Pundit gives his opinion on the future of Arsenal’s bad boy

Kevin Campbell believes that Matteo Guendouzi has already played his last game for Arsenal.

The Frenchman was shipped out on loan to Hertha Berlin at the end of the last transfer window.

It was a move that he needed to make because he was already frozen out of the Arsenal first team since July.

He has had some falling outs with Mikel Arteta in the past, and when he was caught taunting the players of Brighton during Project Restart, it seemed that Arteta had had enough.

The Spaniard exiled him from his team until the end of the season.

He gave him a clean slate at the start of this campaign, but he didn’t feature him in any game until the France Under 21 star left the club.

Campbell is confident that the youngster has already played his last game for the club even though he is only in Germany temporarily.

Asked by Football Insider if the Frenchman will leave the Londoners for good next summer, Campbell said:

“I do not think he will play for Arsenal again. He doesn’t have a future at Arsenal. Mikel Arteta put him in detention after the Brighton game last season, that is what it was – detention.

“A manager like Arteta wants to see that you can toe the line, take your punishment, keep your trap shut and get working. Guendouzi could not do it.

“He was given a clean slate at the start of the season, like Mezut Ozil, but they did not toe the line.

“Arteta is strong enough to exclude players he cannot trust. When a manager cannot trust you he is not going to back you.

“The good thing is they got him out on loan because you cannot afford to havie ill-disciplined players like that in and around the club. The right thing was to get him out on loan.”

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  1. You give 21yr £50k/week, he’s bound to make mistakes. Gouendouzi made a mistake by boasting about his salary. But Arteta made a bigger mistake by saying that he forgave him, but in real essence he didn’t. This young boys need to be guided appropriately. Arteta doesn’t have the skill to guide these youngsters. Its a loss to Arsenal

    1. I totally and whole heatedly agree with you.

      MA has a big problem. He cannot hate bad behaviours but still love the child.

    2. TG, Your personal vendetta against a manager who I firmly predict will achieve greatness with us, given time(which you especially would never do, as you constatly tell us all !!)is all consuming!
      What has MA ever done to you or your family to make you so unredeemingly hostile towards him? Your constant criticisms, sometimes amounting to several separate posts on the same thread calling for his sacking are beyond stupid and seem to me, as a deep thinker, to be caused by some personal vendetta that no other fan has to the same DEGREE.

      Others, a tiny few only, have wanted him out, its true, but NOT ONE has shown the same level of constant, spiteful and stupidly unthought through vindictiveness that you do, daily on here!


    1. Correct and he had a great game for Hertha 3-1 win(only their 2nd win this season) his second game and first full 90 minutes, he bossed the midfield, his stats were very impressive. By the way I know he boasted about his wages against Brighton but after Maupay was omitted from the squad a couple of weeks ago after a confrontation with one of his teammates I wouldn’t be surprised if he started that confrontation with MG.

  2. In stark contrast to some other posts on here, I confidently predict that Guendouzi has no future at Arsenal! TO ME THAT IS CLEAR! MA has made sure he , as a rotten egg, is away from the squad and showed haste to do this, telling me, at least, that his distaste for Guendouzi is real and will not change.

    Separate from his distaste of him as a man is his clear evidence that he is not rated as a player either. Guendouzi will have some sort of career somewhere but it will not be at Arsenal and I will be massively surprised if it is in Britain too.
    Most players, as well as most knowing fans, will not tolerate low life arrogance in a young player who is still to prove his top level ability and who in my view will never do so at TOP level. I say good riddance and I APPLAUD MA for taking firm and immediate action to rid our club of this lowlife.

  3. When did Kevin Campbell become the all knowing sage of things Arsenal. This must be the third or fourth article on here recently about his views ?

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