Pundit claims Arsenal spent £150m on unfinished products

Chris Sutton has given an appraisal of Arsenal’s summer signings and the former Celtic striker believes that they have spent on players that aren’t at the required level just yet.

The Gunners have splashed £150m on the likes of Ben White, Aaron Ramsdale, Albert Sambi Lokonga and Martin Odegaard.

These players are all under 24 and it seems Arsenal is deliberately targeting younger players.

But they are struggling right now and their squad needs players who can come in and start making an impact immediately.

The club’s owners will feel they have listened to their fans and invested as much money as they can into the squad.

However, Sutton said they have simply thrown money at players who will not be useful to them in the short term.

He says none of Arsenal’s signings gives you the feeling that they have landed a game-changer, not even White.

He then admitted that it isn’t easy for them to attract top players now because of how poorly they have been performing.

He writes on his Daily Mail column: “You’ve ended up as the top spenders in England. I make it just over £150million. For that you’ve got Ben White (£50m), Martin Odegaard (£31.5m), Aaron Ramsdale (£25m), Albert Sambi Lokonga (£15m), Nuno Tavares (£7m) and Takehiro Tomiyasu (£19.8m). 

“They’re all decent players, don’t get me wrong. Tomiyasu, who joined on deadline day, is a nice signing. He’s only 22 and he can play at centre back, right back or right wing back, so he gives you options. 

“But that list of names doesn’t give me that oomph — that sense that this is a game-changer. None of them are the finished product. Not even White who, at £50m, is a very big investment.

“Part of the problem with Arsenal is how do you attract the best of the best when you finished eighth in the Premier League last season and you’re currently bottom?

“Players like Ronaldo don’t go for that. They go for clubs who are proven to be competitive and that’s not Arsenal of late.”

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  1. Players like Ronaldo are 36 years old and on a kings ransom and stops Penandes doing what he does best scoring free kicks and pens those days are over now with Ronaldo there 😜 but I do agree with Chris Sutton even though it pains me to do so.

  2. Don’t need Ronaldo. Needed Buendia, Bissouma, M Aaron’s plus sprinkling of 3 others o reverse the rot and bounce back into the limelight. Its tragic knowing both Buendia and Bissouma’s 1st choice destination was the emirates.
    Keeping Xhaka puts plenty nails in coffin.

  3. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has them.

    Everyone is suddenly an expert, because there’s an Arsenal to talk about and bash.

    So Ronaldo is the signing that he would have made if he were in charge(?) Goes to show where his brain truly sits.

  4. Missing out on Bissouma is indeed the biggest disappointment of this transfer window to me along with the substantial premium paid for White when we had a talented CB on loan in France.The failure to sell a batch of mediocre players is frustrating but cannot be blamed on Arteta but is a reflection of the lack of quality of the players involved and the economic impact of the Pandemic.

  5. I believe Arsenal has good players and they have invest in young boy which I know will get better In a matter of time, what Arsenal player’s need right now is commitment and create a fun environment for them to get the zeal to play for arsenal club, buying Ronaldo is not the issue the problem is fun to play and commitment

  6. Opportunity wasted, IMHO. Sambi and Tomiyasu will no doubt become world-class players, but I’m not so sure about the rest.

    With no major upgrade to the right side, no playing partner for Pepe, we will be relying on Tierney’s crosses again, all season long. Let’s hope the brittle player stays fit – which me know from experience is very unlikely.

    The biggest mistake was the 50M!!! for green, Ben White, when Bissouma – the impact player we needed in the middle – was reading, waiting and available for just over 30M. Let’s just call this chapter – How to snooker the mighty Arsenal FC, by the minnow, Brighton and Hove FC.

    A close second was 30M!!! on Ramsdale – just another expensive IED added to the toxic dressing room culture. Look out for fireworks between from Leno vs Ramsdale.

    For sure, we can also expect more sparks to fly from the likes of ANM, Nketiah, Kolasinac Martinelli and Balogun – all jostling for playing time. At least we will be getting entertainment the dressing room even if there is none on the field.

    And what do I hope for next? Antonio Conte and Marc Overmars. And of course the release of documentary: “All or Nothing”.

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