Pundit dismisses ‘proven winner’ could join Arsenal

Simon Jordan doesn’t believe there is any chance that Arsenal could attract Antonio Conte this summer, adding that he is ‘starting to doubt’ our project.

The Italian boss was confirmed as leaving Italian champions Inter Milan this week, leading to widespread speculation on where he could possibly end up ahead of the new season.

While Real Madrid appears the most likely option for me following the confirmed departure of Zinedine Zidane also, nothing appears to be in place as of yet.

Simon Jordan completely ruled out Arsenal and Everton as possible destinations however, before adding that he has doubts over the North London club’s project also.

“You can’t make a case for the manager to want to go to those clubs, with all the will in the world,” Simon Jordan told TalkSPORT(via HITC).

“You can make a case for those clubs saying: ‘Hang on, I’ll have a proven winner in Antonio Conte.’ But you can’t really make a case, with the greatest respect to Everton, for Conte to want to go to Everton.

“Carlo Ancelotti is in there and it’s a work in progress, they will give him time. I still think that’s a project that’s not going to get where they want it to go – but we’ll see.

“The Arsenal project? I just don’t get. I got it from the outset because I was buying into the idea there was something more behind Mikel Arteta than a very good manner and some good credentials having worked with Pep Guardiola. But I’m starting to doubt that.

“I just don’t see Arsenal being in the market now to change, for whatever reason, while Everton I think are doubling down on Carlo Ancelotti.”

I would love to see Conte arrive at the Emirates, with his proven record in various leagues, and while any arrival would likely be a short-term one, I would firmly believe that he would take us in the right direction.

Unfortunately there appears to be better jobs out there in Real Madrid or possibly even Paris, but we appear set to stick with Mikel Arteta regardless.


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  1. speedy says:

    managers like conte are demanding not sure arsenal can afford him. He will be fantastic for us but i dont see that happening.

    1. Declan says:

      I don’t see it happening either because we already have a manager!

  2. Kev82 says:

    Roma looking to sign Xhaka for 10 mil just for that low-ball offer they should be told to jog on! I’m not his greatest fan but if the club agree to that they become a bigger laughing stock, what next willock goes for 7.5 mil ? Saka for 15 mil ? Liverpool get 25 million for a player who couldn’t score a goal if his life depended on it!

    1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

      I agree it seems a tad low, but it’s a good starting point due to the inherent financial issues affecting most clubs, plus the fact that they won’t pay top dollar considering his wage requirements…this team kind of owes us one considering they got Miki from us for next to nothing then he preceded to pot goals for fun this season and last…I would suspect something between 15 & 20 would get it done and if they balk at that price tag I would look to find a younger prospect on their roster, who doesn’t fit the Jose mold, and use it as a way to massage this deal over the line…time for us to adopt a much more progressive and inventive philosophy when it comes to our recruitment and asset management practices

      1. Kev82 says:

        I was about to say about Miki, he went there on a free and has been hugely successful.. I suspect we may need to get maximum fees for any outgoings this summer as I doubt Kroenke is going to hand Arteta a big kitty, we will possibly have to rely on players sales to improve the squad and low ball offers like that won’t get us far.

        1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

          I agree in the sense that we can’t hope to acquire those players who might be slightly overpriced, like Bissouma or Buendia, considering their respective “real” market values, if we continue to sell our available assets for less than one might logically expect, so I guess we need to luck into finding other clubs with assets we desire who are similarly poor at conducting business…how terribly sad for us though

    2. Declan says:

      Yes we all would love to get more for him but he’s 29 and on a big salary. He plays alongside Partey and everyone wants a new partner for Partey so I say let him go for that amount. As much as I think he has improved we need to move on and rebuild.

  3. jon fox says:

    Conte is a non starter, as all realists know. Simon Jordan is an arch realist and by a country mile the best brain on TalkSport. Some might say the only quality brain on that laddish downmarket channel.

    If you appreciate quality debate then tune in to the Jim White and Simon Jordan show 10am -1 pm Mon-Thur. Shun all other TalkSport progs like the plague though, if you are wise.

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