Pundit hails Arsenal’s new mindset change under Mikel Arteta

Arsenal beat Liverpool to win the Community Shield this weekend, that was Arsenal’s second trophy in two games after beating Chelsea to win the FA Cup just a few weeks ago.

Mikel Arteta has now won two trophies at the club before spending a full season with the Gunners.

He inherited an Arsenal team that was short on confidence and which had also been battered by several Premier League sides and teams in Europe.

In a very short period of time, he has transformed their mindset into a winning one and they have beaten Liverpool twice in as many games.

They also beat Manchester City and Chelsea before the end of last season. These improvements point to the fact that the Gunners have become a different team and Danny Murphy cannot help but be impressed with their mindset shift.

He hailed the Gunners mentality in his column in the Mail Online after they didn’t allow Liverpool to beat them when the Reds equalised on Saturday.

He wrote: “What really impressed me was Arsenal’s mentality. That has changed under Arteta too. When Liverpool got their equaliser, I thought there was only one winner.

“In the past, Arsenal would have crumbled. But this is not the same Arsenal any more. They hit back and had a good go to win it themselves in normal time. They continue to show real signs of improvement. Liverpool, in fairness, were not quite at the races.”

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  1. Liverpool weren’t at the races? Liverpool played well yesterday, they attacked us, they played ball. It was our teams defensive efforts that held strong, if that game was under UE we would have been 3-1 down at half time.
    It shows we can absorb alot of pressure for long periods and can play when we need to and thats with a week of training, some only had 1 day before this game.

  2. Why does he then rubbish the compliment by implying the Liverpool Arsenal played up to their usual standard. ” .. Liverpool, in fairness, were not quite at the races.”
    As far as we know they’ve had a longer holiday and even preseasoned in Austria. Klop himself said before the match they’d go for the trophy. He wasn’t going to easily surrender a consecutive defeat to rookie, Arteta.
    He conceded as much in his post match comments.
    When will these so-called pundits stop talking tongu-in-cheek, especially in matters concerning THE ARSENAL.

  3. I can’t help but laugh at these “so called pundits” analysis.

    Can someone please define for me mindset in football and how a team can change this in a period of over one month!!! Utter bull****.

    To the naked eye, Arteta has changed 2 obvious things only.

    1. Putting in an actual keeper that not only knows how to play out from the back, but also has the best RECOVERY SPEED after facing a shot

    2. Learning that our midfield is Championship level; so using a formation (3-4-3) that offsets the weak midfield


    1. Herbz. Some of us use the evidence of our eyes and brain which tells us that mindset HAS changed, fundamentally and completely under MA.


      All Gooners can clearly see it and very many remark on it regularly on here.

  4. They can says whatever they like I mean pundits but what We as an Arsenal Fans knows and believed is dat D Glory Day has come,this new season Arsenal will not only make d Top 4 but will Definitely Add A new Truph to Their Cabinet.

  5. One thing for sure is they have to find another team to because we aren’t that team anymore. Shout out to Ian Wright for not jumping to the bandwagon and always stick with us.

    Your time has come now Ian! You are the big dog in the studio now. Paul Merson go to you know where.

  6. Notice how when Liverpool don’t win a game they aren’t on it, or at the races.. perhaps the other team was just better? Or found a way to beat them!

    1. Yes and how after they wrapped up the league it was understandable that their form dipped! What!!!!!????? 😄

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