Pundit gives his view on why Zinchenko wants to join Arsenal

Former West Ham man, Frank McAvennie, claims Oleksandr Zinchenko is interested in moving to Arsenal because of Mikel Arteta.

The Ukrainian has been linked with a move to the Emirates as the second Manchester City player to land in London this summer.

Talks are ongoing between both clubs, and it seems the conversations have been positive, which will make it easy for him to make the move.

At City, he is almost guaranteed to win trophies every season, but Arsenal is not even in the top four and will not play in the Champions League this season.

However, McAvennie doesn’t think the defender will think too much about that.

He believes he will be keen to make the move because he will work with Arteta, who had been a member of the coaching staff at City, previously.

He tells Football Insider: “He pretty much got a lot of game time last season but if he’s happy to leave then let him go.

“I think I’d want to be close to [Pep] Guardiola. But he might have an affinity with [Mikel] Arteta, he might have got on well with him.

“Arsenal have to step up. They see West Ham doing well and Tottenham fighting for Champions League places so they have to. He’s giving chances to youngsters but it could backfire on him.”

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Arteta is one of the finest young managers in England and will attract top young talents to the Emirates.

He did well as Pep Guardiola’s assistant manager. That will make it easier for players to choose Arsenal when they want to leave the Premier League champions.

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  1. I belive if this goes through that will be the end of our transfer business this summer and when you look at whats come in I do not believe it’s enough to be challenging top 4 ,all our rivals have themselves upgraded but they have an advantage of having top class managers and that could be the difference in finishing 3rd and finishing 6th .

    1. From which source are you believing please? Why are you counting your eggs before they are hatched? What if we go ahead and sign a couple more players will you come back and apologize to the club for misbelieving?

      I will strongly advice we all enjoy the activities with kin interest and optimism. I have leant that my moaning doesn’t actually affect the activity of the market so I just enjoy and follow the cruise.

    2. Highly unlikely this will be the end of our business. We are linked with every CM/b2b under the sun.

  2. I am a man city fan and i became surprised when city decided to sale Gabriel Jesus to Arsenal. He has had a hidden great talent that we will see him as a striker at Arsenal. Arsenal is so lucky to have him. Have a nice time for Gabriel

  3. Not at all moaning it’s just an opinion which with a bit of thinking from your part you might come to the same conclusion ,you really believe we are going to sign more then that’s great buddy ,and no I don’t believe I will be apologising if they do that’s just weird .

    1. Dan, im sure you would be happy if your opinion was wrong, i really dont get the mentality of some people. I hope we sign Lucas Paqueta but if we get Zinchenko, i doubt the budget would stretch unless as i keep saying someone like Saka goes to a bigger club for a big fee.

      1. Yea don’t see it mate
        For me that will be business done ,would love to see a pacey physical CM bought in and another CF with different attributes to Jesus and Eddie but for now I don’t think we will unless like you said players move on that we aren’t expecting not .

  4. Nah, Dan if I was a betting man I would bet on atleast one or two more signing before the window slam shut

    Maybe a winger on a free transfer and a £25 mil target man.

    Am leaning on keeping Leno though, just a little nervous on the new lad

    1. Leno deserves to be a Number one ,to good to be on the bench and still only 30 so hitting his prime ,hope he goes to Fulham as I have a soft spot for them and can only help their struggle la to stay up this season

  5. On the other side of the coin, a conspiracy artist could argue that our fine young manager is helping City to finance the deals for Haaland and Cucurella.

    I’m not against the two deals in principle, but I can’t ignore the hefty pay increases on offer for both Jesus and Zinchenko. (Over 200pw for Jesus and 150pw for Zinchenko). What I’m trying to say is this pundit’s view is noting but cow dung, manure – to be polite.

    We are paying an arm and a leg for two of City’s fringe players.

    1. Can you please list any club that is not paying an arm and a leg for the players they are signing?
      Man United
      Spuds etc..

      Barcelona just paid £60 million for Raphinha and £40 million for a 34 year old Lewandowski..

      Even the smaller clubs are paying as much as £35 million on an individual player..

      1. I said the same thing RFrancis a few weeks ago that we are helping out city get stronger while we just replace with their left overs ,that might seem harsh on Jesus and zin but they were both not needed ,now is that Arteta being mates with Pep and scratching each others back ,I don’t know but let’s be honest pep is getting the best out of any said deal .

      2. Does any of the above clubs give away players for free? Re. Lewandowski for 40M, how much do you think our striker PEA would be worth in this window? A cool 50M!

      3. Barca have their own league to worry about @goonster ,those 2 signings will give them a chance to get top 2 again and that’s exactly why they have signed them ,to compare those signings to any PL signings is pointless TBF
        I do get you’re point about the smaller teams paying more now though in the PL but teams like Newcastle and West Ham will definitely be closing the gap this coming season ,2 really solid managers that need to spend bigger to stay in touch with the top 5-6 teams

  6. I once suggest to admin a certain amount of ranting and conspiracy theories will do no harm on this thread.

    Honestly I see them as share entertainment, its really funny how City can make such profit on a single player.

    Zinchenko for example, I was told he was brought for £1.6 mil, a few years later Arsenal agree a £30 mil fee for the same player, on top of that we are told it’s one of the best deal since slice bread.

    A dare not mention a 72mil player that’s struggle to command £20 mil in two years time, maybe a color change in Jersey could do the trick

    No wonder people believe in conspiracy theories

  7. Reggie I’m definitely superman mate ,sorry bud but got in there first .
    Clark Kent for you .

    1. You can be superman Dan, personally i couldn’t give a fig what he thinks. The guy spoils this site with his ramblings.

  8. And for your information jonny boy (I should ignore you TBH )
    Me and Reggie didn’t see eye to eye when he first started posting on here ,but over time we now respect each other as all fans should do (you wouldn’t know that )
    Ive been posting for a few years now on here and remember you when you first started posting ,within 2 weeks you threatened the website because someone called you out and you called them a lier and said you would get a lawyer involved 😂😂
    Reggie came on here a few years after me if I remember rightly so to even suggest we are one and the same really shows how far you will reach because we don’t agree with your own opinions about our club ,not getting personal but you obviously have a controlling problem in your personal life .

    @adpat this is what I was talking about ,the thread as been nice and polite and Jon once again comes in and try’s to start a problem that isnt there ,no sign of him talking about the subject at hand just more talk about other fan’s opinions that do not agree with his own .
    Anyway hope I haven’t broken any rules as I’ve been as polite as I could be (trust me).
    No need for his comment though .
    I would have loved to once again put him in his place but no need as I’ve done that so many times over the years it gets boring .

    1. I think Dan its very commendable you actually reply to him, personally i would’ve give him my time. What a saddo to keep calling people out. Os that trolling or stalking.

    1. Plus Dan, im not sure many other people on here are bothered, what a weird thing to say. I cant say i dont read his post, that would be a lie but i take nothing from them and dismiss them. The fact he reads mine and yours and it actually bothers him is strange, especially when all he does is call our views.

      1. MAte I pretty much scroll through his posts now which I’ve done for the last year or so ,but when I see my name briefly I stop and have to read (I have a knack of reading quickly with out much thought )and obviously it happened again tonight ,that’s why I felt the need to respond,more for @adpat to actually see where so many arguments start.
        Like I said above the whole tread was posters discussion the article and low and behold once again he as to make a scene .
        I won’t be replying to him again now that’s it .

        1. Correct, i was thinking the same. How great is was to have a few articles where we actually had grown up debate and discussion and then it gets spoiled by one poster.

          1. Unfortunately Reggie I expect mine and your posts will get deleted in the Morning when Pat comes on as is usually the way ,even though there as been no abuse from us ,I just hope he sees where the thread started to go off the subject .

            Anyway atleast he don’t call one of us Lois lane 😂

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