Pundit insists Arsenal has no world-class players

Former Premier League player Stan Collymore has shared his perspective on the calibre of players within the competition. He contends that there are no players of world-class status within the top clubs, including Arsenal.

Despite Arsenal’s elevated status as one of the league’s top teams and their near miss in last season’s title race, Collymore maintains that world-class players are absent from their ranks.

Under the management of Mikel Arteta, Arsenal has undertaken significant strengthening, with notable acquisitions such as Kai Havertz and Declan Rice enhancing the squad’s overall potency compared to the preceding campaign.

Additionally, Arsenal boasts the talents of Bukayo Saka and Martin Odegaard. Other prominent clubs, like Chelsea, have made substantial investments in securing world-class talents.

However, Collymore remains unimpressed and steadfastly believes that these clubs lack players who meet the criteria of being truly world-class performers.

He tells Caught Offside:

“It’s not just Chelsea that don’t have any world-class players. It’s the same at a lot of top clubs. Think about it, where are all the 25 to 27-year-old world-class players? – Man United don’t have any. Spurs don’t have any. Arsenal don’t have any. We see a lot of young players with high potential and a lot of older players, who are, or were world-class, such as 32-year-old Kevin De Bruyne, but where are all the world-class players in their prime?”

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is hard to understand why Collymore thinks this way. Saka is one player being ranked among the best youngsters in the world and Odegaard has also been superb for us, just like William Saliba.

These players deserve more respect and credit from Collymore, but his opinion does not exactly count.

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  1. Why does anyone think Collymore has an relevance
    Why do Arsenal bill gets even publish his insane illinformed comments

  2. It’s a matter of opinion, and it’s true in my eyes – we have several who could fall into that ill-defined bracket at some point in the future, maybe the very near future, but I think one of the key determining factors is performance in the very big games – the players haven’t had much opportunity yet, but they haven’t done brilliantly in all of the big, high pressure matches. Some positive examples last season before the run in, but the run in is when it really counts

  3. Think I understand where Collymore is coming from and the pundit is not too far off the money.

    In my opinion world class players is a small elite group that is made up of some generational talents, the Messi’s, Ronaldo and Mbappe, there is a few that we can count on one hand that has joined in by slipping through the back door.

  4. Like many other “pundits” what does Collymore know that is close to being a widely held view?
    The idiot knows, well, that there world class players at Arsenal so maybe it is because, as a player, he was nowhere and as a pundit, worthless.
    Surprised this site wants to quote such a loser.

  5. He should stick to beating up Ulrika Johnson – he couldn’t even do that properly..
    He obviously has a gripe with Arsenal after Wrighty made him look like what he is – a cretin..

  6. Not sure what crackhead is driving at though as world class players are rare commodities who can as well fail to significantly improve a team(ronaldo at man utd for example).the ingredient for creating a successfull team is not necessarily about world class players it’s about a group of dedicated individuals in one accord,team harmony,right attitude and approach towards your job,never say die approach,winning mentality and mental strenght albeit with top quality players which eventually earns the key players in the team that “world class” status.such has been the case at clubs like Real madrid(where Ronaldo,Benzema,Marcelo etc attained it)Barcelona(where Messi,Iniesta attained it) and Man city(where KDB,Rodri and maybe Haaland attained it).A team can be successfull without signing world class players all they need do is what i outlined above which is happening at our club right now.so keep your daft logic to your thick self Mr Collymore.

  7. I see exactly where Colimore is coming from. World class is banded about too easily. Firstly a world class player must lead a team to a major title, a league on a regular basis, a Champions League or World cup, be an icon and idol. We have some very promising young players but none have been upto that standard yet. Our older players that we have that have won major trophies are not world class. Good players but not leaders or talisman. Not a lover of Colimore at all but lets not spit our dummies out. Our players have to earn the right first before they get the tag World Class.

    1. I largely agree with you and even Stan, Reggie! What does world class (like “legend”) mean? If you use an interpretation like the top 10% of footballers at any time qualify then I would argue maybe we have one or two, but even thats a maybe. But if it is purely qualitative measure (which I prefer) then I would say there are actually few players at ANY club in Europe who currently qualify.
      Plus when you are a club as together as this team, the glory is spread evenly and with it the plaudits. The total is considered greater than the sum of its parts, and I don’t mind one bit if our players continue to fly under the radar!

  8. How can Stan collymore say anything he isn’t a world class player and never has been he’s scored goals that it

  9. His arguments is baseless reading this writeup is waste of time Arsenal should focus on the new season and avoid any negative distractions from any angles

  10. Stan Colemore was never a star player let alone world class, even during his prime, He’s failing again as a pundit. What a shame, poor, poor, poor state of mind. If KDB is the only world class player he sees in the Premier league, then he is not punditry and should not be given the opportunity to deliver mediocrity.

  11. It all depends on his definition of ‘world class’.

    As far as we keep bagging the maximum 3 point every week, I don’t care what any analyst say about our players.

  12. You could make a case that the only world class players currently playing in the premier league are De Bruyne and Haaland. Of course the more you relax the definition the more players qualify. It doesn’t mean others can’t get there. It also isn’t always decisive, when Leicester won the title they didn’t have any world class players.

  13. Hoe can an ex average strikers comment be takem seriously Arsenal have three possibly world class players Odegaard Saka amd Saliba Collymore should not be givem any time along with Rio Ferdinand with their bious drivel

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