Pundit claims player would jump at chance to replace Aubameyang

ESPN pundit reckons Wolves ace would move to Arsenal.

Arsenal shouldn’t worry about replacing Pierre Emerick Aubameyang should he leave them for Barcelona as Raul Jimenez would jump at the chance of replacing him, according to Craig Burley.

The Gunners are currently fighting off the advances of Barcelona and other top sides who are looking to sign Pierre Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gabonese attacker has pledged his future to the Gunners verbally but he is yet to put pen to paper on a new deal and it seems that he might be tempted to move away soon.

Burley, however, believes that should Aubameyang move, Arsenal would have no problems luring Jimenez to the Emirates Stadium.

Jimenez has been one of the division’s top scorers and he has already netted 11 times in the league this season with his goals helping Wolves to 7th on the league table and ahead of Arsenal.

When asked about Aubameyang and Jimenez and potential moves etc Burley said on ESPN, per the Daily Star: “I don’t see Aubameyang going to Barcelona – I don’t think he’s that kind of player.

“If you look at Wolves and Arsenal, Wolves are a better side at the moment under Nuno Espirito Santo.

“However, Arsenal are a bigger club and are potentially going to have a better team down the line depending [on] how [Mikel] Arteta does with the recruitment.

“So I think a move to Arsenal would be something that Jimenez would be interested in.”

Of course, Arsenal are the bigger side and Burley is absolutely right, Jimenez would most probably jump at the chance to play with a team like Arsenal. In fact, so would the majority of players outside the traditional top-six.

Though, I will admit that would only be the case if Arsenal starts to get their act together in terms of performance.


    1. I feel it is a debating type of article Reggie. As I said to Jon, we do pundit articles all the time on here and this is the sort of thing that could easily be discussed in a pub. I watch Sky Sports, BT etc and they are always coming up with some weird and wonderful debates. I read another debating article today on another site about the invincibles and this Liverpool side, I was very interested i9n it and will be doing something similar later in the season, a possible series of articles. To me, it is just something to debate or ignore.

  1. But why is this an article at all? There is no suggestion that Arsenal want Jimenez or that any discussions are imminent between Wolves and us. It is merely an idle comment made by a not esp important pundit. Is this site now so desperate that they manufacture an “article” out of absolutely nothing. Seems it is! Sigh!

    1. Oh come on Jon, we regularly post articles about pundit opinions, I could literally list you 10 pundits right now that we have featured on here including videos. Wrong to say this is manufactured out of nothing when it is something that has been done often.

  2. Raul Jimenez’s aerial ability is excellent, but Aubameyang is faster. It’s difficult to find a tall target man who possesses speed, aerial dominance and good technical skills

    That’s why Arsenal had better search for a tall false nine who has good vision, combative and can do hold-up play. This forward will act as a decoy, steal the ball and let the wide forwards shoot instead

    I think Lacazette can be as good as Firmino due to his high work rate, despite being smaller and slower

    1. False 9s, reconstituted fullbacks, inverted wingers, goodness me, what is wrong with an out-and-out centre forward like Lewandowski? Is Pepe not a winger, why must he be inverted? Does that mean you pull his AH over his head? Can a 4.3.3 formation not be just that, 4 backs, 3 midfielders and 3 forwards? Or have somewhere along the line I missed a complete revolution in formations and positions and the naming thereof? Just checking 😁

  3. What happened to the other comment admin, it seems to have disappeared?
    I was about to “reply” and there it was gone?

  4. Could we sell Auba and use that money to hit Erling Haaland $60m release clause. He has both height and speed and is only 18!

  5. I don’t think Auba will move in this window. As far as the Summer is concerned he will see where Arsenal is positioned and than decide. Auba is priceless for us and Arsenal should do everything in its power to keep him. Jimenez is no doubt a good striker but Auba is Auba, irreplaceable for us. MA with his vision and commitment to the cause can convince Auba that Arsenal is the right club for him to continue.

    1. “…Auba is Auba, irreplaceable for us…” Spot on sir. I share your sentiments that MA will do his best to convince the player to stay and sign ‘da ting’. That can only be positive for us going forward.

      Can’t stop saying it. We need Auba. For now and the immediate future.

  6. Where will you find a sticker of his caliber in world football, that is willing to leave his present club? What club will release such a player willingly without you paying with an arm and a leg?

    If Auba is sold, will we get enough from that sale to invest in another elite striker like him, who will help with the team immediately?

    Persuading that man to sign another contract with Arsenal is going to be one of the best things that happens to us and the future of youngsters like Saka, Martinelli and Nelson. They can do with a mentor like him in the club. They are the future of the club, no doubt, and they need someone like Auba.

    Hopefully, we will win many laurels with him in the not too distant future. Which is good and likely with a coach like Arteta.

  7. It depends on the calibre of the sticker:.177,.22,.276,.308,. 357 Magnum, .38,.45,….😁😁😁

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