Pundit hints problem is brewing between Arteta and Aubameyang

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang was punished for his poor form when Arsenal faced Everton last night.

Mikel Arteta benched the club captain and even subbed on Eddie Nketiah before the Gabon star later in the game.

You could say the Spaniard is justified with the decision because the former Borussia Dortmund striker missed a glorious chance to help the Gunners earn a point from the match late on.

Putting Nketiah before Auba is a significant decision, and Sky Sports pundit, Gary Neville believes the latter will not be happy with that call.

He said, as quoted by The Daily Mail: ‘I think there’ll be a problem with Aubameyang after this. I don’t think he’ll like the idea of Nketiah coming on or being subbed full stop. 

‘There’s always a little bit of a bug between Arteta and Aubameyang, I know he’s the captain but he leaves him out and it feels like something a bit awkward. 

‘It’s going to cause a problem and I bet if he could get a bit of money for him and get someone else they would.

‘And I bet if Aubameyang could he would move on as as well because it could turn a little sour.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Aubameyang’s shocking miss at the end of that match justified his manager’s decision to bench him from the start of the game.

The striker has been going downhill since last season, and his age means he is most likely irredeemable.

Signing another attacker at the start of next year is a great idea, but it would be hard to find a quality replacement for him in January.

The club still needs him for at least this campaign. Hopefully, he returns to form and fires the team into the top four.

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  1. Nketiah’s miss was even worse he had a header from about 3 yards out with an open goal and hit the post!

  2. At first there was a problem brewing with Ozil, then Guendouzi, then Saliba, then Torriera, then Leno, then Laca, then Pepe, then Willian, and now Auba.

    Who will be next – Ben White, Ramsdale, Sambi and even the impressive Nuno?

    I think it’s time for the chaotic, apprentice to hand in his manager card to work full time as a master brewer.

    1. What an interesting way to cover the number of players who have been sidelined by MA…. inasmuch as it brings home just how many there are!!!
      Perhaps this shows how the manager really only wants the players he has signed, with the only real exception being Xhaka and, of course, the younger players he inherited.

      1. Good point. You have to deal with what you have too. Emery got us to 5th, with UEL midweek all year towards the final, with players he inherited, mostly except torreira and guendouzi who had good seasons. Arteta almost changed everything for what ?! The club did a gamble on Arteta… They might have got a new pep on the cheap. They got an average manager, not capable of improving us since he took the club. Made us backward with that shitty decision to seel Emi and recruit a costly Willian. Then had a better window this summer but it is time to move on. The FA cup, exception, thanks to huge defence and a magical auba wrongly made us think he was that man for a quite longer time than what he woulf have deserve based on results.

        1. word up.

          this site is full of articles desperately defending arteta. it’s been a long time and all there have been is a handful of good runs. nowhere near enough consistency to be where we want to be.

          he tried, we tried, it’s not working out, let’s move one. why is that such a difficult move. its very normal for clubs to drop managers after mediocre performance. even big clubs do it. maybe it wouldn’t be completely fair (pick any number of “inherited” problems) but so what?

          something is missing, let’s give someone else a try to figure it out. hopefully that is at least being considered

          1. The comments sections is getting ever more ridiculous.
            Are people now suggesting that players like Willian, Ozil and Torreira are the players that would make us serious challengers for a top four spot.
            Far too much is being made of the Saliba situation. There were some initial mistakes but loaning him out to Marseille is a sensible move as he will get good experience.
            Far too many fans have an unhealthy obsession with believing that Arsenal’s problems will be solved by sacking the manager.

            1. So if we had got Tuchel when he was available and sacked MA, you think we would have been in the same boat we are in now?

    2. It is a clear message to all the players -perform or perish. Not that Ozil was scoring for fun and assisting in dozens, Torriera had N number of complaints from the weather to what not, Leno playing is like having an open goal, Laca went over a year for an away goal despite earning 180 grand per week, Pepe was not even wanted by Emery, Willian – a plyer who every Arsenal fan wanted him gone and now Auba missing sitters and even a penalty. The truth hurts friends and Mikel is not a friendly manager or like the “Papa” who cajoled his “high earning todlers” to accept mediocrity. Saliba was loaned out for a purpose and that is for his own growth in a very good team, he should be part of Mikel’s plans next season hopefully, Guendozi has problems every where he goes like the pied piper.Need we say more?

      1. He should be part of Mikels plans next season
        Mikel will not be here next season and if he is by some miracle I doubt Saliba would want to play under him with the way he’s been treated .

      2. Good points LC
        There are simply far too many fans who are obsessed with the past and getting Arteta out whilst wilfully ignoring the weak structure he inherited.
        There are comparisons being made with Chelsea/Tuchel which is frankly laughable: Chelsea where even world class midfielders such as Kante (and other Ballon d’Or nominees) are not guaranteed starters..
        People want to blame Arteta but if you take each of the players mentioned I cannot see how you make a strong case for any of them.
        Unfortunately for Arteta (this will be the same for any manager if he is sacked) he has a very small margin for error from match to match with this squad. There are a number of much stronger squads in the league (and some at a similar level). This is why some are willing to give him more time to sort things out.

    3. “At first there was a problem brewing with Ozil, then Guendouzi, then Saliba, then Torriera, then Leno, then Laca, then Pepe, then Willian, and now Auba.”
      Yeah ..because everything you read on the net must be true

  3. MA is just a confused boy

    -knows Auba is failing hard at the moment
    -knows Eddie is leaving
    -knows he promised Balogun a role this season and has claimed he has a big future at AFC

    So what does he do:

    -sticks with a horrific Auba
    -plays Eddie over Balogun
    -leaves Balogun to rot in u23 games where he can’t grow

    The logic of MA’s process is undeniable…who could possibly argue against his well thought out plan????

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