rothen has strongly criticized Mikel Arteta following accusations that the Arsenal manager insulted the family of FC Porto’s coach.

After Arsenal’s victory over FC Porto in the Champions League round of 16, Sergio Conceicao, the Porto coach, expressed bitterness and claimed that Arteta had insulted his family.

Although Arsenal sources have denied these allegations, Arteta’s behaviour on the touchline has drawn criticism from Rothen.

During the tense fixture, Arteta displayed intense passion and was even booked by the referee. Both Arteta and his Porto counterpart were heavily involved in the action within their technical areas, leading to a confrontation between the pair.

It remains unclear what Arteta said, but Rothen commented to RMC Sport:

“As a manager, you have to set an example. You can be arrogant and annoyed, but then you end up insulting your opponent… Stop! That’s not possible! One day, he’ll be caught out and he won’t like it… It almost happened yesterday. Conceicao, who’s a fiery person, reacted very well, whereas Arteta was out of line. I don’t understand why he didn’t apologise. He’s going to say again that he didn’t say anything.”

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That game is behind us now as we look forward to winning other difficult matches and we need to stop giving attention to what pundits have to say.

Porto are clearly not happy losers and they do not want us to enjoy our impressive win.

Life is good for us Arsenal fans right now

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  1. Rothen’s comments reeks of jealousy and an opportunity for him to have a go at Mikel! Both managers did’nt even had a “confrontation” during or after the game. According to Conceicao, Mikel uttered insults towards his family in Spanish while facing his bench, and not to his face directly while further claiming his coaching staff heard what he said, all of which are false as Mikel is a man who leads by example and wouldn’t want to tarnish his image in front of his staff and players. it will be very useful for Conceicao and his staff provide the rough estimate of time at which Mikel uttered such insults, maybe just maybe, the truth will be revealed by using a lip reader technology.

  2. Who is this man? How does he know what went on?
    Has he forgotten what was said after the first leg by the Porto manager?
    Yet another wannabe know it all who ACTUALLY knows nothing!!
    In MA we have a man of integrity and honesty who wants to play attractive football, not the diving, play acting, soul destroying crap football we saw Porto play.
    Just keep being who you are Mikel, The Arsenal supporters are with you all the way!!

  3. He who have no sin cast the first stone, am asking myself the same question too, who is this lad without sin?

    Surely Conceicao is one of the strangest characters you will ever find on the touch line, and any novice that advocate on his behalf certainly needs a medical check.

    The league leader boss may have passion that sometimes cross the line, but what he’s acuses of here is not worth the paper its printed on, then when you consider who it is coming from.

    The former winger once had to be pulled off of a fan after watching his son scored a goal, when even Pepe his team captain thinks his gaffer at times goes too far you knows its time to take a look in the mirror.

    Shame on you Rothen,

  4. There is no smoke without fire. Its not the first time this has happened to Concicou or Arteta. Nobody on here knows what was said at all. Arteta hasn’t apologised, Concecou hasn’t made a formal complaint. Move on. And i suggest both managers learn. They were both yellow carded for dissent. Not good.

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