Pundit gives his opinion on who has a better chance to win the title, Arsenal or Spurs

Jamie O’Hara has tipped Tottenham and Everton to win the Premier League over Arsenal.

This season’s Premier League has made an unpredictable start.

Holders Liverpool and serious contenders, Manchester City have both made poor starts to their season and it seems that a team outside the top two sides over the past three seasons could win the title.

O’Hara who spent some time as a player of Tottenham has backed Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti’s sides to win the title over Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United.

He admitted that Liverpool and Manchester City remain favourites to win the competition, however, if neither of them wins it, he is backing Everton and Spurs.

“I still think Man City and Liverpool are the teams to beat, but Everton and Spurs, I think you have to put them in the mix,” the former Tottenham man said on Tuesday’s talkSPORT Breakfast.

“I think Tottenham and Everton have a better chance of winning the league than Arsenal, Man United and Chelsea this season, at the moment.”

Mikel Arteta has made some fine addition to his Arsenal team and the signing of Thomas Partey on deadline day is expected to be the icing on the cake.

The Ghanaian will be available to make his Arsenal debut after the international break.

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  1. This is so short sighted and maybe biased. Everton I understand because factually he is right at the moment Everton stand a better chance as they are the top of the league but Tottenham, they have played good football but are still 2 points behind. I know which I would rather have!

    Has he expanded on his opinion and given a reason?

  2. Personally i dont think Spurs will win the league, i think they will have a good season and maybe do well in Europa League, yes they are playing well last few games but when it comes to facing the likes of Liverpool and Man City they will likely come up short, we have a chance if Bale can play 30 games but thats unlikely to happen, a good cup run would be good and a bit of silverware in one of the cups could do wonders heading into next season, I’m not saying no chance at the league but it is doubtful, i do however hope i am wrong.

  3. Best thing that could happen to us. Just be written off and left alone to focus on our campaign. Let all the ‘tough guys’ measure their muscles while we go quietly about collecting those points, 3 at a time.

  4. Cant expect anything different from a Spurs ex-player and fan. Surprising he didnt put the Spuds above everyone else to win the title. In my reckoning this season could turn out to be one of the most open title challenges ever with unexpected results. Anyway, his opinion doesnt make a difference to us Gunners and with hard work, determination and the talent at our disposal we will always be hoping the title will come to the Emirates. Up the Gunners!

  5. I actually listened live to this rather immature and poor would be pundit speak these very words quoted in the article. It us surely not worth writing an article about such a silly man though, is it!

    Patrick, if I may, I’d ask you a question please; why do you get all the uninteresting and non newsworthy articles and rumours but never an article that actually gives us any NEWS?

    1. Was this pundit talking about Arsenal? If so we will report it. We are JustArsenal. Every single bit of Arsenal news whether you like it or not!

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