Pundit claims that Hector Bellerin isn’t good enough for Arsenal

Tony Cascarino reckons that Arsenal has a problem at right-back and is of the opinion that Hector Bellerin is not up to the job.

The Gunners have been struggling at the back for some years now and Mikel Arteta has inherited a squad that struggles to defend.

The Spaniard has managed to get them to defend as a team, which seems to have made defending better.

They have managed to keep some clean sheets in impressive fashion, however, it cannot be said that the Gunners have mastered the art of defending and that all their positions at the back are working perfectly.

Cascarino claims that the right-back position is a problem for Arsenal before adding that Bellerin isn’t a good defender of the ball and he has never been one.

“Their right-back position is a problem,” Cascarino said on talkSPORT.

“Hector Bellerin is not a good right-back for me. He’s quick, he’s pleasing on the eye.

“I don’t think he’s a great defender, I never have done. He’s been at that club for eight years.

“But who’s putting pressure on him? Maitland-Niles has become a sort of wing-back, he’s not going to do it.

“I think on the other side, they’re fine. [Bukayo] Saka can play left-back, [Kieran] Tierney can play left-back, no problem.

“Their right-back position is a problem.”

It has to be said that a lot of Arsenal fans will share Cascarino’s opinion on Bellerin.

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  1. Jolly good, pundit! Hecuba isn’t good enough. And how about Granny Xhaka, Skoffe Mustafi, Clown Luiz, and… the rest of Micke Artetas favorites? £100m for a dozen!

  2. Cascarino is a terrible pundit but may be right about Bellerin. Cedric will likely replace him when totally fit. Good to see both Xhaka and Mustafi have decent games against the Saints though.

    1. Declan, you’re right about Cascarino, but he is right about Bellerin. He can’t defend, has lost his pace, was constantly out of position against Southampton, provides no link up play or fails to draw players away from Pepe and has an inability to cross a ball.
      Bellerin should be sold to allow him to pursue his modelling career in Milan, Paris or Spain and the funds rein8vested in defense or midfield.

    1. Sue, should we buy him a chainsaw and he can go into saw milling or some green tights and a map of Sherwood Forest? 🤔

      1. Forest eh? He ‘s not even good enough for THEIR team let alone ours. Never could stand Bellerin and was saying he would never make a defender fully six seasons ago. Simply has no defensive instincts at all. We need him gone and ASAP.

    2. That’s a good one. When Birnam wood marches to fight you at Dunsinane Hill… You know your Shakespeare, mam. I like educated women.

  3. Sue, should we buy him a chainsaw and he can go into saw milling or some green tights and a map of Sherwood Forest? 🤔

  4. Bellerin is a poor poor footballer, i really wonder how he gets a game in the team, i cant think of any team in the prem he would play for as first choice. He hasn’t got anything going for him at all, strangely lacks pace, cant tackle, cant cross and is always out of position.

      1. Sue, it all reflects where we are going as a team, the fact that we are a struggling mid table team now. And most of us know the reasons.

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