Pundit defends Alexis Sanchez comments on Arsenal regret

Alexis Sanchez recently claimed that he knew after one day of training at Manchester United that he made the wrong decision to leave Arsenal, and has come under criticism for his comments.

The Chilean left our club as our top goalscorer, and main threat going forward, to arrive at Manchester United and struggle to find any kind of form whatsoever.

Alexis joined Inter Milan on loan 12 months ago, a move he made permanent this summer, and he has since come out on his Instagram to reveal how he regrets his move to Old Trafford, and even claims he asked to rip up his contract after only one day of training with the Red Devils.

Former professional footballer and Republic of Ireland international Tony Cascarino has now come out to defend the player’s recent comments, claiming he felt the same at Celtic.

He told TalkSPORT: “When I went to Celtic, I felt there was a disconnect.”

“When I hear Alexis Sanchez, I felt in a similar way.”

“When you don’t play well, you don’t have a voice!”

Ray Parlour had previously told TalkSPORT that Sanchez arrived at Man United with the wrong mentality, but Cascarino clearly disagrees.

It is crazy how a player’s level can drop so much in a different team, and how much the surroundings can impact some players, and a part of me wishes he was able to tear up that contract and stay with us for longer.

Some people want to judge Alexis, but we shouldn’t forget that the likes of Memphis Depay, Angel Di Maria, Radamel Falcao and others also arrived with huge reputations, only to leave unhappily a year later.

Will Ole Gunnar Solskjaer have changed enough behind the scenes to rectify these issues?


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  1. Lucas Torreiera just got another option.
    Torino are in the game now, they’ve offered us €24M cash upfront and straight ahead to take Torreira on permanent basis unlike the Fiorentina deal.
    I don’t even know what the club will do, if they’ll accept it or stick to FiorenFiorentina.

    Personally I feel Torino are only taking advantage of the fact that we need money to get our targets

    1. Agree Eddie – let a bidding war begin, but make it short and sweet!!!
      We need Partey here before next Saturday (even if he doesn’t play) as the uplift in his signing would be tremendous – along with Auba signing his contract….any further insight in to those two scenarios?

      1. Both scenarios would actually lift the team’s spirit definitely. Though I don’t care if we get these players within a week or after three weeks. As long as in the end they’re playing for us, then I’m okay with it.

    2. Torino said they wanted him in early August so they’re worse than Fiorentina for dragging their heels. And as for it being ‘new’ news . . .

      1. Publicly admitting they want him isn’t same as making an offer is it?

        Arsenal wanted Partey for months, but it’s won’t be the same as making an he 45M offer will it?

  2. As for Sanchez, this is an Arsenal site – you dissed our club and it’s fans…sorry mate, you made your bed, now go lie in it.
    Thanks for the memories and hope your dogs are all fine.
    End of.

  3. Alexis and Van Persie.
    Only players who have left under a cloud– that I still get hairs on the back of neck standing up thanks to them. Want nothing to do with them.

    Every now and then an RVP comment or quote appears online. Talking in a tone like his opinion carries any weight on club business.

    You two got paid to leave. Stay gone. Both of ya’s.

  4. One man team when he was here, and so grateful for what he did, and tried to do for us.

    Unfortunately he wanted to win too much!

    1. TMJW, I’d agree if Sanchez had gone to Manchester City. The mistake Arsenal made was not cashing in on him at the time for £60 million.
      He went to Manchester United purely for money, probably egged on by his money grubbing agents.

  5. Senor Alexis Sanchez is old news.. we don’t give a **** either.. Tony sorry you felt like that at Celtic bye 👋.. any actual news on Arsenal?!

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