Pundit discusses one reason Arsenal’s owner isn’t selling the club yet

Financial analyst, Kieran Maguire speculates one reason Stan Kroenke is holding on to a majority stake at Arsenal is because of his son’s enthusiasm about the club.

Josh Kroenke has been his family’s main representative at Arsenal and he is more visible than his father.

The younger Kroenke has been speaking about his family’s plans to completely overhaul Arsenal and make the club great again.

Apart from speaking, fans can see their efforts to ensure everything is working at the club and the willingness to spend money on players.

Maguire says Stan would probably have cashed in on the club if his son didn’t have that much passion for its development.

“There is no doubt that there is profit potential at Arsenal,” he told Football Insider.

“But Josh Kroenke definitely does seem keen for the club to be successful on the pitch as well as off it.

“From a succession point of view, it could be that his dad is willing to continue the investment.

“If he is as enthusiastic about Arsenal as he claims to be, then he could be around for a long-term basis.

‘If Stan was thinking about an exit route from a financial point of view, this could be the one thing that keeps him invested.

“Then it is really a case of choosing what funding model they want to pursue over the long term.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

The Kroenke family may have needed a threat from someone like Daniel Ek to wake them up, but they have been doing the right thing this season.

Mikel Arteta has coached the Arsenal team to become one of the strongest in the Premier League.

However, if he hasn’t been supported with top signings, the story would probably be very different right now.

As long as the club keeps backing him, the Spaniard could get this Arsenal team back inside the top four sooner than we all imagined.

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