Pundit claims Man City’s centurions are better than the Invincibles

Many fans consider arsenal as the best team to have ever played in the Premier League after they won the 2003/2004 league season unbeaten.

They remain the only team to have done that in the Premier League era after Liverpool came close to achieving that last season, only to be stopped by Watford.

However, Manchester City’s centurions who racked up 100 points in the 2017/2018 season as the first and only team to achieve that has been compared with that Arsenal team.

Some fans consider the City team as a better side to Arsenal’s invincibles, considering that the Gunners drew several of their unbeaten games.

TalkSPORTS’ Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy argued over that after watching City beat Wolves yesterday and Cundy insisted that City’s team was a better side.

He claimed that the amount of games City won made their achievement better and added that a team can play a season unbeaten and still get relegated.

“Winning the league as Invincibles is magnificent, it’s an incredible achievement… but accumulating more points is a bigger achievement,” said former Chelsea defender Cundy.

“You can stay unbeaten all season and still get relegated!

“If you go and break the all-time points record… both are incredible achievements but to go an entire season and get over 100 points?!

“Of all the teams that won the title, the points that Arsenal got in their Invincibles season, they wouldn’t even get in the top-four in some other seasons.

“That tells you that Arsenal’s achievement is special, but that points total doesn’t even get them Champions League football, they’d only get Europa League!

“You can be unbeaten all season and not win the title, but you cannot get 100 points and not win the title, that’s never been done.

“Both are special, but I’d rather be part of a team that got more than 100 points in a season.”

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  1. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions. Both are in the history books for people to judge. At the moment I’m just finding it really hard to care about the invicibles when we see where we are now. 😢

      1. Eh im fine lol. i dont like reminiscing too much when we are currently doing poorly is all. New great memories are what i prefer

        1. Remember in life today’s great men will be tomorrow’s forgotten ones! That is why we refer to history. There were once great boxers like Mohammed Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Mike Tyson etc. Are we going to forget them because they are no longer great? Don’t vent your frustration on others who may wish to understand how things were and how they might be in the future. Some people say history repeats itself. Who knows what will happen in the future?

          1. Just reminiscing about how amazing you were or life was 20 years ago can be a bit cringy.
            It seems like since 2005 reminiscing about the invincibles has become some sort of coping mechanism for us.
            We have absolutely nothing to brag about. So invincible talk makes us feel all nice and fuzzy on the inside.

            Reminds me of the Liverpool fans that kept reminiscing about being the only English club to have won 4 CL trophies back before Klopp joined.

            Liverpool had gone for more than 20 years without a league title but every time they were challenged about becoming a has been club they would then say “But we won the CL more times in our history than United, Arsenal, Chelsea, City, Spurs combined.
            “We won the league more times than Arsenal blah blah before the EPL was invented 20 years ago.”

          2. Have to disagree goonster, if you lived through it, watched and revelled in the glory of the greats that played for our team theres nothing cringy about it, regardless of whether or not we are successful now theres absolutely nothing wrong with watching or discussing previous titles/players/goals etc otherwise what’s the point?

  2. Pundits really makes one wonder at times. Is getting the most points in a season the same as playing the whole season unbeaten? Question, does anyone think that City team would’ve made 100 points playing against the invincible?
    It is what it is.
    Man City most points in a season
    Arsenal unbeaten in a season.
    So unless City or any other team can go unbeaten for a whole season, they cannot be compared to the invincibles. And unless a team can score more than 100 points in a season, they cannot be compared to Man City.

    1. “You can stay unbeaten all season and still get relegated”. Like really?? Did those dummies forget, Arsenal actually won the league.

      1. And even if you draw all your games, 38 points won’t get you relegated. Those pundits have donkey brains!

        1. where do they get their facts? moreover I think comparing records made in different times is the most stupid thing I’ve seen. maybe during the 2003/2004 season competition was tough as compared to 2018/2019 season.there have been a recession in the epl.

  3. Bunkum!
    Arsenal achieve whatever they did against all odds, unlike other teams that receive a lot of help through football politics.

    What I actually want to see is the statistics of how much match officials affected the positions of teams in comparison to other, especially during their best or worst league season.

    1. sensible, with the way our game has been managed of late, its plausible to say these teams have achieved what couldnt have been achieved if we were still valuing the principles of fair play.

  4. Yeah against all odds when a penalty was blown against Lehmann when exactly the same foul was blown against lacazette

  5. Whoever wrote this was just a joker! Which is easier, going a season unbeaten or collecting 100 points? For the sake of those who may not be aware that season Arsenal got 90 points. I believe this was a feat which no other team had ever achieved before. If I am wrong I shall accept correction. Thus even today there is no way that team would have failed to be in top four! Besides the invincibles went unbeaten for 49 consecutive games. If that is a mean achievement then I think something is wrong somewhere. It may be helpful to ask ourselves who Arsenal’s opponents were that season. They were the usual suspects at the time: Chelsea which came 2nd, Man U which came 3rd and Liverpool. These teams had very formidable players including Paul Scholes, Ruud Van Nisteroy, Gary Neville and others for Man U; Frank Lampard, Claude Makelele and others for Chelsea; Steve Gerrard and his contingent for Liverpool. So I suspect the people who were discussing the issue either did so out of ignorance or intellectual laziness by not doing enough research.
    The invincibles were indeed special as indicated: Keeper: Jens Lehman; Backline: Sol Campbell, Kolo Toure, Ashley Cole, Lauren Maya, Martin Keown; Midfield: Patrick Vieira, Ray Parlour, Gilberto Silva, Edu; Wingers: Robert Pires, Frank Lampard; Forwards:Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Witord. I am sure the two discussants are young and did not have chance to see the invincibles live. That was the time when Arsenal was perhaps the most viable football club in Europe and Arsenal was a household name worldwide. Let no one attempt to water down the one and only invincibles of our time! No true Gooner should accept this manipulation.

    1. 👍 And the only way ecen the top clubs could compete with this team was to try to kick them off the park, with blattent fouls being waved on by officials.

    2. But George Graham’s Arsenal only lost one game in 1990/91:
      Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
      38 24 13 1 74 18 +56. 83*
      *Arsenal deducted 2 points for brawl at Old Trafford.

  6. Correction under invincibles team Frank Lampard is a typographical error. It should be in Fred Ljunberg.

  7. A yearly tradition this debate
    Can I clarify though Liverpool didn’t nearly go unbeaten at all
    Just a myth media created

      1. Ahmad while the end result is an absolute it is definitely subject to gradation, winning 37 games and losing the last game is a lot closer to going unbeaten than losing all 38.

        And your comparison does not hold water I’m afraid

        1. But thats the myth
          Liverpool didn’t come close
          They lost to Watford in Feb with still 10 games left , 3 months of a season left
          To go unbeaten you need to lose 0 ….they lost three
          How’s that close ?

          1. Dan… I’m not talking about liverpool and neither was Ahmad, he was saying in any circumstance unless you go unbeaten then you cant go close, which is untrue, it is subject to gradation. Hence why I used the example with 37 wins….

  8. In 2017/2018 City lost 2 league games. Who will be remembered? It won’t be City. The ‘Invincibles’ were so much more interesting. How many City players would be chosen in front of Henry etc? I think Cundy is just a second rate, jealous, ex Chelsea sub, who played just a few games for Chelsea.

  9. Those kind of characters should not be allowed to analyse games. If a team gets unbeaten the whole season, it’ll have a minimum of 38 points. How can a team be relegated at 38 points? This is lack of basic football knowledge. Their analysis is so biased

    1. Ridiculous claim that you can go unbeaten and relegated but the facts remain that it is possible. Relegated teams below:

      42 Game Season:
      49 points – Crystal Palace (1992/1993)
      45 points – Crystal Palace (1994/1995)

      38 Game Season:
      42 points – Sheff United (93/94)
      42 points – West Ham (02/03)
      40 points – Sunderland (96/97)
      40 points – Bolton (97/98)
      39 Points – Sheff Utd (06/07)
      39 Points – Birmingham (10/11)

      1. non of these team has got 38 draws in a row. it is impossible not to be beaten at all and to get relegated!!!. all these team were beaten badly, so it is hypothetical situation never happened and will never happen in the future. if it ever happens, then the relegated team will be considered heroes and admired by all and there may even be exception for them to go down and will also be named the invincible.

  10. I just think both teams would slog it out.
    Lets not forget we drew many games. We also got lucky in some games, Man united and Portsmouth come to mind.

    It would be a real slog. Our invincibles had some real characters / pure no nonsense leaders in there.

    I am looking at Campbell, Lauren, Ashley Cole, Vieira, Gilberto Silva, Bergkamp, Pires, Henrry etc. Give them a bit of today’s athleticism and fitness and we would be a better balanced team.

  11. This is just laughable stuff here!!!!

    City squad is not even close to the talent of our Invincibles.

    What makes them superior are the general pressing tactics,,, that’s all.

    Take the example of Debruyne, (“the best City player”) if you take into perspective that this guy doesn’t even possess half the talent of Cazorla alone, who wasn’t even an invincible, that’s should tell you the full story.

    In fact, if our current squad had the same training like City, we would be Champions at the canter.

    Even our squad is immensely talented, just the training and tactics…

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