Pundit claims Edu has hinted at more big Arsenal signings this summer

Paul Merson has claimed that he has spoken to Arsenal director Edu recently, and claims they are in for a good season knowing who they are in line to sign.

The Gunners have already moved to bring in Marquinhos, Fabio Vieira, Matt Turner and Gabriel Jesus this summer, but there is little signs to Intimate that we are close to being finished just yet.

Merson’s comments seem to back-up that thinking, claiming that he spoke to the club’s director recently, and that we are still working on bringing in two more signings.

“They are looking good,” Merson told Sky Sports (via the Standard). “I saw Edu on Sunday and we had a little chat and I think they’ve bought well. They’re trying to get a couple more players in and I think they could have a good season, Arsenal.

“I think try and get in the top four, and then you know small steps. But I think top four would definitely be the aim this season. I think they bought well.

“They’ve got young players in the team that have got another season under their belt so I don’t think there are too many excuses at Arsenal now there’s a good little team there.

“I can’t say [which targets Edu was talking to me about]. He was talking to me in confidence. We were at Elton John’s!”

From what we have seen, the entire team working on signings this summer have been in top form, and they have worked quickly in establishing their priorities and getting the work done. Our priority was to bring in our new number 9, and nothing got in our way in getting that done despite reported interest from other clubs.

There still appears to be at least one or two more key signings in the works, as well as squad players being brought in, and there does feel like we have plenty to look forward to, both in the current market and going into the new campaign.

Understandably, Merson can’t tell us the players on our radar, but there is enough whispers going around for us to know there is more to come this summer, and I can’t wait to see who else is joining our progressive squad.


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  1. So far the only player that we have signed who can or will step straight into our squad and have an impact is Jesus, the others are not certain starters or even first teamers. We need a massive window from now on, particularly with the Partey pooper. We need some proper signings, probably Tielemans and at least two more that can make an impact.

    1. While not a new signing, Saliba is new to the squad and should have a positive impact. I’m hopeful for Viera but must admit he doesn’t look ready for the rough and tumble of PL.

      Agree we need a few more signings, particularly if today’s rumours turn out to be tomorrow’s worse case scenario.

  2. If we manage to get Teilimans & Martinez which solves CM & LB for years to come.

    We may end up doing one last deal for a winger once we get a few faces out the door. Pepe, Nelson & Lucas plus possibly Xhaka?

    1. Until the betting investigation is cleared up, clubs wont move for xhaka. Bayer Leverkusen have an interest but will wait.

  3. We have spent 81 million on 2 players Jesus 45m Vieira 36m already. That is a lot considering we spent 150mill last season on new players. We have also bought GK Turner 7mill, wing/striker Marquinos 7mill and CB Saliba is back. Niles RB/utility and Nelson Winger also available.
    So 7 additions already. We have extended Eddie and Pepe could be LANS. The attack and midfield are stacked. Tierneys on going injury is the major issue. Xhaka and Partey are both near 30. So the Martinez who can play LB and DM would appear to be the most logical addition which if the 40mill is the price would take us to 120mill the same as our net spend last season. Would prefer we skip the 40m Martinez price tag and maybe look at two 20m options one at LB and one at DM. Overall the squad rebuild remains on track.

    1. In January we also bought CB Auston Trusty from Colerado Rapids. Trusty is arriving this month and will be a decent squad player.

        1. Yes, but he’s new and we are not finished. Almost a new team in one window that’s interesting 🙂

  4. If we do sign Martinez or another utility player, he can only cover one position at a time. Both Partey and Tierney could well have a recurrence of last season’s troubles, which would likely mean Elneny filling in at DM once again (seeing as LB cover was the bigger issue) Also I do not see Martinez filling in at LCB considering his height, because he’d be targeted similarly to how Brentford targeted White at the beginning of last season. I do believe though that the player would be defensively sound at LB, and he may be a decent holding player if given a consistent run of games (or at least an upgrade on Elneny and certainly Tavares)

    I’m looking forward to seeing who we bring into the club. I expect a ball-playing CM that has rounded qualities. And I expect someone highly capable of filling in at LB. The rumored wide player we are said to be scouting, I didn’t expect that even though we could certainly use more quality at that end of the field. Manager’s priority signings rarely align with the fan’s outlook. I don’t believe we will bring in a CDM, at best I believe the rumored utility player is where we’re at. Anyways, bring on the new signings plus Saliba, COYG!!!

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