Pundit claims that Liverpool need reported target more than Arsenal do

BBC pundit Don Hutchinson has claimed that Liverpool should be in the market to sign Ousmane Dembele, but it would be an unnecessary risk for Arsenal to do so.

The Barcelona winger is out of contract this summer, and has supposedly told his club that he is unwilling to accept their offer of an extension.

The above has led to a flurry of rumours linking the France international with a number of clubs, including almost all of England’s top sides, and while we have been linked, Hutchinson believes that it would be more of a risk for Arsenal to sign him than Liverpool.

“If I was Liverpool I would (go for Dembele). If I was Arsenal I’m thinking I could get more out of Pepe, they’re two similar players. The trouble with Dembele is that he’s not been fit enough at Barca, he’s a wonderful talent, he certainly was at Dortmund,” Hutchinson said on BBC 5 Live Football Daily podcast.

“If Arsenal threw their money at Dembele I think it would be a risk, but if Liverpool did it he’d be a squad player who’d have to fight for his position.”

I’m not sure I fully follow here. Either Don is claiming that both Pepe and Ousmane can have equal effect on our playing season should we sign the latter this month, but I don’t quite understand how it would be a risk for us, but not for Liverpool.

Surely the main risk with his signature is his injury record, and that is unlikely to stand in good stead regardless of which club he ends up at. In fact, Liverpool’s stronger use of the press could well be worse on a player like Dembele who may need extra caution taken for him to remain fit in long spells, something unseen for as long as I can remember.

I personally agree that he would be a risky signing, but for any club in the world. He commands a worldly wage and will no doubt be fishing for a hefty signing on fee despite his injuries, and for that reason I would rather us not both. I’d still happily find a buyer for Nicolas Pepe this month also whether we can replace him or not this month, although he does have a habit of finishing seasons well, and the AFCON could potentially give him the minutes to bring him into form if we are lucky.

Do you understand Don’s point on him being a risk for us, but not for Liverpool? Do you believe we should be looking to meet Ousmane’s demands with all things considered?


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  1. Wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot barge pole. Forced a move from BVB to Barcelona by going on strike.

      1. No he didn’t. He was suspended a few times due to breaking the club rules, but he never went on strike.

  2. Pepe has been pretty good at Afcon so no to Dembele as they are similar type players & we can get more out of Pepe. He might come back full of confidence ready to play.

    Dembele injury record is something we don’t need either especially the wage he will demand being in last 6 months of his deal.

        1. Style, no no. He is a risk, as he would be a player in every game, not now and then or coming off the bench. At liverpool, he. Can play now and then and not be to much worried about his injury issues.

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