Pundit claims Arsenal duo have played their last game in famous shirt

Clinton Morisson has claimed that both Matteo Guendouzi and Mesut Ozil have played their last games in an Arsenal shirt, despite the latter being tough to shift.

The pair were both given a chance to prove their worth when the new manager was appointed back in December, with the former German international starting every league match up until the Coronavirus pandemic hit.

Guendouzi was rotated throughout the campaign, but found himself frozen out following his second spat with the manager after his altercation with Neal Maupay of Brighton, and was even forced to train alone.

According to reports, Guendouzi has since been offered out to numerous clubs, but so far we have not been able to secure his exit.

Morisson claims that neither of the above will find themselves back playing for the side however, despite Arteta’s earlier comments.

“I don’t think we will ever see Guendouzi or Ozil again for Arsenal,” he told Radio 5Live.

“I think they will be trying to get rid of both of them. Ozil will be hard to shift, though.”

The manager seems to claim that everybody has a chance to show what they can do on the pitch, which was believed to be pointed at Ozil or Guendouzi, but with Mo Elneny having played yesterday, as well as in the friendly with MK Dons during the week, he could well be the man set to get another chance.

“I have been really clear that everybody starts from zero all the time in football,” said Arteta.

“What you did two weeks ago or two years ago doesn’t really matter.

“It’s what you are able to contribute to the team now. Everybody is going to have the same opportunities.

“They’ll have to show with their performances and their attitude that they are better than their teammates or somehow contributing to what we want to achieve this season.”

Has our recent successes without the duo of Ozil and Guendouzi limit their chances of breaking back into the side?


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  1. ‘everyone starts from zero all the time’ and ‘it’s what you are able to contribute to the team now’

    Clear to me then that both Guendouzi and Ozil will get their chances if Arteta believes they can contribute.

    It has nothing to do with not taking a pay cut or lack of discipline. So far the replacements have done rather well. I have every confidence that MA has a winning mentality and will do what is best for the team to make our great club successful again. If both men get on the team sheet again I believe it is because they have earned it

    1. Me too.. I agree totally.. it’s not about grudges it’s about performance and if them too can perform I don’t see why they won’t get a run when Elneny is holding it down and staking a claim.. I think a lot of us has forgotten about Elneny but he almost looks like a new signing.

    2. Sue P , Sorry to differ on your words in quote marks but in football, as in life, I tend not to take as gospel every utterance I hear or read. I know WHY that was said and it was politically wise and tries to let possible buying clubs know that both those players may have a future here -thus making them more expensive to buy – but of course neither of them has.

      Morrison is wise and more swiched on to lifes realities than some fans are, in that he makes up his own mind and does not take as gospel truth every utterance he hears.

      KEN IS THE WORSE ONE FOR DOING THIS and constantly tries to use quotes as evidence for his opinions. I am more cynical than he is, even though a few years younger but both of us have been around the block many times. It depends, I suppose Sue, on how much you take from normal life experience.

      There are a lot of falsehoods our there, many done for pragmatic reasons and others just lies. This was not a lie as such but a pragmatic and well thought through utterance. But IMO, it is still not true. No way!

      1. Jon, you have a 100% record in believing something if it agrees with your views – if it doesn’t, you claim those that do as naive or whatever you want to class them as on that particular day.

        It has nothing to do with being wise or older, it’s what suits any individuals own thinking.
        You said there was no chance of Elneny ever wearing an Arsenal shirt again – he has, of course, done just that for two games in a row… did I believe you? Of course not, as it was just an individuals opinion. Someone who has no input or knowledge (just like me) of what those in charge are thinking.
        Now Mikel Arteta has said on numerous occasions that he considers every player on their merit and it seems he knew more about Elneny than you… strange as you might find that!!!

        I have every faith in MA and if he deems it the right thing to do by bringing back either of these players, I will be more than happy that he has got them to the level he requires.

        As for taking quotes at face value, the only ones that I pay any attention to, are direct quotes from the club and said individuals within it.

        One doesn’t have to see oneself as an experienced and/or wise person, simply because they are advanced in years.
        Your view regarding Elneny is a prime example of 100% assurance being completely wrong, as have other claims made on here… age can also bring senility, arrogance, hypocrisy and an inability to recognise other people who have a better understanding of what is happening… not that I’m saying any of this applies to you (or me) of course.

      2. Jon
        I completely get your point of view and I’m generally cynical too, and yes, Arteta is making all the right noises. However, I believe he will pick who he thinks will do the best at any given time. Clearly, at the minute, neither man has shown they fit into his plans and like you, I doubt there is a future for either. But, never say, never.

  2. if they dont move on this summer then they will play at some stage, the season is long and they will be needed to step up if they do what MA wants of course, it would be silly to do anything but, especially where MG is concerned, but they have to prove to MA they can do what is required.
    Let’s see what happens

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