Pundit claims Arsenal needs Mesut Ozil in the current situation

Mesut Ozil has been frozen out of the Arsenal first team since the return of football as he has failed to impress Mikel Arteta in training.

The German had been one of the club’s most important players before he signed his current deal in 2018.

He has failed to recapture the form that prompted the Gunners to hand him the bumper deal.

Mikel Arteta gave him chances to get his spot on the team back, but he still didn’t do more than he was doing before and the Spaniard seems to have given up on him.

Arsenal struggled in their latest game against Aston Villa. The relegation strugglers defended very deep and the Gunners couldn’t even muster a shot on target.

Tim Sherwood watched the game and claimed that when the Gunners face such a situation, they need a player like Ozil to create chances for them.

“When the teams sit back like that you need guile, you need someone who’s got imagination, who’s got vision – you need Mesut Ozil,” Sherwood told Premier League Productions via Express Sports.

“Mesut Ozil is at the football club, where is he? That’s the player they need.

“That’s what you need, he needs him. He’s almost cutting his nose off to spite his face.

“He’s seeing him every day in training so he’s obviously not producing. I don’t think Mikel’s that stupid to leave him out if he’s showing the right attitude – he’s obviously not.

“But let’s face it, they are 10th, it’s the lowest finish since 1995 when they finished 12th.”

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  1. Deleted for another unwarranted attack on the admins and attempting to derail another post

  2. Just watched the pre match conference against watford,MA,a respectful man did say the “other 2 are available”.
    Thats the end of the road for guendouzi and ozil.

    Congratulations Unai Emery.Hope you will do better in Spain.

  3. We need creativity from someone who is committed to Arsenal. It would seem Ozil is not committed. He should, regrettably, leave.

  4. Is there a possibility that Ozil might have done something and Mikel is protecting him by not making the knowledge public?

  5. Pundits in the UK are probably the most clueless people I’ve ever seen and unfortunately some fans are cluelessly being misled by these so called pundits. This is just history repeating itself. Why do we never learn from our mistakes, we seem to have very short memories too as fans. Let’s go back to when Emery was coach, we were winning and doing well (without ozil), at some point, the goals began to dry up and chances were not created as they used to be (we started blaming emery for back passing, side passing and then eventually, we started yelling at the lack of creativity in midfield forgetting that we had key midfielders like Ramsey and torreira injured, xhaka’s form was dropping too) so what did the pundits and fans do?, they screamed bring back ozil, if there were fans allowed in the stadium now, I’m sure we would have seen a couple of “bring back ozil” banners as well. Emery was pressured into playing ozil, rather than get better, we got worse and got battered in an Europa league final against an average Chelsea side who had easy fixtures compared to ours and somehow the fans forgot we beat napoli and valencia (2 very strong Europa league contenders I might add) both home and away all without ozil. We all know what happened in the final with the almighty chance creator and assist King ozil. Now look at the trend repeating itself again. We beat Liverpool and City in a week, (current and previous league champions) and then we do not create enough chances in the match after because of the absence of some inform players, fatigue or whatever) they’re yelling for ozil to come back in the final against Chelsea again. Don’t you lot learn from history? Arsenal fans are some of the most brainwashed fans, once the media tells you this is what you need, you start to feel it’s true. Our highest paid player could not even lace the boot of eriksen while he was at spuds, not to talk of kDB. Ozil USED to be class, the ozil being a great footballer story (which i didn’t doubt at some point) is a ship that has sailed a long time ago. What we have now is a pensioner. Learn from history people. This was how the emery bashing started. We have started to see people come for Arteta too. Smh

    1. Kstix, your memory also seems to have some defects when it comes to history involving UE and MO.

      Please tell me, under UE, did we ever win five games in a row and, if so, was Ozil selected to play in those five games?

      After those five games, as they did happen only once of course and Ozil played in every one, what happened next?

      You seem to believe that Ozil was the reason UE got the sack, but those memory cells are somehow forgetting we were nearer a relegation battle than top four.

      What about the toxicity by both the players and the fans?
      Nothing to do with UE and his style and tactics?
      His inability to communicate with the media and the fans?
      What about the five captains he had and the authorative way he handled the Xhaka affair?

      All down to Ozil it seems and the silly fans who blamed UE were brainwashed, should have realised it was nothing to do with him and were being misled by the media.

      If, as you say, UE was pressured by the fans to bring back Ozil, doesn’t that show you what a weak, innefective, bumbling leader of men he was?

      Also interesting to observe that we have been led to believe the “vast majority” of fans agree with your views on Ozil… so poor old UE crumbled under the pressure from just a few “ill informed” fans then?

      Just the kind of strong leader we needed!!!!

      Perhaps your assement of our fans is a tad hasty and you should remember what actually happened before quoting history?

      Surely, whatever team MA selects, you will back him up and not be swayed by the media?

  6. Like I said before :-
    Sherwood ? Who’s he ?? Ah yes !
    Who did he play for ?? Ah yes?
    Who did he manage and for how long ?? Ah yes !!

    Enough said !!

  7. I dont like the commitment Ozil is putting in and I blame him for losing all kinds of sporting ambition (if he ever had one). But I have to admit that I’ve grown frustrated by the lack of creativity lately. Ozil is the only player in the squad with te ability to open up tight defenses.

    We are currently set up as a counter attacking side. But against smaller teams where we have to create play, we struggle. I hate to admit, but we need Ozil. At least until we sign a replacement who brings much needed creativity to the game.. I’m also quite certain that if we had played him more (against the smaller sides) after the Covid break, we would’ve had more points by now.

    I want to add that I’m not an Ozil fan, but I just want what’s best for the team and I think we really need(ed) Ozil or a replacement

  8. There you go again Ken a**licking ozil anyway you can. I would say old age as affected your sense of reasoning but then I see other right thinking fans like Jon fox who clearly see what’s right before their eyes and know how to call a spade a spade. In unai emery’s first season, we went 22 games unbeaten, got to the European Cup final for the first time since 2006 (only for emery to make the mistake of thinking ozil would show up)who can forget the way he strolled off the pitch when his team was losing and he was subbed off. That is a player you support like he puts the food on your table or something. We finished 5th in emery’s first season, 1 point away from Liverpool in 4th. Ozil is one of the bad eggs in that arsenal team, he has a big attitude problem and I won’t be surprised if he’s the sole originator of the toxicity at Arsenal. You saw his expressions every time he was subbed off or made to sit on the bench. I’ve never In my life seen a substitute player hold an umbrella before till I saw ozil this season. Those type of actions speak volumes and the worst type of deceit is self deceit Ken. You know these truths, for some reason we can’t figure out yet, you blindly support him. Now you turn up the excuse that all you’re trying to do is support an arsenal player. Well you and I know that’s a big lie Ken, I’m not a new member on justarsenal. I’ve been here since the days of wenger, the days of the thumbs up and down buttons. You and Phil were the most critical players of iwobi. I remember very clearly how the two of you bash him with every chance you got. That iwobi was the only one brave enough to score a goal in that europa final, something your lord and saviour could not do.

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