Pundit claims Unai Emery is ‘doomed’ and ‘at war’ with Arsenal players

Whilst explaining his selection of Jamie Vardy in BBC Sport’s Premier League Team of the Week, former Tottenham star Garth Crooks claimed that Arsenal boss Unai Emery is ‘doomed’.

Questions are being asked of Unai Emery’s ability to lead the Gunners after Arsenal’s 2-0 defeat in their crucial Premier League encounter against Leicester City this past weekend.

The north London club have so far failed to move comfortably in a new direction since the Spaniard’s appointment and things may have actually regressed at the Emirates since Arsene Wenger’s departure.

Garth Crooks believes that Emery is ‘doomed’ because he’s ‘constantly at war’ with Arsenal’s players. The former PSG boss has struggled to develop an identity for his team.

Are we going backwards under Emery?

Here’s what Crooks had to say on the Spaniard:

“Twenty goals in 22 games for Leicester since the arrival of Brendan Rodgers tells me Brendan Rodgers is doing with Jamie Vardy precisely what Unai Emery is not doing at Arsenal.”

“Everybody at Leicester looks like they love playing for Rodgers and no-one more so than Vardy.”

“Emery, who looks like he’s eaten a lemon before his post-match interviews, always appears to be at odds with his players. A manager who is constantly at war with his players is doomed.”

Whilst we are discussing Emery, take a look at out five potential managerial candidates that could unite Arsenal’s fanbase.

Some serious work needs to be put in on the training ground by the team during the international break if the Gunners are to have any chance of turning their season around.

Arsenal haven’t shown that they’ve got what it takes to seriously challenge for a spot in the top four, it looks like we’ll have to rivals Manchester United to solidify our place in the top six.

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  1. I think that Arsenal is heading the AC Milan way. So sad indeed. We fans are really suffering and I feel for everyone whom Emery has destroyed psychologically and emotionally for no reason. I love Arsenal to bones but currently, am not keen in much aslong as Emery stands as our manager

  2. Emery might actually be a good coach but what is for sure is that his choice of players especially in midfield is b*g*s.

    His recruitments of Guendouzi, Torreira have put the incoming manager in a tight spot b’se those are now the only available options….

    Yet they have championship-level skills.

    1. And by the way, even if we had Van Dijk, Koulibally, Maguire etc, NO ONE can succeed with that midfield we have.


      1. I think arsenal made mistake for bringing Emery in .He has everything at Psg yet he could not lift the champions league trophy,and was defeated by same club back to back.He can not even select his first eleven players.Arsenal will be related.if he continue.

  3. Laca’s comments paint a different picture, but he still hasn’t extended his contract on offer. Not sure what to think on this one.

    Emery has lost majority of fans, board has lost majority of fans, now Raul, Edu, and management in danger of the same.

    Shocking how club has allowed a failed coach to drag us down to this.

  4. The man is hapless and will drag the club down further … sadly doesn’t mean he will be removed in time to salvage the season … when corporates run football clubs as an asset class this is the predictable outcome

  5. Ive always took what Garth Crook says with utter contempt and anyone who reads or listens to that horrible useless individual and give him any credence is as bad as him.

  6. Garth crook is saying Unai Emery is doom for the dressing room then he is a crook not worth listening to.

  7. At the moment emery’s biggest problem is not having fixed on a set formation with set players.. we all know the front 3 of P.A.L should be starting every week.. if u drop ozil into a floating no 10/ CM role u have to surround him with pace and energy.. I think most fans would agree in losing santi, ramsey and Wilshire in quick succession we lost alot of premier league experience and they knew the arsenal way.. now we have replaced with torriera and guendouzi who let’s be honest arent really made of steel and power!! Cellabos has shown glimpses of class but no consistency and is bit lightweight.. also Add to that bloody xhaka and kids of AMN and willock.. in my eyes that a pretty weak midfield.. I know the defence is ropey at best but midfield is where we get over run every game.. torreira dont seem to wana be here and his form is showing a downward spiral!! geundouzi runs round like a headless chicken and cant pass to save his life.. then xhaka would either be fouling or giving the ball away!!

    Emery has got to realise and stop all the tinkering of formations and 1st 11 stick with the same team!! Otherwise the players wont get to gel!!

    For Southampton game I would like to see a team something like this..

    Bellerin holding luiz Tierney
    Chambers torreira
    Pepe auba laca

  8. Arsenal fans who go to stadium every weekend for games are the ones keeping Unai Emery in the job. These board think they are wise? after international break let no one come to the stadium and see what the reactions will be all over the world. am sure Emery will sacked the next day.

    1. Big of you, i suppose you are going to tell us you are a season ticket holder and you will be doing just that. You can’t go around telling people not to watch them. That is their choice.

  9. Anyway Crook says we are “DOOMED” and the players are at “WAR” LOL what do we think he is trying to do, its bloody football not assassins creed.

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