Pundit finally defends Mikel Arteta over his touchline behaviour

Mikel Arteta has faced criticism for his animated and emotional demeanour on the touchline during Arsenal’s games, with some pundits suggesting that it can negatively affect his players. However, former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan has come to the defence of the Arsenal manager, asserting that virtually every top manager exhibits a certain level of intensity and passion.

Arteta, in his post-playing career, had the opportunity to work alongside Pep Guardiola, widely regarded as one of the best coaches in the world. Interestingly, Guardiola is also known for his emotional and passionate approach on the sidelines. This demonstrates that the intensity and emotion displayed by managers like Arteta and Guardiola are not uncommon in the world of top-level football management.

Jordan writes in his column in the Daily Mail:

“The best teams, the most successful ones are, more often than not, a reflection of their manager’s strongest attributes. Enthusiastic, controlled, educated, emotional energy is a bloody good thing and, most of the time, Arteta embodies all those things so I really don’t see what the problem is and don’t understand the sentiment of deriding Arsenal for it.

“This argument that somehow Arsenal have got to be less emotional to succeed I suspect all started around what many perceive to be their over-the-top celebrations.”

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Managers are humans like all of us and are all different from each other, which is why Arteta has come off as being too emotional.

His critics are trying to shape his behaviour and want it to suit the image of a manager that they have in their minds.

But that is not how things work and as long as Arteta is not breaking any law, we expect him to keep doing what works for his team.


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  1. Arteta is able to make in-game changes with a birds-eye view of everything. I appreciate the more animated Arteta is as I think it’s wonderful to see the passion he has. I don’t understand people saying it could work against him or our emotions working against us when you clearly see it worked for both Pep and Klopp

  2. I like the gaffer touch line antics showing the fire in his belly, one could argue if you have instructions to build a wardrobe, you don’t need someone to stand next to you telling how to build the wardrobe.
    The issue here is that a game of football is not a wardrobe.

    In a game of football the situation is constantly changing meaning it is near impossible to prepare for every outcome.

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