Pundit claims ‘perfect’ Arsenal man would be selected over Man United counterpart

Darren Bent has claimed that Martin Odegaard is perfect for Arsenal currently, and that he wouldn’t replace him with Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes if he had the chance.

The former England striker is admittedly a Gunner at heart, despite playing for noisy neighbours Tottenham Hotspur during his playing career, and he is enjoying watching our side in recent months.

Arsenal have been in top form since February especially, with Odegaard one who has really began to shine in the role in behind the striker. Bent has now given him the huge praise of bring chosen over United’s Fernandes, who is tipped to sign a new bumper five-year deal at Old Trafford.

Andy Goldstein was discussing the contract for the Portuguese, before claiming that Bent would love to have him at the Emirates Stadium, a statement which he disagreed with.

“No, I wouldn’t,” Bent exclaimed live on TalkSport. “I’ll tell you that right now. No, I would not.

“Right now, I’d rather have Martin Odegaard with the way Arsenal are playing.

“I’m taking Odegaard in that role for Arsenal. He’s perfect for what Arsenal are doing right now.

“I wouldn’t swap him for Bruno.”

You cannot deny the level that Odegaard is playing at this term, and it is a huge credit to him to be picked ahead of Bruno Fernandes, a player whose output has been incredible since joining the Red Devils.

It is difficult to overlook the Norwegian’s form, which is partly why Emile Smith Rowe can no longer get a look-in behind the striker, but the joy of our team at present is that they are all impressing in their own rights.

Would anyone take Bruno over Odegaard?


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  1. They are quite different players but both constantly challenge defences, create opportunities for others and can score goals.

  2. Truly Fernandez is good, but Odegaard’s better. He’s more skillful, sleeker & a better controller of the ball than Fernandez. He makes futbol a beautiful game 2 watch. Though both are good passers, Odegaard’s edition & version of passes is modern & second 2 none. Odegaard anytime, even in wonderland.

  3. Fernandez is a very good player he will improve most teams, did tremendously well initially for United.

    Think he is more clinical presently than Odegaard.

    Odegaard is a more polished and easier on the eye player, and even a more difficult player to lose the ball

    Pound for pound though Fernandez seems to be at his peak, while am seeing Odegaard heading to be of the Luka Modric level.

    One must note Fernandez is surrounded by top top players, so receive more balls on a platter, more thinking is involved in how Odegaard collect his balls

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