Pundit claims Arsenal are “boring” and they need new signings

Frank McAvennie believes Arsenal looks boring when they play and they need to add another player to their squad in this transfer window.

The Gunners have been very busy in it trying to add as many players as possible to their squad.

The likes of Oleksandr Zinchenko, Gabriel Jesus and Fabio Vieira have joined their squad recently.

These players did well in pre-season, and Arsenal has clearly improved because of their performances.

However, McAvennie has not been impressed and he believes they still need some new signings to make them even better.

He tells Football Insider: “When you watch them it’s just boring.

“Sometimes you look at Man City and they’re great and then you turn on to Arsenal and you think here we go again.

“That’s the way they’ve been recently so maybe they need to sign another one or two.

“They were letting goals in too easily at the back end of last season.”

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While we could still make an addition to our squad if it’s in our plans, our current performance is not boring.

Our preseason matches were exciting to watch and the likes of Jesus and Bukayo Saka caught the eye with how they performed.

If they can do that well in the campaign proper, we will be in good shape at the start this weekend.

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  1. This pundits again. If u dnt wanna hav heart attack don’t listen to them. Their statement are unstable

  2. Well we were boring IMO last season and the season before so he’s got a point.
    Let’s hope MR process as taken off those stabilisers for the upcoming season ,it’s not to much to ask to get alittle excited every now and again watching your team play football .
    Preseason was a good start though .

    1. Honestly this problem has been prevalent since Emery time tho but it’s not about exciting football for it’s about winning formula that’s all

  3. if you think arsenal are boring try watching conte’s tottenham , i’d sooner watch paint dry !

    1. Ex wwatham and Celtic player looking for easy publicity by mentioning arsenal in a negative manner what a shock.

      It’s a shame I read this as if I googled who he was first I wouldn’t have even bothered add Kean and Nevil too that list of plundits I couldn’t give 2 duces about and their arsenal opinion.

  4. Frankie boy obviously wasn’t at the Emirates cup with our new players and our attacking policy.

  5. he seriously has it in for us , always has had.I we won the quad with 200 goals he would still do the same. Just confirms his ignorance whenever he talks of us.

  6. Don’t think that holds true so far this preseason. The press, direct play, the ingredients are there for exciting football.

    Last couple years most games (a couple exceptions) were boring eye gouging affairs. Anyone that says Artetaball with 11 men behind the ball, static positioning, and the lack of free flowing creativity, was exciting is a dubious claim.

    Perhaps Arteta needed certain players and skill sets to carry out his philosophy and tactics.

    This year Arteta can show the style of football he envisions, his players and squad so no more excuses.

    If preseason is anything to go by, then this year Arteta plans to deliver a style of football many of us have been craving.

    1. 11 players behind the ball? I agree we played 11 behind the ball when Arteta first turned up. That’s the tactics he used to stop the slump we were going in 2019-20. Used the same tactics to win the FA CUP.

      But since he has gotten his own players I did not see us playing 11 players behind the ball.. The football might be static and disjointed but not 11 behind the ball.

    2. Can’t say fairer than your post – in particular the point about Arteta needing to fill in the pieces of the jigsaw

  7. Some pundits are just full of negativity. The team has greatly improved regardless of the shortfalls it experienced at the start and end of last season. It’s a young team with a very huge potential to perform better.

  8. Why is this dimwit being quoted on JA?

    What IQ does he have ? Also NONE!

    He uses the word “recently”. His “recently” clearly does not include Arsenal 6 Seville 0 nor Arsenal 4, Chelsea 0. He probably means when we were still DIAL SQUARE!

    As a judge ,he is not fit to judge a best whelk in the bag competion. He is a sad joke and so is this ludicrous and crass so called article.

  9. Typical negativity from a pundit and Arsenal fans buying into it.
    Man City are currently amongst the best teams in world football and have played some of the best football ever seen in the PL. For several years they have had some of the world’s great players and could have put out two teams that would be favourites against most teams anywhere in the world. Arsenal have been nowhere near for years. Complaining then that Arsenal are not as exciting as Man City is a really perverse perspective.
    Compared to other PL teams, if it is suggested that Arsenal are boring then we might as well say that apart possibly from the top two teams the PL is drab and boring.
    One of the other few teams that is generally considered exciting is Leeds, generally due to the kamikaze football they play. Maybe this is what the critics want from Arsenal, a relegation battle; of course that would be exciting.

  10. From “Arsene Who??” to 2022, these arsewipes will never change. Who the feck is Frank McAvennie anyway? Cheesy lookin bellend. He can go with Jamie O’Hara, Michea Owen, and Gabby Abonglahor and discuss their dribble together. Sub-par players and nobody pundits always pedal the same shite that make them feel all gooey on the inside. Their opinions are nothing. Arsenal are ticking over nicely and these twats are either in denial or just out to get their face on a page. Tossers 😂😂

  11. All this pundits getting scared of what’s cooking at Arsenal and thus they will be dishing sh*ts from their mouths.
    Its obvious they have disgraced what punditory is all about with their bais.

  12. What is boring in our matches compare to Chelsea and others that have losses many matches to smaller clubs?

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