Pundit hails Arsenal for making Manchester City sweat for nothing

Gary Neville was impressed with Arsenal’s tactics when they faced Manchester City and believes the Gunners are the only team to have made the champions struggle as they did yesterday.

Mikel Arteta executed his tactics perfectly in a battle with his coaching mentor, as Arsenal thwarted everything City created.

It was a day of frustration for the home side, who had suffered defeat in the reverse fixture at the Emirates and were eager for redemption.

Arsenal is evolving into one of the best sides in Europe, but some of their supporters were anxious about how the team would perform in Manchester.

After 90 minutes, they got their answer as Arsenal defended superbly and posed threats to score several times, resulting in a goalless draw.

Speaking after the fixture, Neville said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘I just think Arsenal made it so difficult for them. 

‘I’ve never seen a team make it so difficult for Manchester City in the final third. There didn’t seem to be any spaces. The way in which Arsenal defended was quite unique.’ 

Just Arsenal Opinion

We were in terrific form as we met with City yesterday, and the defending champions will know we are no longer that team they can easily defeat at the Etihad.


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  1. Saw a great comment on another site.

    There’ll be some partying in Liverpool after the City-Arsenal draw. They’re lucky they don’t have to get up for work in the morning.

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