Pundit delivers Mikel Arteta warning to Arsenal over transfers

Danny Murphy has warned Arsenal that they have to give Mikel Arteta an important say in the recruitment of players now.

Arteta became the club’s manager late last year and he led them to win the FA Cup in the just-concluded season.

The Spaniard has not made many new signings because he joined the club when the season was already underway.

He now has the chance to sign his type of player in this transfer window and the Spaniard will hope that he will be given more of a say over which player joins or leaves the club, and Murphy thinks this is important.

The former Liverpool midfielder claims that the Spaniard has to be given greater control over the transfers so that he will not have excuses about the players that eventually join the club when they cannot get the job done.

“Recruitment for any club is the biggest thing,” Murphy told talkSPORT as quoted by Express.

“It’s the one thing that brings you success or doesn’t.

“I think the most important thing for Arsenal is Arteta feels like he’s involved and has some say.

“Forget the finances, how much he’s going to have to spend and how much wages [they have], I think as long as Arteta feels like he’s involved and has got a say in the players he can bring in, then he can’t then hide behind that.

“You get a lot of managers who’ve said: ‘I’ve had players given to me and I wanted him and got him’.

“But if Arteta’s involved and feels part of that process, that’s crucial.”

Arteta is gradually stamping his authority on the current Arsenal team and the recent signing of Willian shows that the former midfielder isn’t afraid to mix youth with experience.

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  1. What is even more important in this regard is an agreement between MA and Edu on the preferred style of play for the future. For example, do we play out from the back, do we play the tica taca style, the long power game or a combination the two. This needs to agreed upfront by MA and Edu so that recruitment, training and player development can all be aligned to the preferred style of play; this applies to the academy too.

  2. I think Edus interview after Raul left was proof that Mikel was going to be involved In the players coming in and out of Arsenal, makes sense as he is the only one who knows who will fit into this system of his.

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