Pundit gives his verdict on whether Arsenal will sell Aubameyang or not.

Arsenal will most likely cash in on Pierre Emerick Aubameyang very soon according to Jamie Carragher.

The Gabonese attacker has top-scored every other member of the Arsenal squad since he joined and he was the Premier League’s joint-top scorer last season.

However, he has been unsettled in London recently and wants a return to the Champions League to help boost his image as one of the world’s best.

Barcelona and Real Madrid have been credited with an interest in Aubameyang, and he has refused to commit his future to the Gunners.

With Arsenal struggling to get him to renew his terms, Carragher believes the Gunners would eventually sell him to avoid missing out on a transfer fee.

“You look at up front and the age of Aubameyang, he’s got a year to go,” Carragher said on the Sky Sports Christmas Transfer show, per the Mirror.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they cashed in on Aubameyang if somebody offered them big money.

“That’s even though he’s one of the top strikers in the Premier League.

“They do still have Lacazette there also but it’s a big job at Arsenal.”

Alexandre Lacazette is also unsettled at the Emirates and Mikel Arteta is reportedly planning to hold talks with both strikers, the hope is that they would buy into his ideas and sign new deals.


  1. Carragher likes to say all kind of things. He does not make sense. He criticizes our defence a lot. What I remember most about his playing days were the own goals he conceeded. Arsenal should rather keep Aubameyang and sign quality players in January that will improve the team. We can make Top 4 of we go on a consistent run. Sign Thomas Partey Dunk and Rakitic. Men with experience. Those 3 players would improve our team and we can push for top 4. We did that when we signed Arshavin in January. Loan out Guendouzi, Willock, Nelson, Smith Rowe. It will be wrong to sell Aubameyang at this stage considering our league position.

    1. The truth is actually BITTER!!!
      There’s no need having a biased mindset, all due to respect to your opinion but it’s the truth. Finishing in the CL spot will gain us what exactly? With this squad we won’t go beyond the round of 16. Progress comes with lots of sacrifices and if Auba and the likes (senior players) are to be the ultimate sacrifices then so be it. You never know what we could become without them. I’ll say do the needful and let’s build from there. Sell anyone that could in mitten improve the team( money from sales).
      It’s a long journey ahead, let’s quit sulking and get down to business.

  2. Sell our bad/average players FIRST

    It’s common sense innit

    It’s basic Mathematics innit:

    Bad players + average players + good players = our squad

    Our Squad – good players = Bad and Average players

    And even if replace Aubameyang, Lacazette, we will still have Xhaka, Mustafi, Elneny, Mkitaryan, Sokratis, Ozil, Niles etc innit.

    So sell or release those players first before even thinking of selling our best players

  3. If AUBA could be our Bale/Courtinho/some1 sold and the money used for squad rebuild, I’ll be happy but I do not trust our scouting network anymore, this day our recruitment process look like spur/liverpool of old.
    I do envy Leicester scouting system, take kante & Ndidi for example, prior to their arrival they were less popular (at least both don’t feature regularly for country) but we’re bought, when kante left we thought it would be difficult to replace but Leicester went ahead and brought a relatively unknown cheaper Ndidi who on current form, is better than kante. That’s how to be smart, we eagle eye scout, if possible, poach some from Leicester

  4. If he isn’t interested in signing a new contract then yes sell him in January if he only has a year left to go. Absolutely any player not willing to commit to a new contract needs to be sold. Don’t let them run into the last year we’ve been down this path so many tines it’s getting ridiculous. I would go for Danny Ings in January and sell sell sell all the players that aren’t bothered being here. January best time to sell not the best to buy though

      1. I take it you agree then with Ings? A leader, a personality, good finisher, impact player, cheap, gives a very different option, knows the epl, the right age for experience but still young enough to learn and adapt and is over a massive injury which has kept him under the radar. And being English gives that connection to a British club to its root fan base. If you disagree how about say why

          1. Yes. He did score. Our league position is not looking good at all. The Chelsea and Man United Games are a must win. And we should be the buying players this January. thomas Partey, Rakitic and lewis Dunk are a must this January. If we can’t get Partey, then we should move David Luiz to midfield. No more draws and defeats.

  5. Aubameyang has had his head turned by media generated speculation of interest from Real Madrid and Barcelona. Why would they be interested in him. Real have top class goal scorers in Benzema, Hazardand other younger players coming through. Barca have Suarez, who at 32 is twice the player AUba will ever be, Griezsman and this 16 year old Fati. I can not see either of those two clubs coming in for him unless they can get him for a knock down price. Arsenal will not let him go for less than £50 million or some convoluted exchange deal so it is not going to happen. Auba expectations will not, in my opinion be realised and he is not doing himself any good by agitating, as has been suggested by the press for a move. His record at Dortmund, when he created unrest to get a move and his attitude recently at Arsenal will not help him in his ambitions for Champions League football, top clubs do not buy trouble. I am not saying he will not go but imo it will not be in January and it will be when Arsenal decide what is best for Arsenl. Not what is best for Aubameyang.

  6. Auba sale issue is just kroenke business, he needs to cash up, not let him go free. Rest doesn’t matter, as long as we fill that stadium!

    Positive part, we can use that money and sell Xhaka, torreira, Kolas all wanted to get Koulibaly and Kurzawa. No need Partey, Luiz is good as a DM infront of CBs!

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