Pundit dismisses Arsenal title chances and claims they will finish outside top four

Arsenal has been bolstering their team in this summer’s transfer window and they have got the feel-good factor back after winning the FA Cup and Community Shield last month.

Looking at their latest successes and transfer business, some fans might be thinking that they can even challenge for the Premier League title in the coming campaign.

Former Liverpool man, Graeme Souness, however, thinks that talks of a title challenge are premature.

The football legend who was part of the Liverpool side that dominated in England and Europe in the late 70s and 80s has written in his Sunday Times column that although a lot of people are tipping Arsenal, he doesn’t think that they are strong enough.

He, however, added that he expects a tougher challenge this season unlike when Liverpool won the last title by 18 points.

“People are making noises about Arsenal, but I don’t see them being strong enough” He said

He added: “I expect a bigger challenge, though, from United and Chelsea this time.

“If you’re asking me now, that’s my top four for next May: Liverpool, City, United and Chelsea.”

“United will be better with Donny van de Beek, but the goalkeeping situation may be an issue.

“Chelsea have signed well, but let’s see how quickly Timo Werner, Hakim Ziyech and Kai Havertz settle in.” 

That is the opinion of Souness, however, Arsenal has made fine progress under Arteta and if they can maintain their level of performance they have shown recently, they could be in the mix for the title challenge when the campaign resumes.

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  1. I know MC are full of fantastic players, but I wonder if the departure of Arteta has caused Pep difficulties. Just a thought as MA has really shown his worth to us.

    Things will become clearer after a few games. Just because the well funded clubs have or will add new and exciting players from abroad, it doesn’t always mean that they fit in straightaway.

    Souness is probably right about the top 4 but I won’t be putting any money on it. Arteta got more than a silk purse out of a pig’s ear, so bring on the start of the season

    1. I would be happy to have a punt we finish top 4 sue ,I believe we are talking about Liverpool and city as contenders for the title and probably Chelsea and us as making up the top 4 ,I’m very optimistic about our chances TBH ,I think we will probably still see one or two more signings before the end of September ,the only downside for me is we should have got all our signings done before season kicks off like Chelsea have done ,I feel we could be playing catch up with quite a few difficult games at the start of the season .

    2. Chelsea’s buying reminds of the splash that Spuds went on after Bale/Modric were sold to Real Madrid.

      Could just as likely be that the players they’ve bought aren’t exactly PL quality.

      Maybe Timo Werner is the next Roberto Soldado. (remember that Blues went big on Alvaro Morata too). While it’s possible Kai Havertz at Chelsea, approaches what Christian Eriksen provided for Totts? He’s only been top-shelf for a season in the Bundesliga. Just feels like Chelsea spent where it wasn’t necessary. £50M for Ben Chilwell?! That’s more than Auba or Laca– and in the COVID-era.

      Plus, TBH? Have not seen Frank Lampard successfully change his tactics in-game when it’s plain he ought.

      1. That is another aspect jw1 -tactics wise

        FL has one more year of managerial experience, but I cannot see he is superior to our main man. He took over an infinitely better positioned club than Arsenal and as far as I am concerned, the jury is still out.

  2. We will be dark horse in the race because the coming in of Saliba and Gabriel will significantly strengthen the backline which has been our Achilles for over a decade, Willian will make our attack even better so if we a top class defensive midfielder (Partey)
    and a top class no. 10(Auoar),we will definitely go for it.

  3. We know asking Arteta to win the league in his first full season is a tall order,but to say he wont finish in the top 4 and list a number of team as the ones who will finish ahead of him,all of which he has beaten,some twice,that quite an under-estimation!

  4. I much prefer when we are considered the underdog ..

    Just need to go about our business and continue on our path.

    Let them spout their s***

  5. While these pundit predictions are meaningless, I’ve been surprised by the number that have us sneaking into the top four. Nice to see neutrals are starting to see what most of us one-eyed supporters are seeing – a team trending in the right direction.

  6. It is early to predict with transfer window still open so I will keep my predictions for now.
    We are black horses but we are not favourites until we prove otherwise. Manu seems better since they brought Bruno F. You cannot discard city and Liverpool. Chelsea lost Pedro and Willian but signed top players. Even Spurs seems to have improved in 2nd half if the season and made few decent additions.
    It is an interesting season.

  7. I wish to be very categorical here. No team is guaranteed any position, not even the so-called favourites, Liverpool and Man city. One of the major reasons I disagree with many self-styled pundits is their voodoo-like predictions without making any analysis! Is it sensible to suggest that because a team was first last season it must be in the top four next season? I expect a good pundit to give grounds on which he bases his arguments. It is nonsensical to just say such a team has bought so many good players therefore they are favourites to win the league. There must be other factors to be considered such as the time it takes for players to adapt to a new environment, the period players take to know each other well and how well the coach manages the team. These are very pertinent issues which these pundits don’t address. The only thing I hear them talk about is the number of supposedly good players which a team has bought and they conclude on that. Besides a player can be good in one team or a certain league and fail in another. Similarly a player can thrive under a certain coach and flop under another manager. Examples of such players abound. Alexis Sanchez was a wolrd beater at Arsenal but flopped at Man U. Gervinho at Arsenal was a total flop. Pascal Cygan joined Arsenal with a high profile but how did he fare at Arsenal? One can cite a host of examples. So judging a season merely based on the players bought by a team can be very deceptive. Sometimes it works but not always. A real pundit should look at the pros and cons of whatever he discusses. Or else he will just be a quack!

    1. DAVID, This and much more besides is the sort of analysis a pro bettor like myself has done for many years past. Some of the simplistic and immature comments from certain excitable and always young fans makes me weep with frustration at the total lack of thought.

      That being said, the title is usually won by the best squad with depth and fewest key injuries. Liverpool had hardly any key injuries last season in the meat of the season.


  8. I agree with souness. I like the signings so far but our big problem last season was too many draws. We struggled to break down the team’s we should expect to beat and were fortunate the opponent’s couldn’t finish their chances in some of our victories.
    We can probably grind a few more results but I’m not convinced yet that we’ll be able to consistently beat those teams. I think we need a big impact from Pepe and Willian (and maybe saka/martinelli) to have much hope of top 4 – it’s not outside the realms of possibility, but still need to see some evidence before getting too excited.
    Still better than we were.

  9. I’m not convinced based on our activity. We still lack a creative attacking midfield and the club have still not managed to bring in Partey. With the need to sell players it looks as though Arsenal just don’t seem to have the finances to get this squad to a level that can challenge the top 4!

  10. Once upon a time, Leicester city won the league. They call it a miracle but I don’t think so. I think you ve got to cease the moment when it comes. I wonld not dream that we will be FA champs this season and sometimes I still wonder how on earth did we beat both City after the series of 3-0 losses? This is football, everything is possible. Partey and Auora would be nice. For once in a long time, we will have capable personnel in all sectors of the field.

  11. Punditry is the only job that pays handsomely for talking bullshit. I would like respect when they are talking about this season champions.

    They have to give that respect willingly or we are going to force them to.

    We are going to make a statement of intent by the demolition of Fulham.

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