Pundit claims Arsenal star could have ‘inspired his team-mates’ after England display

Bukayo Saka was named Star of the Match for last night’s victory over the Czech Republic, and Gary Neville claims his performance could even have inspired the England team.

The Arsenal youngster was left out of both the opening group matches, with Phil Foden and Mason Mount selected ahead of him for the attacking roles, but Saka’s performance will definitely have given manager Gareth Southgate food for thought.

The Arsenal player played as he does at club level, confident, aggressive, unselfish and inspiring, and for me, the England team has lacked so much of this in the earlier matches.

Gary Neville insists that not only Saka, but Jack Grealish and Raheem Sterling have put serious pressure on their rivals with the performance last night, and you can’t help but agree.

“Tonight we have seen Saka, Sterling and Grealish. These three have put the likes of Rashford and Foden under real pressure,” the former Three Lions’ right-back told ITV’s coverage(via the Daily Mirror).

“It wouldn’t surprise me if Gareth stuck with these three. I think Foden will come back in, but it’ll be tough to leave one of those three out after this.”

“He’s taking the ball on the back foot all of the time, he’s driving at people. That’s what we expected from Foden in the first two games.

“We didn’t quite get it, we know how exceptional he is. I think he could have inspired his team-mates tonight, Saka.”

I was expecting Saka to start the competition on the bench, but was sure that Southgate would have at least brought him off the bench during the opening two matches knowing he has that raw ability and enthusiasm, but I was wrong. What I wasn’t wrong about however is that Saka would take his chance when it came, and Southgate now has a major selection headache, albeit a pleasant one.

Will Southgate do the right thing and keep Saka in the team?


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  1. After watching this match, I wish Arsenal could buy grealish because he would clearly make Saka, Pepe and auba better.

    1. We either get 3-4 quality players or we get Grealish. Unless he forces a move (which he won’t, as a lifelong Villa lad), he’ll be over £100m. You can count on one hand how many clubs in the world could (let alone would) pay that and Arsenal don’t make that list.

  2. 100% agreed. Go all out for Grealish. This should be our big signing from Stan this summer (like Pepe) for Arsenal FC to get the fans maybe thinking again he wants the best for the club to get this Daniel Ek business put to bed.

    Jack Grealish would create like crazy for Saka, Pepe and whoever the CF is going to be this season with Martinelli & SmithRowe rotating with them. Imaging him pulling the strings in Arsenals midfield 👀🥰

    Jack (just like the younger SmithRowe) can play CM, AM & LW but means that Willock will need to be maybe used a bargaining chip or sold to get decent money.

    I’m so delighted with Saka what a player we have and is going to be a beast next season, even better he just signed a new deal so is here for the long haul, plus is an Arsenal boy like SmithRowe.

    If we get a CM to partner Thomas like Bissouma would be perfect but the CM we are actually after is Lokonga, looks like he may be on his way from captaining Anderlecht for around £17m after £13m bid rejected.

    Jack Grealish £45m + Willock (£25m+)
    Bissouma £20m + Eddie (£15m)

    These are my preferred signings. Both will cost at least £100m+ to get so swap deals with money makes sense and both our players are not going to play that much esp depending on signings and they are young talented English players.

    Xhaka (20m), Lucas(18m), Mateo (13m), Elneny (8m), AMN (18m+) should bring in some funds to facilitate these deals if Stan isnt going to help.

    Still have Bellerin, Kola to sell and replace with better wing backs plus the Striker situation with Laca & Auba as one has to go. I would personally sell Auba and hand Laca a 2 year extension for what he brings to the team.

    Cant hamper Saka, Pepe, Martinelli or Baloguns development plus 300k off the wage bill seems good business for a guy who was brilliant, just like Mesut, then the hunger went away once the contract was signed and is not getting any younger. I’m sure he would leave and take a pay cut to play in the UCL for next season as we are no where near it atm but could be if we get this summer right.

    Hand Tierney the Captaincy along with his new 5 year deal. Build the team around Saka as he is the star and everybody knows we have a special talent on our hands. RW is all his.

      1. A title winning team is not always built around the expected transfer moves, sometimes it’s the unexpected moves. Grealish to Arsenal may seem far fetched, however he may be the missing part of the jigsaw puzzle that catapults Arsenal back to the very top of Premier League bearing in mind there is no European football to distract teams focus on main prize, winning the Premier League. Right ingredients can achieve right results next season.

  3. I just want to say what a great player Saka is, and also a fine young man. I hope we keep treasures like Bukayo, because he is top notch as a player and a person.

  4. Just one game and motm performance. We have a star here, I remember how most criticised MA for using this guy at right side now he has developed his game and perform best out of all England wingers so far IMO

  5. Some of our fans need to come to the realisation/to terms with the fact that Arsenal right now is not as an attractive a destination as it used to be for the calibre of players they would like to see at the club (people fans from other club call it arrogance)why would players like Marhez Sterling Grealish even Madison want to come play for us?no European football outside the top 4/6 a team with no leaders fighting spirit (by that i mean b***s)no Wenger like it or not he had pulling power when it came to players……

  6. I can clearly see a golden generation of arsenal core on the horizon, if only management doesn’t mess up everything..

    We have some of the best youngsters in the game( top prospects in almost all positions in the 11)

    …………………….Balogun ……….
    ….Martinelli….. ESR……..Saka
    ………….willock…..Azeez or (lokonga if signed)…………..
    ………………..hope we sign onana………….

    I hope we get it right with these kids soon and sign a right back /keeper to complete the young core….

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